Your Questions About Tourist Attractions In Ireland

Joseph asks…

am visiting ireland in the month of aug-sept .is sligo worth a visit?cheap accomodations wud cost?

plz mention the accomodation cost.
any tourist attractions?

Yaz answers:

Yes very beautiful, I have attached a link which will tell you hotels, b+b, attractions, pubs and if needed bus timetables.
But please go it is v nice.

Michael asks…

show me the view of people onsaint patrick church ireland?

saint Patrick church Ireland i want to know what is the attraction thing in the church and why so many tourists came to Ireland to see that

Yaz answers:

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin, the largest church in the country, was erected between 1200 and 1270. “The writer and satirist Jonathan Swift was dean from 1713–45. His grave and epitaph are situated near the entrance of the cathedral. The massive west tower dates from 1370 and houses one of the largest peals of bells in Ireland. The choir school was founded in 1432 and the cathedral choir took part in the first performance of Handel’s Messiah in 1742. The Huguenots worshipped here from 1666 to 1816.”

Susan asks…

what and all needs to be in a country research paper?

i have to write a research paper over ireland that has to be 4-5 pages long.
i have am writing about the
tourist attractions
way of life

am i missing anything???
any ideas on how to structure this thing would be great too cause this is my 1st

Yaz answers:

birth rate
death rate

national emblem

Jenny asks…

anyone know ireland well?

im planning on visiting co. laois for a concert but i want to be there for about a week so i was hoping to find help on sightseeing. also id like to know how far co. laois is from main tourist attractions and how much i may be able to do and see in about a week maybe 10 days.
well i dont mean main tourist attractions so much as things to do. i know ireland about as much as a 5 year old would! im planning my trip for september 2 and i want to be there around 7-10 days. i want to know what i could do around co. laois and how much of ireland i can see from there. maybe suggestions on places to go? activities? (i am going to electric picnic to see jonsi) btw what is electric picnic???

Yaz answers:

I’m guessing you’re going to Electric Picnic?

Look on for tourist information.

Sandy asks…

places to visit or see in the uk and ireland?

places that you can visit for a family with kids? a few historical places would be good, but mostly the main tourist attractions? how much can you see in one week?
Some ideas i have so far are London Eye, stonehenge, Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, Harry Potter tour (or maybe the premiere!), Edinberg/windsor castle (which one is better)?
ive also heard of the giants causeway, cliffs of moher, Loch ness lake, hill of tara, and isle of man. Which of these would you reccomend? Is there anything i should know about London for my trip? I’m very excited! :)

Yaz answers:

The London Eye and Madame Tussauds are in central London. Windsor is a 40 to 55 minute train ride from either Paddington or Waterloo Stations; the trains are frequent. Stonehenge is is Wiltshire about 90 miles from London. You take an SWT train from Waterloo Station to Salisbury. Thet operate every 30 minutes (hourly on Sundays) and the journey takes 85 minutes; the Stonehenge tour bus departs from outside Salisbury Station and you can buy a joint rail/Stonehenge bus ticket
from the ticket office at Waterloo Station. Edinburgh is in Scotland 400 miles from London. You take a train there from London Kings Cross Station and it takes 4 hours 30 minutes. For a long train journey like London to Scotland you are advised to book your tickets well in advance for the lowest fares. Booking opens 12 weeks before your journey
Other places to see or do in London: A boat trip on the River Thames, Tower of London, Buckingham
Palace and if you’re interested we have magnificent museums and art galleries like the National Gallery/National Portrait Gallery/British Museum/Natural History Museum etc
London has a dense and frequent public transport system made up of the Underground (Subway),
buses, trams, suburban rail and light rail. Do NOT pay cash fares. Get yourself Oyster Cards
or Travel cards. See These cards are not however valid on out of town rail lines such as those to Windsor and Salisbury

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Tourist Attractions in Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s


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Tourist Attractions in Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Tourist Attractions in Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s

Tourist Attractions in Ireland Singles Holidays Over 50s