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Carol asks…

Is Taipei, Taiwan worth a visit to have fun and really EXPERIENCE not just see places,buy and eat?

Well,I met a Taiwanese recently who suggested Taiwan as a place to visit for vacation.He said it’s good to shop, dine and have fun with the family.However, when I tried to gather information about famous tourist spots there, almost all were just things for “sight-seeing” and “shopping at night markets/ Taipei 101 etc.”. I will bring my family when I go there that’s why I know that my kids would be bored visiting typical public parks. I assume they also won’t enjoy visiting historical places and musuems.

Are there places or theme parks that are made to attract tourists or none? Zoos/Parks that are A MUST-SEE or none? Theme parks that have shows, cable cars, animal shows, rides? Places similar to Disneyland or Ocean Park Hong Kong or Sentosa Singapore?
P.S. : Theme Parks in TAIPEI or near Taipei only that are really intended to attratct tourists. If there are none, please let me know because I want to avoid going/spending money & time to typical places.Thanks for HONEST answers!
Is the ‘MAOKONG GONDOLA’ open for use by visitors this May 2007 to go to Taipei Zoo? How can I possibly go here?

Yaz answers:


You did not mention the age of your kids.
Maokong Cable System should be open in June, It is still being tested.

You can get to the Zoo by MRT o the Mucha Line.

To really experience a place you have to talk to the locals. And here you will get a very refreshing experience on how people really should be all over the world.

Taiwan has some of the best theme parks in the world:
Top Taiwan Theme Parks:
CC Posted this:
I think the roller coasters you’re asking about are G5 at Janfusun Fancy World in Yunlin and Gravity Max at Yamay Discovery World in Taichung.
Other roller coasters in Taiwan:


Yamay Theme Park open in Taichung- a couple of hours away by train-
Combines Mala World and Discovery Bay-Two Complete Theme Parks
Plenty of Trains or Coaches to Taichung all day

Nearer Taipei:

Mucha Zoo:

Miniatures Musuem of Taiwan (small; can be done in 30~40 min.)

The Taipei Children’s Recreation Center
Discovery Center of Taipei
main number: 02-27574547 fax: 02-27232793

At the Night markets in Taipei and Taichung you dont’ just shop – you shop, eat then shop some more then eat some more.

Donald asks…

What Do Mainland Japanese Think Of The Yaeyama Islands?

OK, we live on Iriomote-jima (just a few miles from Ishigaki-jima). We are abou as far south in Japan as you can get…on a windy day I can throw rocks into Taiwan…well, almost. LOL

Anyway, other than as a vacation spot, what do most mainland Japanese think of us southern folk?
The damned cat again…I could strangle Azuma for making it famous through Azumanga Daioh. LOL

Yaz answers:

As I said before, your island is known more for Iriomote cat.

Otherwise, we do not know much about it.

Robert asks…

tourist spot or places to go in taiwan?

we’ll be having our christmas vacation in taiwan this year and I would like to ask what are the nice places to go… and also the filming locations of meteor garden…

I’ll be staying in taepei…

thanks so much for the help… :)

Yaz answers:

In Taipei, Taipei 101 is the most famous. Breeze Centre is also a good shopping centre. The area around World Trade Centre Tower 1 is also good. If you like hippy items, go to Hsimen Ding for both cheap and upscale shops. The underground mall of Taipei Main Station is also worth the try. The Tienmu area is also worth the try, especially if you are a westerner or Japanese.

In Taipei lots of sightseeing places to go, the most famous is the National Palace Museum, which houses lots of historical and valuable artifacts. The Martyr’s Shrine is also worth the visit, especially the changing of the guard ceremony. If you like nature, you should try Yangmingshan. It the largest national park in the city area in the whole of the Asia region. The Hongshulin is also worth the visit, as its the most northern tropical rain forest on earth in the northern hemisphere.

