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Chris asks…

Attractions for my summer vacation in Taiwan?

I will go to Taiwan for my summer vacation. Is there any recommended attractions and hotels?

Yaz answers:

Assuming you have two weeks, a good budget, and no particular goal beyond just seeing the island, then one suggested approach would be to focus on three general areas: 1) urban society and culture; 2) the ocean, and 3) the mountains.

To cover these areas, I’d recommend Taipei, Hualian, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. The best hotels in Taipei are Westin, Sherwood, Formosa Regent, and Far East Plaza. Mid-range places include Howard Plaza, Lai-Lai Sheraton, and Asiaworld (forgot what it’s called now). Or If you’re limited on budget, there are a couple of nice hotels in the suburbs (newly opened Holiday Inn in Shenkeng and Four Points in Chungho), but I’d recommend staying in the city. Howard Plaza has a couple of smaller places in its chain, one called Green Garden. The Fullerton isn’t bad, as well as Hondo, Donghua, and a few other smaller places. All very affordable and near places to eat and drink.

Lots of attractions in Taipei, and ease of getting around depends on language capabilities. Lots of friendly people with some English capability, but, assuming you don’t speak Chinese, it’s much easier to get around if you have a guide. But good places to see include the malls and shopping areas (especially Warner Village in the Hsinyi district), 101 Building, Yangmingshan (Yangming Mountain), and maybe a day trip to Jiufen, a small rustic mountain town near Jilong. If you’re American, maybe go see a movie in Taipei – you’ll be amazed by the cleanliness and order of the theaters there. I’m not a big night market guy, but the Shihlin night market can be interesting. The Palace Museum is another attraction.

For night life, depends on what you like, but Anho Road has quite a few places not far from the Far East Hotel, as does the Dunhua/Fuhsing North Road areas.

To get a feel for the power of Taiwan’s economy, a visit to the Hsinchu Science, or perhaps the Southern Park in Tainan, with the massive semiconductor fabrication facilities, can be awesome.

Hualian is on the other side of the mountains, on Taiwan’s east coast. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It’s where you can go from some of the highest mountains in the region down to the ocean in the span of an hour. It’s worth at least one full day to go to Toroko Gorge, and then maybe to the beach right near the Air Force base there. There’s a couple of good pubs in the middle of the city. Parkview Hotel is the only place I’ve stayed at, and it’s nice.

From Taipei, and maybe after a one night/one day trip to Hualian, taking the high speed rail south could be a great experience. On the rail, Tainan is the place to go to see traditional Taiwan. The Landis Hotel is nice. For history, check out the Anping fort, where the Dutch established their base in the 17th century and Koxinga established his center. Taiwan’s best temples are in Tainan as well.

Finally, Kaohsiung is good to check out to provide a contrast with Taipei. The hotel in the Tuntex Tower (part of the Formosa Regent chain and tallest building in Kaohsiung) is pretty cool, and there’s a good restaurant/bar with live band in the top floor. Beyond that, can tour the harbor and walk around the streets for a awhile. The beach in Kenting is about a two hour bus ride from Kaohsiung, and could be worth your time. The crowds roll in during the summer, which I suppose is to be expected. In general, if a beach vacation is what you’re looking for, there could be better places in the region, whether Philippines or Thailand. But Kenting could still be worth a look, especially the town at night.

Good luck!

Linda asks…

when is the summer vacation in taiwan?

im thinking of going to taiwan with my friends during early sept, and we are probably going for homestay. we are thinking when is the summer vacation as some homestay are only available during vacation.

Yaz answers:

Summer vacation is usually from July 1 to August 31

Charles asks…

Is there enough to see in Taiwan for a vacation for 1 week?

I am thinking of going to Taiwan for 1 week in the winter. Is there enough to do there for 1 day?

Yaz answers:

The real questions is “Is there enough time in a week to see ANYTHING at all in Taiwan?” Taiwan is full of wonderful sights.
National Palace Museum
Taroko Gorge
Sun Moon Lake
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Taipei Zoo
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Taiwan’s World Famous Night Club Scene (Lava, Luxy, Baby 18, Roxy 99, WAX, Seduce) youtube “Taiwan” and the names of those clubs

Shilin Night Market
Danshui – Old Street, Bali, Yuranmatou, Fisherman’s Wharf
Maokong Gondola
Jiufen (Can’t miss this one!)
Tainan (the old capital with many unique foods)
Taiwan’s HSR system is worth it to try
Kaohsiung’s many tourist locales, such as the Love River (I forgot what Kaohsiung’s night market is called but it’s packed)
The hot springs in Beitou

Taiwan is famous in Asia for its cuisine, which is unique. However, you may notice some familiar foods if you’ve ever been to Mainland China.

You won’t have enough time to EVER see all of Taiwan. It’s a small island but it’s loaded with culture and touristy spots. I’ve been here one year.

Do a search on everything I listed and see what suits your fancy. Take care!

Thomas asks…

How much would a week vacation cost in Taiwan?

i want to travel to Taiwan for a week with my husband, how much would a week in Taiwan cost roughly?

Yaz answers:

A couple thousand US should enable you to do it in high style. Bring more though, because:

A) We need the money.
B) After a week here, you’ll probably want to stay longer. :^)

Enjoy your stay!

William asks…

What are the required documents for a TAIWAN vacation?

i am in the Philippines right now with a Philippine passport

Yaz answers:

You must apply for Visa to enter Taiwan under Philippines passport. Confirmed air ticket for return and/or onwards journey is also required.

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