Your Questions About Trips To Italy Packages

Richard asks…

How much does it cost a vacation/honeymoon package trip to Italy?For 10/11.Please provide name & links.?

Thanks Mary for your answer but a lot of times the travel agents they rip you off AND I don’t want that.Suggestions please keep them coming.

Yaz answers:

I suggest that you meet with a travel agent in your area! A fact-to-face relationship is much more likely to get you the trip that will please you — and your budget — the most. It costs nothing to work with a travel agent. (Mine does a wonderful job for me, answering all my questions, answering questions I don’t think to ask, and always finds me some wonderful deals that at least match anything on the internet and are often a bit less.)

By the way, Italy can be VERY expensive depending upon where you choose to go. Notwithstanding the expense, I recommend that you consider Venice!

Sandra asks…

i need full package trip included airline tickets to italy?

how much does it cost trip to italy included airline tickets, hotel and meal from Morocco to italy?

Yaz answers:

It depends on which hotel,1-5 star,on which airline whaat class,dates,u can try this site,may come under $500-1000.
You can try

Steven asks…

Need tto book a trip package from los angeles to hawaii,help?!?

Hi,i m planning a trip from 18 sept to 28 sept for me and my girlfriend.
We are from italy but i have some parents in La,so we was interested on a trip from italy to La and than from La to hawaii,but the problem is that the travel agencies do not have browser to find cheap packages from La to hawai.
i found a site but i really do not have experience to book from this,price are ok but does anybody have more site or info or package that could suggest me?
My budget is not too much but 800-900$ each is ok,also cause we have to book a flight from italy to La and that cost me a lot too.
Any help is really glad

Yaz answers:

Just to let you know it is cheaper to fly out on a thursday and come in on the weekdays. If you are looking for a package for them from LAX TO HNL with that budget um……… I looked on and i found this package that is a nice hotel with the beach not to fard down the street

Susan asks…

I need suggestions on finding a good package deal trip to Barcelona? Also what’s the best time of year to go?

I looking to book a trip to Barcelona (or Italy actually) sometime next year for me and my boyfriend. I’ve never been there before and when he went last he backpacked (not my style). So I’m looking for any help/suggestions I can get on good flight deals, hotels, etc. And also what time of year is best to go. He went in the summer before.

We’re kinda set on Barcelona but I would also take any suggestions anyone has on trips to Italy.


Yaz answers:

Hola! I’m from barcelona, and obviously I recommend you come whenever you want. Always there are tourists in Barcelona at any time of year because the weather is usually very good, but especially between late July and early September, the hotels, hostels, campsites … Fill with people. So if you want movement, life, great food, millions of trips and the best weather of the year I recommend you come in those months.
COUNCIL IMPORTANT: As we say here “a l’Abril aigües mil” in the month of April used to rain a little, and in the last 2 weeks of August and early September at 2 also. Barcelona is quite different if you see a sunny day to overcast.
Sorry 4 my English = google translator

Robert asks…

Recommendations for Rome Italy travel packages for a week in November?

We are spending a week in Florence with my family, but my husband and I want to see Rome for an extra week after the family vacation ends. But we don’t know how to plan the trip, does anyone know any good places that offer packages? We are interested in seeing ancient historical sites.

Yaz answers:

It’s only a 1 hr 35 min trip from Florence to Rome on a fast train. You can find schedules and prices here: You don’t need to buy tickets in advance of the trip.

I use the site for hotels here in Italy: . One place that I particularly like is the Cesàri Hotel which is close to the Pantheon. It’s within walking distance of most of the attractions. There are lots of other options.. The Colosseo, Trevi, Navona, or Pantheon areas are all good choices for sightseeing.

You might also consider a convent/monastery stay:

It’s very easy to get around in Rome on your own, but if you’re interested in escorted tours:

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Singles Holidays Over 50s Trips to Italy Packages

Singles Holidays Over 50s Trips to Italy Packages