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Donna asks…

What tour operators do you recommend for a 4-6 day overview tour of Ireland?

I will be traveling with a teenager on a fairly quick (4-6 days) overview tour of Ireland during the last week of March. This will be our first time in Ireland. I have been considering CIE Tours, Sceptre Tours and Vagabond Tours – does anyone have any experience with them?

In case this helps, the specific tours I am considering are:

Yaz answers:

i advise u to make your own arrangements.
Day I
dublin bus tour
theatre/ cabaret/shopping mall
day 2
dart high speed rail trip to wicklow…………if ur into historic houses places theres many historic houses avondale .would need to spend another day possibly hire a car.
Day 3
dunlaoire 1 hour busride from dublin (southside)
superb choice…………many nice oriental/indian restaurants.
Day 4 train to kilkenny/killarney/bus to trim
3 historic towns
killareney is the furthest
would at least need to overnight
taste b&b (bed and beakfast accommodation)

day4/day 5
more historic houses e,g muckross if u went to killarney/boatride on the lake.
Other options
horse racing festivals…………st patricks day is 17th of march .great weekend in dublin
jasus i should be a f…………….ing tour consultant.smiles

William asks…

Urgent–Ireland: 4-5 days-short breaks, package tour from 26 May to 31 May?

Ireland: 4-5 days-short breaks, package tour from 26 May to 31 May

I am looking for the above trip: including coach, hotel fee, tour guided trip, BUT it needs to be departed from England (preferably from Brighton or cities around this area)
I am a foreigner, i find it very surprised, I serached 10 tour operators online, there are no package tour available. A friend told me that is because english like to arrange the trips of the Uk on their own, they book their own train tickets, hotel, and when they arrive the hotel, they will do day trip tour from local tour operator or by the hotel.
But since i am not english, i do not drive, i am not familiar with Uk things, i would prefer to take a package tour including everything.
(1) is it really no such kind of tour in the Uk for Uk trips?
(2) Anyone knows trips to :Ireland: 4-5 days, package tour from 26 May to 31 May?
(3) i dont mind the price, i only want to find a tour from a reputable tour operator and i do not need to bother to do all sorts of bookings , only pay for the tour fee and then no need to take time to search for train times, find day trips, hotel………

(4) or the captioned trip depart from friday morning and return to England on sunday night. — In early June.
please help and answer my questions point by point, thanks.
I know Ireland is independent but it still belongs to the Uk, united kingdom, why the first answerer said the trip is not uk trip. i dont understand and the answerer did not explain and not to mention any suggestions.
I already said i am not english, i am only an international student in england, but don’t laugh at me if my questions seems silly to English people and do not feel offended.
i have to make it clear: I want to go to Dublin.
i want to go to Northern Ireland (Part of the UK): Dublin.
Oh i had offended the Irish people for saying that Dublin trip is Uk trip???
sorry. Because there is one local english told me, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England belongs to the UK. so he is wrong?

Yaz answers:

Best fly in to Dublin.Ryanair is cheap.Then start your package from there.

You may not be aware but saying Ireland belongs to the U.K is considered offensive.Also posting this in the Ireland section means the people answering it are most likely Irish not English.(Common sense really)Anyway we’ll let you off just this once,enjoy your trip but watch what you say,lol!

Robert asks…

Which is a better holiday destination – Cuba or Domincian Republic?

I know I’ve asked similar questions before, but…Tour Operator in Ireland(Sunway) are offering direct flights between Dublin and Dominican Republic(Puerto Plata) from November until April next year. Very tempted to go, especially as there seems to be a LOT to do there and general feedback is good.

Have been given a lot of positive reviews about Cuba and would love to visit Havana but it seems a bit limited in terms of excursions etc. Flights from Dublin would be via Paris.

What do you all think?

Yaz answers:

Been to both cuba wins by a mile and cubans much nicer people
Dominican republic is not as safe you have to stay in your Hotel, and a dirty place.

Donald asks…

flights from northern ireland to abu dhabi?

Hi need a flight from northern ireland to AD around christmas time…..anyone know any options other than ettihad….pref for 28th of december ……..

any suggestions for other tour operators i can look at……
thanks x

Yaz answers:

Check Abu Dhabi International Airport website of call them to ask ..

If you cant call or ddnt find in the website then plz let me know so i’ll call and ask for details .. When where how long which airways and all these stuff ..

But plz send me an e-mail because i dont check my answers here again ..

Good luck and welcome to Abu Dhabi in advance =)

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