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Robert asks…

Good places to visit in Athens?

Going on holiday to Athens for a week. Heard that the Acropolis is a must visit but what to visit/do the rest of the week? Any recommendations?

Yaz answers:

Apart from Acropolis and the monuments on top of it, visit the Ancient Agora (Forum) and nearby Kerameikos, the National Museum with exhibits of all periods of ancient Greece, Benaki Museum with exhibits as from the hellenistic era to the 19th century, along with a very important collection of greek traditional costumes and items (there’s a very important collection of Islamic art too), the Temple of Poseidon at cape Sounion, where you can also enjoy a bathe, visit the Lycabettus hill where you can have lunch or dinner and enjoy a magnificent vew of Athens, try the little taverns all around Filopappos Hill, and as for bars, clubs etc the coast avenue from Faliro to Glyfada will give you lots of choice…

Mandy asks…

Will Athens be OK on our holiday?

Firstly, I’m not completely informed on what’s going on in Athens, but I’m going to do some research. We’re going to Athens on holiday on the 9th July, and I was wondering if it will be OK over there. The main holiday should be OK, because we aren’t based in Athens; we are sailing around the islands, but 1. Should be be worried at all about flying to Athens? 2. Will this mean we can’t visit the Acropolis? and 3. Will we be OK with taking Euros as our currency?

Yaz answers:

I live in Athens for 15 years now.

1. Flying to Athens is fine. Athens airport has been awarded as the best in Europe. Hijackings occur in the USA not in Greece!
2. Anyone can visit the Acropolis! Wonderful walk up to the monument from the surrounding area.
3. The currency in Greece IS THE EURO!! Since the country is part of the European Union!

The truth is there is some protesting outside the Parliament building (Syndagma Square) but it is peaceful regarding the Economic Crisis and the measures that the government is taking. But the same demonstrations are taking place now in Portugal and Italy and Spain and France.

I will be visiting New York in July – I wonder is it safe to fly there?

Charles asks…

What are good places to visit in Greece and Spain?

i have a school project and i need to “visit” 3 places in each these 2 countries. they need to b specific locations. not just cities. like i have 1 for greece. the acropolis. so stuff like that rather than just athens. thanks (:

Yaz answers:

Greece: Acropolis

Spain: Cathedral in Santiago de Campostela (a famous pilgrimage site)
Guell Estate (site of important buildings by the famous architect Gaudi ) near Barcelona
The Alcazar of Toledo (Even though you have to name specific sites, your teacher probably wouldn’t take off points for noting that the rest of Athens, Barcelona and Toledo are worth seeing.) There’s plenty of information about all these places on the web.

Nancy asks…

What do you think of Greece as a place?

I consider to visit greece because i would love to see Acropolis and probably visit Pilio (that’s a lot of traditional greek villages there) or islands.My friend who lives here says that the city of Athens is not a good city(too dirt , ugly buildings and no green!!!) but islands it’s a paradise! Is that true?

Yaz answers:

In terms of natural beauty, art, history, culture, museum, food etc is like top in the world, not many would disagree with this! The Acropolis museum is indeed fantastic and it was built to remind an ancient Greek temple! It has been voted two times (2010 and 2011) as the best museum in the world by IFOM. The Greek isles are fantastic indeed. Santorini is being voted as the most beautiful island in the world regularly, all this can’t be a coincidence!


Now in terms of current economy and politics, i don’t think it goes any lower right now based on western European standards. I think only in Africa, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, India, Middle East and Southern-East Asia is worse, well way worse to be honest.

Paul asks…

Places to Visit in Greece?

Me and my mother are going to Greece on the 17th of May. Recommend any places to visit? I know the Acropolis in Athens is amazing, so that’s number one on my bucket list. Thanks in advance!

Yaz answers:

You do not clarify where in Greece you will go. Even for a small country the places are countless.

Anyway, after the Acropolis the New Acropolis Museum is a must and if you are interested in the Ancient Greece the Archaeological Museum is also a must.

Visit Monastiraki and Psirri while in Athens and if you have time Sounion.

Also from Athens you can go to Delphi, Olympia, Epidavros. It can be done combined but it takes a couple of days in a tour.

You can visit some of the Saronic islands for a daily tour.

You can go to Meteora for something unique.

Those suggestions alone are enough to cover more than a week’s stay.

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Visit The Acropolis Singles Holidays Over 50s

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