Your Questions About What Are The Best Islands To Visit In Greece

Daniel asks…

What and where to go in Athens?

My father has bought me roundtrip ticket to any destination that I want to go for 10-12 days next month and I picked Greece. I will be going with a girlfriend of mine and we are two females in our mid 20s. Having no information or knowledge of the country, can I get some advice on what to do? Where to go? Best Islands around the vicinity of Athens? Food to eat? Places to visit? Where to stay? Should we backpack or stay in one area?

The only few things I know about Greece are Gyros and the Ancient monuments to visit. Other than that, I love to travel and learn about different cities but I dont want to do the typical tourism stuff. My friend and I really want to go out there and explore the city.

PLease if anyone can help with details. Thank you in advance!! =)
so 3-4 days in Athens is good? And the rest of the time check out the Islands? Is Crete any good? How come ive heard ppl say dont swim…is there something wrong with the water?

Yaz answers:

In Athens downtown:
I agree that Athens is for 3-4 days tops. Do not stay in a hotel near Omonoia square, choose one near Syntagma square instead. Visit the Acropolis and the area surrounding the Acropolis (Monastiraki, Plaka, Thiseio). Walk Ermou street for “window shopping”, ending up at Syntagma square. From Syntagma square it’s nice to visit Zappeio (the national gardens). Also, you can visit the Lecabettus hill and have a nice view of Athens (you can either walk or take the teleferique).
Below Lecabettus hill, near Syntagma square, there is also an area called Kolonaki, most lawyers and doctors stay there, there are many expensive shops and small cafes (Skoufa str, Tsakalof str, Patriarhou Ioakim str).

To go by the sea (not recommended for a swim):
1) You can take the tram from Syntagma square and go to stop “Batis” (ΜΠΑΤΗΣ). Turn right at the beach road (Posidonos str) and walk all the way by the sea, and visit “Marina Flisvou”, a small harbour.
2) You could go by tram to Glyfada, it’s a bit further and actually most cafes and restaurants are not by the sea. Nice shops though!
3) Take the tram or the ISAP train to FALIRO. Ask there how to get to “Mikrolimano” (on the map should be Akti Koumoundourou), nice small harbour with cafes and restaurants by the sea (i could also recommend a nice restaurant there!)

Two girls in their mid 20s: MYCONOS island!!! It’s 4 hours by boat (the cheapest, you could go in 2 hours if you can afford it). Lovely island, always full with people, great night-life, nice beaches… My favourite beach is ELIA, quiet, sandy, very clean… But beware that Myconos is a bit expensive island, so take a look at the menu before you order.

Endless list! Most known: gyros/souvlaki/pitta, tomato salad with feta cheese, spinach pie, lamb-chops, fasolada (beans in tomato sauce), gemista (tomatoes/peppers stuffed with rice), mousaka, pastitsio (pasta with minced meat and bechamel white sauce), fried vegetables, tzatziki (yogurt with garlic and cucumber), all kinds of fish, kalamari, octopus with lemon/vinegar… For sweets baclava, yogurt with honey, pasteli (sesame in honey)…

Have fun whatever you do!!!

Betty asks…

Athens, suggestions for a weeks holiday?

I and my family will be in Greece from 26/03/07 – 01/04/07 and we are trying to decide on what to do whilst there. All of us are adults and one is a 60 year lady (if that makes any difference..).

I thought that it may be a good idea to stay in Athens for a few nights and then move around a bit & try for a little bit of island hopping. Others thought it best to base ourselves in Athens the whole week and try to move around only during the day, doing day trips to accessible islands and visits to places of interest.

I appreciate that since we will be there a bit out of season the ferrys wont be as regular as during the summer months.

I welcome all suggestions.

Yaz answers:

Being based in Athens should be fine. I went in March, 2005, and there were plenty of day trips available elsewhere within the country. I would definitely recommend going to DELPHI if you go anywhere outside of Athens. It is truly amazing and very beautiful. There are ferries that take you to the islands for day trips and I would recommend that as well. The water is so blue and beautiful. Another daytrip possiblity would be Olympia. It was fascinating to see the site of the original Olympic games.

James asks…

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Red Shirt: No I found them online lol.
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Yaz answers:

Great now i want to see

Disney’s Hamlet

thanks a lot.

Helen asks…

Going to Greece for the first time and spending a week in rhodes need info & suggestions?

Going to Greece for the first time and spending a week in rhodes.. A few questions:

1) Best to hire a car/motor bike/quad bike? How much will it cost for 5 days?

