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Nancy asks…

how many tourists visit the acropolis athens?

Yaz answers:

More like several thousands every day , especially in the summer months .

Charles asks…

Could someone please tell me the top 10 places to visit in Athens, besides the Acropolis?

I’ll be in Athens for 4 days next month (June). It will help me plan my stay if I knew where to go. My wife and I are mostly interested in seeing historical places, museums and ancient buildings.

Yaz answers:

1. Temple of Olympian Zeus

2. Temple of Hephaestus

3. Greek Parliament

4. Kallimarmaro Stadium

5. The Parthenon

6. The Athens Planetarium

7. Lykavittos the tallest hill of the city

8. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

9. The old campus of the University of Athens,

is one of the finest buildings in the city.

10. East terminal, at former Hellenikon airport

11. The Athens Olympic Velodrome,

James asks…

anyone know any good places to visit in Athens besides the acropolis?

im goin to Athens greece this month to attend my cousins wedding so i jus wanna know some good places to visit so i dont get bored
plz dont tell bout the riots i know about them but i have plenty of family there so they know the safer areas

Yaz answers:

Here is a list that I stole from this site:…


It doesn’t matter whether you are an archeology buff or not when it comes to this ancient Greek ruin. Modern civilisation owes a lot to the principles, philosophies and establishments made by the ancient Greeks, and this particular masterpiece embodies a lot of this. When climbing the steps of these ruins, experience a sense of history, and if possible, make this your first top at Athens. The price of admission will allow you to sample other sites for free.


While this Athens attraction may seem a bit out of the way it is simply a must see when you visit Greece. You’ll find some of the most esteemed collections of ancient paintings, sculptures and statues on the planet. Laying your eyes on the 2,000 year old computer will give you an idea of just how far ahead the Greeks were in those times.


Love shopping? This this is one place that you must visit. Adore fresh produce? Even better. It’s a good idea to arrive early in the morning to find a fresher and more varied selection of fruit, seafood, vegetables and fruit that would be difficult to better elsewhere. The prices are reasonably cheap, and the lush colours and smells of the local produce should get your taste buds flowing.


Yes, it’s a lot of effort to climb to the top of a mountain, but the view is one guaranteed to take your breath away. On top of the stunning view you can take advantage of the amphitheatre and the ultra quaint café you will find at the top. Think the trip is over once you get to the top? The way down can prove to be just as much of a mission.


The Plaka is by far the oldest neighborhood in all of Athens and a walk through this area can be a great experience. The hustle and bustle, cute tourist shops and on-street entertainment offers a sure-fire way to have an enjoyable time.


Couple of things I need to add……if you go to the Acropolis, then you also need to go to the Acropolis Museum nearby. Don’t forget to stop by the cafe where they serve wonderful light meals and snacks (with a view!).

Go out to Sounion and watch the sunset. If you don’t have a car, there are busses that go there. Ask at your hotel.

Are you visiting any islands at all while you are in Greece? Please do. If you don’t have time, then you’ll have to take a day away from Athens to visit one of the nearby islands. Or perhaps take the one-day cruise that visits Hydra, Aegina and Poros.

Read the info on this website. Look at the tabs at the top and peruse each one. You’ll get many good ideas about things to do. Http://

Here is another good resource—->

Michael asks…

I want to visit Greece this summer?

I have been all over Europe except Greece. I would love to visit this summer, I would be a first time traveller there, never been before, anyone have any reccommendations? places? They have been to, or been referred to, should I go for budget, or an all inclusive? I am particuarly interested in Athens, as I want to visit The Acropolis, and do all the touristy stuff! But are there any nearby areas tourist friendly with beaches, good restaurants, sights? Would appreciate the help, I am 24, female! not a raver or mad about nightlife, just really want to experience this beautiful country!!!
Thanks for the replies so far to all!! Yes I am aware of the demos and protests, to be fair Id spend a day in Athens, just for sights then move onto an island or something. I will see!! Keep the answers coming, if any Greeks have any info or opinions, they would be most welcome :)

Yaz answers:

Contrary to the answers that highlight on the protests which do not in the main affect tourists and therefore should be ignored, I would say that only one day is Athens is not enough to see the city.
Anyway, it can be done if you have an early start on the day you will spend there.
Acropolis and its New Museum is a must in any case. Plaka, Monastiraki and Psirri can be the follow up of that.
But I feel one more day will complete the picture somehow.

Islands are numerous and a combination of Santorini and Crete will only give a small portion of what Greece is all about. I can be writing for hours in favor of this or that but have a look on the links below to make up your own opinion.

Paul asks…

I want to visit the architectural wonders of Turkey and Greece. Who do I go to for this? Any private guides?

Same old American tourist questions: Is it safe? Will I be disliked because I’m American? I very much want to visit the Blue Mosque and the caves at Cappadocia and some of the Christian historical sites. I want to learn a lot more about Kemal Ataturk and the history of Turkey. This is NOT a vacation resort trip. I’m very curious about this area known as the cradle of all human civilization. My interest in Greece is primarily architectural. I want to visit the Parthenon on the Acropolis, the Minoan palace of Knossos and so on. A private guide would be nice and lower my stress level a little so I can relax and enjoy my explorations. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

Yaz answers:

Hi Kingdaire,

Greece is one of the safest countries within European Union. So I guess there shouldn’t be any worries on that. The majority of Greeks speak English and the society is quite an open one. As with the rest of Europe, the anti-Americanism is directed against the state and its policies and not really against its people. Greece is thought to be the cradle of Western civilization but not really the human one (!). I would definitely bring a Lonely planet guide with me.
For more:
The only thing that I would worry would be the Dollar:Euro rate these days. At this rate, Greece may seem a bit expensive for the average American and definitely it is far more expensive than Turkey.

To the best of my knowledge, the majority of my remarks on Greece apply also all across the Western part of Turkey. Great sites, amazing history and wonderful people. While there, it will be handy to get an idea of the recent history between the two countries (Greece and Turkey). I will refrain from reporting anything on the Eastern part of Turkey (i.e. From Ankara eastwards) as I could hardly relate to, could not figure out how much of what I was exposed to was Turkish or Kurdish and my personal experience was rather “shocking” and not really a pleasant one (in many different ways). People , however, were still wonderful. But Turkish people would rather know more on this.


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Visit The Acropolis Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Visit The Acropolis Singles Holidays Over 50s

Visit The Acropolis Singles Holidays Over 50s