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Robert asks…

What is places in Taipei that visitor shld not miss? where we can find cheap stuff in Taipei?

Planning to go taipei for holiday, but not on package base. so need to do some research before going.

Yaz answers:

(1) Taipei 101: World’s tallest buildiing
(2) Taiwan Museum 故宮:One of Five largest museum in the world
(3) Miniture Museum 袖珍博物館:Asia’s Larget Miniture Museum. Http://
(4) Eslite Book Store in Xin Yi: 誠品信義店:Taiwan’s Largest bookstore, a great hangout place to read~~
(5) Taipei Zoo 台北市立動物園:~~
(6) Tamshuei wharf go by MRT and see the best sunset.

MRT or Train Station “Taipei Main Station” underground shopping got lots of stuff you can buy. If you know how to bargain you can get some good deals.

Ruth asks…

Package from Taiwan to California?

How long (approximately) does it take for a package sent from Taipei, Taiwan to reach San Diego, California?

Yaz answers:

You better ask the post office or the company you trust to send the package. It’s different from one expedition company with the others.

Maybe less then 1 week.
Or you can pay more if you want to be arrive faster.

James asks…

how to get to Star Beauty Hotel in Shihlin Dist., Taipei from Taoyuan Intl Airport?

i’ve heard the airport taxi is far expensive… pls advise.. it’ll be our first time in Taipei & we’re not on a tour package… we just wanna try to do things on our own…

Yaz answers:

Chiou-nan is right however t would be better if you get off at the Yuanshan MRT stop (Same bus going to TMS) and then the MRT to Jiantan – one stop away.
It is a lot more convenient and less hassle than dragging your luggage through the Taipei Main Station to the MRT.

From Exit 1 of Jiantan Station, walk about 5 minutes to get to Star Beauty Hotel Taipei.

DIY in Taipei is fun. Except for the Longshan Temple,Martyr’s Shrine,National Palace Museum,CKS Mem Hall-most places with shops and malls open after 10.30am

Remember-buy an Easy Card-NTD500/- inclusive of the NTD100- deposit and use that for your MRT and city bus travels. Thee MRT Info booth has plenty of free maps and guides in English showing you how to get about Taipei easily.

Betty asks…

is there any travel offers trip to hehuanshan national forest recreation area taiwan?

I will visit Taiwan in January and February, i want to get into Hehuanshan mountain but because i’m a foreigner i just don’t know how to get into there. I’m planning to go by train or take a trip by tours&travel agent. Is there any travel agent offers a trip to hehuanshan national forest recreation area in taiwan?in Taiwan i will stay in Taipei, so i’m looking for a travel agent in Taipei which has a trip package to hehuanshan.

Yaz answers:

Greetings. I live in Hualien, only 30 minutes from Taroko Gorge Nt’l Park and the hwy that leads up to Hehuanshan. My wife is a local aboriginal and English teacher; she has been to Hehuanshan several times, and she is willing to take on the task of arranging your itinerary. We will need further info related to your request; e.g., number of persons, travel dates, etc. Please contact me via the link on my Y!A profile if you wish to engage our assistance.


Carol asks…

Places in Taiwan (Taipei) that must not be missed? Any Recommendations?

I juz get married and will b gg for my honeymoon end of next mth crossing over to 2007. Its a 7Ds trip package tour which covers Taipei (shilin market, 101 Taipei etc), Hualien, Kaoshiung etc. I hv 1 day which is at only lesiure in Taipei. I am wondering where can I go during the free time. Is there any other famous places in taipei where i can get cheap electronics, clothings (wholesalers?) as well as theme parks in taipei itself? Hw abt Kaosiung and Hualien too? Cos we will have some leisure time after the tour which ends ard evening time, we would llike to make full use of the nite time we have by probably visiting more night markets n shopping malls. Any local delights/food stuffs to recommend which we can buy and bring back as gifts for frens/relatives?

Yaz answers:

Places not to be missed:

1. Guang Hua Shopping Complex (Electronics, VCDs, DVDs, comics and story books.)
2. Wu Fen Pu (for whoslesale clothes, no trying allowed though)
3. Eslite Bookshop Cheng Pin Shu Ju(books! Some outlets are opened 24 hours)
4. Shopping at Mitsukoshi, and Tien Mu District.
5. Visit their 7-11 convenience shops. (Very different and sell lots of nice food)

1. Iron Egg (Tie Dan)
2. Beef Noodles
3. Street Hawkers for food like smelly beancurd, fried chicken, oysters mee sua etc.
4. Try their nice bottled drink: Rose Tea.

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Taipei Package Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Taipei Package Singles Holidays Over 50s

Taipei Package Singles Holidays Over 50s