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Donald asks…

Travel tips for Ireland mid august to mid november?

I am studying abroad in Ireland from mid august to mid november. Any tips for anything… weather? clothes? plugs? money?

I am from the U.S.

Anything is helpful!

Yaz answers:

Ireland uses the same 3pin plug as the UK, and runs on a 240v AC current. Adaptor plugs are freely available in many pharmacies in the dublin metro area.

The weather can be unpredictable, however, Ireland has a relatively mild climate, winters never really drop below -5c in the depths of winter. Rainwear though is a given, as sudden down pours are not uncommon.

Essentially you can dress as you would at home. Clothing would ideally be a couple of pairs of jeans/cargo pants, maybe some shorts (just incase the weather does improve). A lightweight waterproof jacket, tshirts, sweatshirts, maybe a light fleece top or two.

The currency is the Euro, and Ireland (and particularly Dublin) can be expensive.
You’ll find several familiar brands in the shops, and papers like USA today are available in certain outlets in Dublin.

In terms of personal saftey, Dublin and Ireland on the whole is a safe city and country. I recommend you follow the same personal security measures you’d follow at home.

Ireland drives on the left, therefore when crossing the road be aware of traffic approaching from the right.

If you’re in dublin you can buy weekly and monthly bus passes that may prove cheaper than commuting everyday.

Linda asks…

Do you have any travel tips on Cork, Ireland?

Planning a trip to Ireland in August and looking for interesting points to visit and danger tips, too. Very interested in family history…

Yaz answers:

Http:// < — This gives you a basic rundown of things to do in Ireland.

You could go down to Cork and See the Blarney Stone. The myth is I you kiss it you’ll never shut up!

The People in Ireland, in my opinion are an extremely welcoming race. I think this because I have went to other countries from a young age on exchanges, holidays with college etc. And I thought no one was as hospitable as the Irish.

Here are some sights on Tourism in Ireland: (Dublin Tourism)

Good Luck. = )

Daniel asks…

Doolin, Ireland Travel Tips?

Hi quick question for anyone that’s travel savvy when it comes to Ireland.
I’m planning to go to Doolin, Ireland this summer and originally I planned to fly in and out of Galway and then bus to Doolin. I found the bus schedule, but I was wondering if anyone knows the area well and knows any helpful info about the transit system.

The next stop I’ll be making in in Dublin, and again, does anyone know if there is a faster way to get there from Doolin (direct bus line, another airport other than Galway)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yaz answers:

Bus Eireann shuttle in and out of Doolin from

Lisdoonvarna and Lahinch. Dont know timetable, sure its online.

As to flying to Dublin, Shannon is next nearest if Galways out but you would probably be in Dublin city centre on a bus just as quick. But if flying is your thing…

You will love Doolin. I’ve had lots of great weekends there

Michael asks…

Good travel tips for Ireland?

In June I will be in Italy and while I’m there I want to take a few days in Ireland and then return to Italy. What are some good tips and advice that I could use to get a good deal on a flight? Anyone know any good travel agents in Ireland maybe?

Yaz answers:

Unfortunately I do not know anyone in Ireland. However I hope you have a great time in Beautiful Italy and Ireland.

Carol asks…

We are leaving Friday for an England and Ireland vacation. Any tips to traveling with kids?

We know what we will see and have everything is planned out but still I am nervous about all of the planes, buses, trains, subways, and taxis with my kids. (ages 12, 10, 8, and 7) Any tips for this kind of travel or any tips on souveniers?
thanks mermaid girl. I will make sure they keep you awake too!

Yaz answers:

Make sure the kids know to where and how you’re travelling each time – so that if they lose you they can tell someone where they’re heading for

are you bringing any mobile phones with you? If so, make sure the kids know the number

make each of them responsible for one item of luggage (preferably with some if not all of their own clothes in it) – not only does this increase their sense of responsibility, but it lightens the luggage for you which will make you more free to keep an eye on them

but most of all, chill out – everyone here would be helpful in the extreme if your family got separated at all and it’s highly unlikely anything bad will happen – the more stressed you are, the more nervy the kids will be, which is a sure fire recipe for mayhem

souvenirs – you’ll be bombarded with them from start to finish, but the best souvenirs are the memories so take lots and lots and lots of photos – one of my kids favourite souvenirs was a pebble or a shell from each visit to the seaside – maybe you won’t want a suitcase full of pebbles going home, but a pressed flower or something like that is romantic and inexpensive

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Traveling to Ireland Tips Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Traveling to Ireland Tips Singles Holidays Over 50s