Your Questions About What Are The Best Islands To Visit In Greece

Maria asks…

Hi, what about popular islands in greece?

I will definately visit Santorini, and i was hoping to go to mykonos but the hotels are SO expensive, so i’m looking to go to another island by ferry but i don’t know what is the best choice..

any ideas about resorts and beaches welcome..

thank you very much
1) we are a couple
2) anything really interesting in the aegean sea? as we will be in santorini.. :) (except mykonos and paros)
3) crete also too big for a few days, also i’ve been years ago :)

i need something that has the special characteristic of greek islands but also a good nightlife

Yaz answers:

I lived in greece for 3 yrs….go to the islands…mykonos, crete they are very beautiful and it is not really expensive if u stay outside of the villages

Betty asks…

How much does a two week trip to Greece cost?

My dream has always been to visit Greece and I want to make that happen. I’d like to go in the Summer but I have no idea of how much money I should save for the trip. I’ve never traveled before so I have no prior experience or any idea of what to expect. (And EXPEDIA has not helped me whatsoever). Anyway, I would like to know how much each of the following will cost in US dollars, and how much money I should save up on the whole:

Airfare (round trip)
Tour plan

Total (estimate)?

P.S. I plan on visiting the major attractions like the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus as well as Crete, etc. I don’t plan on staying long on the more expensive islands like Santorini (even though it is beautiful).

Also, are there any (less expensive but equally as beautiful) places I should visit while vacationing at Greece?

THANKS! The person who can answer ALL of these questions to the best of his/or her ability will get thebest answer” from me. Thanks again.

Yaz answers:

It really depends on where you will be located. Northern Greece is much cheaper than southern. I would recommend Thassos. We spent only about 800$ for ten days. Our costs included accommodation, scooter, eating and shopping.
Of course you can spent as much as you have wherever you are, but if you want cheap and great holidays this island is perfect option.
Check out this link

Susan asks…

Easter in Greece but where?

My girlfriend and I want to go for the Easter weekend (4 days) in Greece.
We think about the cyclades (visit a island per day). We are more attract to visit small islands than big cities full of people (and beautifull monument but i ll be for another time).
What about lowcost company, is it possible to sleep with a tent everywhere (wild camping)?
B&B is the best solution?
Thanks for the help.

Yaz answers:

Camping is possible, but not in very touristy islands, such as the Cyclades, and perhaps not at this time of year, although the weather is quite good.
I also don’t think it is a good idea to go to one island per day, because the ferry trips will take up most of your time. I would suggest that you choose 2 islands, on the same ferry line, such as:
Syros-Mykonos (it will be quite costly though)
Paros-Naxos (cheapest option, great beaches, architecture and monuments, and camping). Santorini is on the same ferry line too, but a little far.
Sifnos-Milos (although Milos is best for the beaches, and it is cold for swimming now).
If you stay in Athens for a day to see the Acropolis and Plaka, until you set off for the islands, plus the waiting time for ferries and trip time, I don’t think there is time for much else. Plus it will be nice not to run around, but also stay on an island for some time to see the local Easter customs etc.

Another option would be to visit the islands of the Saronic gulf, such as Egina, Hydra, Spetses and end up to Monemvasia, the medieval castle. This is a nice option for Easter too, and they are also on a hydrofoil line.

Laura asks…

GREEK vacation planning…need advice please…?

My wife and I want to visit Greece…Probably start in athens and then go island hopping….Santorini is a must.

What other islands would you recommend. We like islands with nice beaches that are peaceful.

What is the best way to travel between the islands?

Is it a good idea to do a Greek Island cruise?

Are there any good Greek package providers that someone can please suggest?

Thank you so much for your help.

Yaz answers:

Crete is ridiculously amazing. Go there for sure, but you’ll need to carve out a couple days for it. See the North Coast (I recommend Rethymnon- stay in a bungalow on Camping Elizabeth- most amazing place I’ve been), and the South Coast (take a ferry to Lutro, only accesable by ferry) and spending some time in the little villages between (donkeys, olive groves, fresh springs). The beaches on the south coast are rarely ever populated, just drive away from the hotels and the towns.

I think Santorini is only good for a day/a couple hours– it’s EXTREMELY touristy and has some nice views, but is over priced and hot as hell (i.e. Not peaceful). I wouldn’t spend the night there. Cruises are icky, I would say get some ferry tickets and rent a car on the bigge islands so you can get to the perfectly pristine beaches.

Lisa asks…

What is Skiathos , Greece like ?

Looking to book holiday to Skiathos Greece . Is the island suitable for teenagers or would they be bored ? Where is the best place to stay not looking for wild nightlife just some nice restaurants and bars to visit in the evening . Also can anyone recommend decent trips whilst holidaying there

Many Thanks Cheryl

Yaz answers:

Nobody [including teenagers] can ever be bored in Skiathos. There are so many places to discover, so many activities, more than 60 different beaches, weather is fantastic, shops, organized trips to the neighboring islands, and to beaches that you can only reach by boat, on open air cinema, a theater, museum, monasterys, restaurants, bars, beachbars, nightclubs, cafes…The city of Volos and the Pelion mountain are only about an hour away- and worth visiting.

Most tourists go back every year. They say it’s the most beautiful place on earth. I share their view, and i’m there every year. Never felt bored, and I don’t think i ever will :)))) But if you don’t see it with your own eyes, you will never know..

For a hotel, depends on your needs and your budget. You will find all the information you need online.

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What Are The Best Islands to Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

What Are The Best Islands to Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

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What Are The Best Islands to Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

What Are The Best Islands to Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s