If you like hot spring, Peitou area is quite nice and there are three great museum that you can visit. One is the Kaidagelan Cultural Museum, where you can learn about the Taipei’s oldest inhabitant, the Kaidagelan tribe. It’s is so honoured that even the road that leads to the president house in Taiwan is named after this tribe. Two is the Peitou Hot spring Museum, which is all about Hot springs in Taiwan. The Third is the Aborigines Art Culture Centre, which says its all. The hot springs is this area is well famous and there are a few good hot spring houses for you actually dip into it. The surrounding area has also houses a park and if you are able to walk afar, you can even walk all the way to Yangmingshan.

I ‘m not sure the exact location of those filming places of meteror garden. But Yangmingshan is the filming places of many local dramas of Taiwan. Tienmu area is a popular hangout place for many celebrities, including some Singapore and Hong Kong celebs.

Sharon asks…

Taiwan vs Japan, living, teaching, and the future?

So I am having trouble picking a place to start my English teaching career. The two places I have picked are Japan and Taiwan. I have always LOVED Japan, it’s culture, the language, and the products/business. I am writing this, however; from Taipei, Taiwan where I am on vacation for Christmas break. It has been a very interesting stay where I have made many new friends and learned a great deal about the culture here and history of Taiwan, China and even some about France/Japan.

My original plan was to continue self study of Japanese, while waiting to apply for JET in 2012 for the 2013 year. I have watched many youtube vlogs and it seems like most people who go over really enjoy it and make tons of new friends, (mostly other JETS) and just overall love the stay.

Since I have been in Taiwan I have started to really like it here. Granted I still like Japanese better than Chinese but the people are nice, the food is good, the women are typically very beautiful and I have found it easy to make friends (as long as you are introduced to them first). I was also told to check out HESS for after college and that I would be able to get a ESL job basically right away if I applied.

This is where I stand at the crossroads. I love everything about Japan, but am starting to really like Taiwan too. Japan looks shinier and has more big business but the people aren’t as friendly, (so I hear). Taiwan has acid rain which makes everything look old and a bit dingy but has amazing people, beautiful women and great culture overall. The things I don’t know about are:

What the women in Japan are like as I have only seen the ones on TV and not your everyday woman/girl.

There are no real recent vlogs if any at all about teaching in Taiwan except what HESS has up for testimonials, so no real information there.

Japan has many more websites for foreigners such as gaijinpot to help you get situated with living and job problems whereas I don’t really see anything like that for Taiwan.

My concern is: Over the last couple years Taiwan‘s economy has boosted and Japan’s has remained stagnant due to many factors including strong yen, the tsunami and the euro zone debt crisis. I have read many articles saying Japan will slowly fall below basically every other country as they no longer really offer anything unique or that China can’t make as well. So is Japan going to remain a world super power in 5-10 years while i’m in the midst of getting my career into a good spot or is it going to tank? (Partially rhetorical as I don’t expect anyone to actually know what is going to happen in the future >.>)

What I am basically looking for is YOUR experiences or a close friend/family member who had/has experiences teaching in both Japan and Taiwan and your/their future/current concerns and any recommendations pertaining to anything in this post.


Yaz answers:

If you’re happy in Taiwan, why leave ? You’re talking about five / ten years…Many teachers get burned out after just one or two. And you haven’t even started yet.
Only you can decide what’s best for yourself. People like me will side with Japan. But I can’t say anything negative about Taiwan either. You can try teaching in Taiwan first. If things go well, stay there. If they don’t go well, try Japan.

Sandra asks…

Anybody In, From, or Have Been to Japan? Question?

OK, call me Otaku #1, but ever since I watched Azumanga Daioh, I have become interested in Iriomote Island in the Ryukyu Island chain. It is an up and coming vacation spot for Westerners, but is pretty hard to get to. I told a Japanese buddy that I wanted to go there and I asked him how long it would take to get there from Narita? He said, “Why would you want to fly out of Tokyo…Okinawa is way south…and Iriomote is even farther south. He said to fly to Taipei and then take the ferry to Iriomote. Is he correct??? I looked at the map and it looks right next door to Taiwan.
Lady Macbeth…no worries on the Yamamaya, Sakaki has finished Vet. School and is now the director of the Iriomote Reserve. LOL

Yaz answers:

I haven’t been there but i know all about it , much of the islands , the language, and i’m going there the next year

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