Your Questions About Visit Amsterdam In December

Nancy asks…

Where can I go skiiing if visiting Amsterdam in December?

I’m going to Amsterdam at the end of the year, and I’d like to go skiing. Is there any skiing close by, or should I rail to Germany, France, or other? Can I take a bus/train to a ski mountain? Can I rent skis? I’m American :)

Yaz answers:

The Netherlands is flat, flat, flat. No skiing anywhere near Amsterdam. So yeah, you’ll have to travel to Germany or France (or Austria or Switzerland). There are organised bus tours, but that wouldn’t be my 1st choice. I have added the link for the Dutch railways, which for some sick reason is only in Dutch.

Linda asks…

Is amsterdam worth visiting in december?

Ill be 16 and i was just wondering wether there would be anything for people my age to do at this time of year there. Id be staying until new years eve with my 18 year old cousin, will the weather interfere with our stay at all? Like will people be less outgoing because the weather is bad? Thanks

Yaz answers:

Actually I like Amsterdam in Dec more than in the summertime. Yes there will be less people but it is always ‘busy’ like any capital. The main tourist attractions are open year round and Amsterdam attracts a lot of tourist in the run up to Christmas and especially New Years, so there will still be plenty to do.

With the lights up, the stores trading for Christmas etc then it actually has a lot more charm about it at this time of year I find.

The weather doesn’t really impact on people of your age group normally unless it’s really snowy e.g. Last year in December there was a lot of snow for about a week and it caused chaos with public transport etc, but people adapt and deal with with a shrug and it doesn’t stop them from going out anyway :)

So I guess the only thing I’d say is come prepared. It can be wet, it can be windy and it can snow, so make sure you have the clothing and footwear to accomodate that and you’ll be just fine

Charles asks…

What are the must-do/see things in Amsterdam in 2/3 days in late-December?

To visit Amsterdam between 21-23 December…what are the things I should not miss?

Yaz answers:

Van Gogh Museum is a must:…
Rijksmuseum deserves a visit too fro the selection of Dutch painters; I loved the Night Watch:…
Anne Frank house and museum; impressive the way that family lived during the terrible days of the war:…
Go the Flower Market; you´ll see the endless varieties of flowers!!
Go for a tour through the canals (wear really warm clothes!)

Rent a bike and cyple around the city, it´s not very big and there´s a wonderful bike lane.
Visit one of the Diamond Factories, amazing!
Munt Plein (Munt Square), there´s a beautiful tower there.
Rembrandt Plein (Rembrandt Square); there´s a wonderful representation in metal of The Night Watch; at night is just wonderful.
Go along Kalverstraat, a long, pedestrian shopping street.
Visit this site:
I found it really useful and try its webcam. I did so before going and found out the name of one of the shops there; then once there, I used to stand at a fixed time for a couple of minutes so that my children could see me from home!!
Visit the Churches; I loved Oude Kirke (Old Church); West Church seemed to be beautiful in the outside, but it was closed when I was there. Check this site for churches:…

Lucky you!!

Sharon asks…

What should we see in Amsterdam?

My friend and I are planning to visit Amsterdam at end of December. Can any of you nice Dutch people give me any tips on what to see and what to do..please don’t ask us to visit the red light distric. I believe there a beautiful gardens and museums any tips would be most grateful.

Yaz answers:

How long will you be there? There is alot to do in Amsterdam and what to recommend will depend on how long you will be there. Below is a link to a one-day walking tour suggestion for Amsterdam, I would suggest starting there. I love the areas around Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. Just having a drink in a cafe in one of those areas is great.

But keep in mind that there is alot to see in the rest of The Netherlands as well. If you will be there for several days and have seen alot of Amsterdam, consider going to some other cities nearby so you can get an idea of the rest of the country as well. I would suggest, for example Haarlem, Delft and Utrecht. Each of these are within 1 hour from Amsterdam by train and are worth the trip.

You mentioned gardens. Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is nice and it is not very far from the Museum area (Museumplein). However, as you are going to be there in December, there might not be too much to see. Keukenhof is a famous Tulip garden and located outside of Amsterdam (near Leiden) but it is only open in the Spring.

In the days you will be there, expect cool weather and rain. When the weather is bad and you need a rest, do a canal cruise to get an overview of the city. You will find that Amsterdam is wonderful to visit year round. Have fun!

Ken asks…

Sale season in Amsterdam?

I plan to visit Amsterdam in late December (from 22nd till 28th) and I want to know whether I should expect to find large sales (like 60-70%) during this time?

Yaz answers:

You won’t find sales for 60-70% in Amsterdam in this period you mention.

The sales for this period generally start after 01 Jan. You may be lucky and find some retailers starting early on the 28th, but Xmas is on the 25th and retailers will try to maximise sales & profits especially with all the tourists around at this period.

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