Your Questions About Trips To Italy Packages

Charles asks…

considering 1 of 3 trips (alaska, italy or hawaii)??

ok, me and 2 of my friends are planning a trip for next year. We have it down to Hawaii, Alsaska or Italy. We are still deciding if we want to go stay in the US or go “overseas”. We gonna go thru a tour company that is planning trips/vacations/holiday to all three of those places.

But my questions are:
Has anybody been to any of thos places and what did you think??
How much spending money should we take??
What’s the weather in each city at the following times of year:
Alaska: May and July
Italy: October
Hawaii: October

I’ve list what is included in each package:

Grand Alaska: 10 day / 9 night, 6 full & 2 continentalbreakfast / 1 lunch / 2 dinners / 1 box lunch ($2,499.95)

Tuscan Vacation($2,599.95): 9 day / 8 night, 7breakfast / 7 lunch / 7 dinner

Hawaiian Holiday($3799.95): 11 day / 10 night, 9 breakfast / 4 dinner

Thanks for any information you can give me.
airfare and hotel and guide is included in all three deals. free time too.

Yaz answers:

Go to Italy. You will have the opportunity to experience old world culture at the same time as enjoying a modern european city. The weather in October might have a little chill, but the days should be nice. It will be much easier for you to go to the American destinations in the future than back to Europe – especially if the dollar keeps dropping. Go now and enjoy yourself!

Donna asks…

Where would I begin to look to find the best package deal for a two week trip to Italy?

Would like an all inclusive deal with flight, hotels, meals, tours and transportation included. When is the best time of year visit?

Yaz answers:

For a combination of weather, prices and fewer tourists, the best time to be here is either late april to early June or September/October, but there are interesting things to see or do anytime. For the package tours, you might want to look at sites like where you can find tours offered by the major tour operators.

Carol asks…

What is the cheapest way to ship a package from Venice, Italy to America?

My wife and I are planning a trip to Italy, and our plans will require us to mail a portion of our luggage home. What is the cheapest and easiest way to mail, say, 10-20 kg of clothes from Venice, Italy to Dallas, TX? Speed is not important.

Yaz answers:

The cheapest way is to go to a post office in Venice and ship it.

Jenny asks…

Going on a trip to Italy, need to know where to go, my travel plan allows for Rome and another city?

So here are my choices, Rome is a required part of the package, but i can choose between the following: Milan, Venice, Turin, Genoa, Florence, or Naples. In a city I am looking for architectural beauty and good HIGH end food. I’d also like a healthy helping of historical significance in the city i choose. Any suggestions i miei fratelli italiani?

Yaz answers:

Florence definitely.

You have to spend some days in Florence. You’ll not regret it.
If you like arts, culture and ancient things Florence is the right place.

If you go to Florence don’t miss:
Piazza del Duomo
Palazzo Vecchio e Loggia dei Lanzi

Museo degli Uffizi
Ponte Vecchio
Museo del Bargello
Piazza San Firenze
Mercato di San Lorenzo (if you like Pizza, try Pizzeria Lo Spuntino, in Canto dei Nelli, in the center of the Market).

If you are unsure, look at Florence’s photos on Panoramio:

William asks…

Should I use a Travel Agent for a honeymoon trip to Italy?

or should I just plan it myself using travelocity,, ect?

For what it’s worth, I’ve been to Italy and speak Italian.

How does a travel agency work?
How do they get paid?
Do you pay upfront, or only after they put together a package that’s within my budget?
Can they beat the prices of the online sites?

Yaz answers:

That depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into booking the trip and your comfort level with doing your own booking. Travel agents usually get paid a fee on top of the cost of the trip these days. It used to be that the airlines, hotels … Covered the cost of the travel agents entirely. Sometimes a travel agent may be able to find cheaper options and other times not. I book my own trips most of the time unless I was considering a particularly complex trip. Travel agents can help you tell you what your travel options are and help you decide where and when to go if you’re uncertain.

Here are some resources that can help you plan and check options and current prices if you choose to do this on your own: – airfares – budget flights especially good within Europe. For longer trips, this can be a better option than the trains. The places you’re thinking of are far apart and flying would be the best option.

Http:// – train schedules and prices. It is rarely worth buying a railpass for Italy. Individual tickets are usually cheaper. There are discounts on individual tickets for the fast trains if you buy them in advance, but generally they will be available on the day of travel with a few exceptions like the Easter period or trains to/form Venice for Carnevale.

Http:// – hotels/B&Bs – prices for the same hotel can vary hugely depending on the season and what local events are going on.

Http:// – hostels.

Http:// – monasteries & convents that offer accommodations… – festivals, exhibitions and events – information & advice

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Singles Holidays Over 50s Trips to Italy Packages

Singles Holidays Over 50s Trips to Italy Packages