Your Questions About Taipei Vacation

Sandra asks…

Where should I go on vacation? Maldives, Bali, Bora Bora, Cook Islands, etc? Please Help! :)?

Here are our must haves:

1) Warm water is a must. Warm like the Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire), not cooler like Hawaii

2) My husband and I want to go somewhere new. We have been all over the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, and North Asia (Hong Kong, Taipei, Korea)

3) Beach access to good snorkeling and/or scuba diving. Boat diving is fine, but we are not looking for a seven day scuba dive boat trip.

We have no children, so no children requirements.

We also can go anytime in 2010, so please also suggest a good time when to go (best weather, warm, etc). E.g. I read that Maldives is great in Feb,Mar,Apr.

I have been thinking about Maldives, Bali, Bora Bora, or Cook Islands, but everywhere looks soooo beautiful. We (my husband and I) are open to suggestions for somewhere beautiful.

Thanks everyone.
We are also looking to go for 12-16 days.

We also LOVE having the option to visit two places. For example, for our 16 day honeymoon we visited two Caribbean islands, Aruba and Bonaire. I really enjoyed seeing two places (our main objective then was scuba diving, which was excellent in Bonaire).


Yaz answers:


Daniel asks…

So many people have vacationed in China. i’m wondering how the food is there. Are there all types of ethnic?

restaurants? Can you order a pizza or veal parmigiana with spaghetti there? And is the food safe to eat? I can’t imagine that you could stay there for two weeks and not get deathly sick from the food, except in the cities like Beijing or Taipei. And even in the cities I would doubt the food can be trusted implicitly.

Yaz answers:

No, in mainland China you will not be able to get all kinds of ethnic food as Indian curry and other ethnic food as found in the West as often as you kind. Pizza and Italian style food places are common in Beijing.

There is a problem with food hygiene with mainland China. Some people can visit China and have no problems at all others can visit China and due to visiting a less hygienic restaurant will come down with food poisoning. You have to reminder that the bugs and germs that make you ill are slightly different from the ones in your country and that Chinese people are used to them. You on the other hand are not. It would be best when you go that you buy some anti-diarrhoea medicine and dehydration medicine to be on the safe side.

Water – drink either bottled or boiled never from the tap.
Food – a case of cook it, peel it or bin it.

James asks…

Philippine Airlines?

I just came back from the Philippines on vacation to visit my family over there. I had a great time. The last time I went there was in 1st grade, and that was about 7 years ago, so I didn’t remember a lot. But my question is:

Is Philippine Airlines better than using other asian airlines that connect at different countries? Because when I went, I used Philippine Airlines, but my cousins went on some other airline that connected in Taipei, then straight to Manila. It cost a little more, but is it better to explore different places?

Yaz answers:

Iam quite satisfied with Philippine Airlines, because of its direct flight to the US. Less time traveling, the better. I’ve been using Philippine Airlines eversince I started traveling but so far I didnt encounter any rude staff.

Connecting flights to other countries: You cant really explore those other countries coz’ you’ll be staying at the airport.

And yes, having it’s own airport is really good, saves time!

Charles asks…

ok i need help my bf is making meh uncertain….?

ok well im in taipei, and its over chinese new year, my bf lives here but is on vacation in beijing, well sumone called me, i think it was this other guy, eddie. and well whoever called me called me and sed they were my bf, charlie, and sed they were dumping meh. well im not sure if it was my bf, it wasnt his voice, also they sed “well lewis is a much better guy, i dont deserve you, sry but im breaking us up” lewis is the guy who is really in love with me, i dont like him tho. my bf and i have been going out since be4 christmass, we talk all the time, and i thot things were going great, help meh…

Yaz answers:

The best advise is to ask yor bf!! I dont know of one single guy that would break up with someone and say “this other guy is so much better for you, i dont deserve you” if nothing is wrong in youre relationship, why would he say he doesnt deserve you? ASK HIM!

Ruth asks…

Hi I am a Filipino curently working in Canada under a live in caregiver program.?

Hi I am a Filipino currently working in Canada under the live in caregiver program.
I’m going to Phils for a vacation and my flight is on the 25th of December and I have a 10 hours lay over in Taipei. I’m wondering if anybody know how or where can I apply for a transit visa so I can spend few hours sightseeing in Taipei and meet my cousin too.
Hoping for a feedback as soon as possible :) thank you!

Yaz answers:

In general, Philippine passport holders are required to obtain visas before traveling to Taiwan. Exempt from this rule, however, are Filipinos holding valid visas or permanent resident cards for USA, Canada, Japan, UK, EU Schengen, Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, they must not have been employed as blue collar workers in Taiwan before and are only permitted to stay in Taiwan for 30 days.

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