2) Blue Horizon Hotel, Ialysus Hotel – anyone knows what it’s like?

3) What kind of food can we expect (greek salad, moussaka??) or some other stuff as well?

4) Are there any shops/ restaurants to visit in Ialyssos? Suggestions..

5) Is it worth taking a ferry to a nearby island. If so, which one?

Really appreciate answers to any of the questions.

We’re going for a relaxing, chilled break.. eating, swimming,bumming on the beach..


Yaz answers:

The answers depend on what you enjoy doing but

1) It is best not to hire bike/quad bikes unless qualified and insured, a car is much better and will cost in the region of £80

2) check the hotel out at – holidays

3) expect very good international and local Greek food

4) Not been to lalyssos but in general all resorts have shops, Rhodes town has plenty to see and do, as does Lindos

5) A day trip to Turkey is worth while (if only to experience being harassed outside every shop)

If you hire a car i would suggest visiting more of the Island, Lindos, Pefkos resort and village, Rhode’s at night, wine tasting etc. You will have a great time whatever you do, great place to relax and enjoy good food.
Good luck

Sandra asks…

Need help with my Greece mainland itinerary?

I will have 16 days in mainland Greece. I will be driving with an infant, husband and another baby under 2 years old. We will be going in the beginning of September and renting a car. We will start in Athens and end in Athens. We do not want to take ferries or planes to islands, since, with two babies it can be quite long and tiresome. The one island I am considering is Lefkada, since no plane or ferry is required, to my knowledge. Also, I was thinking of visiting KSamil, Albania, it seems they have nice beaches, is it worth it and is it safe? Can someone help me build a nice itinerary for 16 days. Original and off the beaten path places are welcomed, natural hot springs, and also not-to-miss places. If beaches are suggested, make sure they are close quality to those in Lefkada, since I am used to the Caribbeans, I wouldn’t go to beaches in Europe and miss other attractions unless they would be pretty comparable, nice white plush sand and clean beaches. We would like to spend some days chilling. Also, we wouldn’t like to drive everyday, and no more than 3 hours a day, with a few exceptions. Please indicate the route you’d spend 16 days on, what there is to do in the places you suggest, how much time I should spend there, if it’s pricey and also if you suggest any hotels in that area, is parking easy, etc. As for Athens, where is the best place to stay if you have a car? I’d like a newer hotel since in cities as hot and old as Athens, central hotels tend to be too seedy for my liking.

Thank you!

Yaz answers:

In previous answers there were some useful information in what you asked.

Beaches in Greece are in abundance but not many of them are Carribean style. They are Greek style.

A very picturesque tour is the peripheral coastal tour of Peloponnese. Athens , Corinth, Loutra Elenis, Epidavros,follow the coast to Portoheli. From close by Kosta you can leave the car at a parking place and catch the boat to Spetses. 10 min ride. Or Hydra a longer one.
Follow the route to Nafplion and close by Tolo beach.
On to Leonidio and from there to Monemvasia and from there to Neapoli and to close by Elafonissi.
Some fantastic beaches there and is only a short ride too.
From there go to Gytheion and on to the middle peninsula. A must is the Caves of Dirros in Aeropolis.
That is a boat ride in stalagmite and stalactite caves and is followed by a short walk on ground too.
Go as far down as to the tip of the Peninsula and visit Porto Kayio and the entrance to Hades at the tip.
From Aeropoli go to Kalamata and from there to Koroni and Methoni. Visit Finikounta in the between.
From Methoni go to Pylos and then Gialova beach. From there to Kiparissia and to Olympia.
The beach of Kouroutas close to Amaliada. And from there to Patras.
The Rio – Andirio bridge will get you to the mainland Greece and from there if you go to Etoliko and Astakos you take the coastal road to Lefkada.

The Peloponnese tour leisurely can be done in a week, depending the time you want to spend in Lefkada a must is the beaches of Parga and Syvota.

The Ksamil visit is not all that you hear about, but if you are set on going the closest frontier pass in in Sagiada, which is north of Igoumenitsa.
From Igoumenitsa you have to take the new Egnatia road and go to Metsovo and from there to Meteora.
Meteora to Volos and Pilion and from there return to Athens.

Too many places along the way to visit and to many links. Try to look them up so you will know what I’m talking about.

@@Vergina. I’m glad you like it and when you make it let me tell you a few details more, since the inland routes offer a lot of interesting places too. I have done the round a couple of times and each one was a marvel.

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What Are The Best Islands to Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

What Are The Best Islands to Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s