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Linda asks…


can anybody help me with the name of the restaurant in athens, greece. i’ve been there but don’t remembre the name. my friend visits athens next week, and I want to advice her to go there.
the restaurant was viewing the acropolis(parthenon), it had huge french windows & i think it was on a small hill.

Yaz answers:

Could it be Dionysos, just across the road from the Acropolis and the Herodeion (roman odeion)? If it is that, it is on Philopappou hill, it is all alone, no other buildings around it, and has a big parking lot on the side.

Otherwise, it could be the Horizontes restaurant on Lycabettus(expensive fish restaurant), but that is on top of a big hill and looks the Acropolis from far. BTW, this is a vewry good restaurant, worth going if you can go Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday at lunch, with a Diners card, they charge half price with the Diners. But you have to call them in advance and say you are going with the Dine Diners programme.

Carol asks…

Athens tourist attractions?

Hi, I’m going to athens and was wondering where I should visit? The only famous place I know is the Acropolis. Thanks!

Yaz answers:

Thanks for asking.
I’ve been.
Go get a travel book and look up what interests YOu.

I the city, there’s the Monasteraki shops, Lykabettos hill which gives you a great view, the Scared Way which i walked up at dawn leading to the Akropolis, several great museums, the Akropolise and Benares for instance,
and good side trips–a one day boat excursion to two or three islands, the bus tour to Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus
and one to Delphi…and the familiar one to Cape Sounion.

Be sure to eat tiropita, cheese pie, out in the open air and
wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat.

Paul asks…

Would you change plans if you were planning to go to Athens in 2 weeks?

We are traveling to SW France and the Basque country. We currently have tickets to go to Athens on June 30 before returning to the U.S. on July 3.

Do you think the rioting will continue? We wanted to see the Acropolis (especially our 9-year old daughter) but we’re thinking that there might be a better time. If people believe this is a 1 or 2 day event, that’s one thing. But if it’s going to be an extended series of riots and potential violence, that’s different. In that case, maybe we’d visit Barcelona for a few days instead (or another place–feel free to recommend a place that would be good for a few days).

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.

Yaz answers:

There aren’t any riots, but only peaceful protests, in fact there aren’t any riots till December the 2008. Also, no violent incidents (at least till now) but no one knows what could happen. Even in this occasion, you have to know that the violent protests are taking place in certain roads in the Center of Athens city.
So, if you avoid center, you’re fine.
Since you have a kid, I have a suggestion to make:
Why don’t you take her to Peloponnese, to see Agamemnon’s tomb, Mycenae city remains, Tyrins cyclops walls and Sparta (those stuff related with Troia you know) and to Nemea and Stymfalia (you remember the Hercules myth don’t you?), to Epidaurus theatre and ancient Corinth? Those place have extraordinary beaches, very ‘pure’ food (personal experience) and there are three incredible islands that you can reach, one plainly by car (Poros) and two by boat (Hydra and Spetses). Hydra is absolutely fantastic (and expensive).
And imagine that we’re talking only about ancient monuments that can impresss a kid, there are plenty of Byzantine monuments too. My daughter still remembers Mycenae and Agamemnon’s mask. Those places are all in the same region, all apart from Sparta. You can reach them if you base yourself to a rental apartment near the beach in Argolis region
for example in Nafplion, Poros a cheap island connected to the mainland by a bridge, Paralio Astros, Tolo and the famous Porto Heli
Please note that for all this you need to have a car, but the distances are not far at all, if you decide to rend a car for three days and see the sight-seeings.
Food is exceptional in this region, there is a massive oil and wine production. In the way you often see ONLY huge regions with mostly very old olive trees. In Nemea, apart from the city remains and the museum, there is a firma with biological local wines, whom you can probably visit.
There are also lots of homemade (but really homemade) high quality traditional products that you can taste. Nafplion is fantastic, picturesque, Corinth a dull city apart from its museums and ancient remainings.

So, this is an alternative that will imprese your kid and you will have your beach vacation too.

So…this is an alternative (it needs a car). Truth is three days are barely enough to see everything.
Enjoy whatever you decide.


John asks…

Some constructions/creations define human race no matter where you come from?

Ok i was watching the preview of the epic movie 2012 which i will definitely go to movies to watch when it comes out and it inspired me to ask this question!This movie is about the end of earth and it shows some specific constructions (achievements) of human race getting destroyed by nature’s disasters !
So that made me think that there are some constructions of human race that they might took place in specific countries but every human in the planet is proud about them am i right?

What is your top 5?
My top 5 is in no specific order

Great Wall of China
Parthenon Acropolis of Athens Greece
Eiffel Tower Paris France
Pyramids of Egypt
Colosseum of Rome Italy

If my thought is wrong then why so many hundreds of millions people from every part of the world visit these constructions to admire the achievements of human race?I hope my question makes sense!
JON Taj Mahal,Machu Picchu and specially Colosseum over Acropolis?I think you are being unfair my friend but ok this is your opinion!

Yaz answers:

I can’t better your choices, but possibly replace the Eiffel tower with the Maddison Square Gardens, because some of the decisions made there have been out of this world ( unique )

Lizzie asks…

I do not understand this at all. Please help?

Ok, so in school, we’re doing Predicate Adjetives, Direct Objects, Indirect Objects, and Subjects, and I don’t know how to do it. My teacher gave me a practice sheet, so here are some of the questions.

1. The city of Athens is an exciting (place) to visit. _______
2. It has many (remains), such as the Acropolis. ________
3. Greece is a (country) in eastern Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. _______
4. Many people climb (stairs) to get to the top of the hill. _________
5. Some tourists take a (tour) from downtown Athens to the Parthenon. ________

(And P.S., I’m not making you do my homework. I just need a few answers to be my example. I still have to do 25, I just need a few pointers.

Yaz answers:

You should do your own homework. Pay more attention in class.

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