Your Questions About Taipei Package

Lizzie asks…

How to get to Keelung for the 中元祭held on 15 Aug 08?

Will be staying at Ximending area hotel, and the tour package by Keelung city tourist association was fully book. Please help. & as we are not staying overnight at keelung, will it be difficult to go back to taipei city after the celebration. The celebration starts at night.

Yaz answers:

Option 1: The programs of the ghost festival is till 2 or 3am or so. You could go around miaokow night market.
The first express back to Taipei is 5:10am as you could recheck above.

Option 2: stay at a hotel in Keelung. There are three more hotels are available on 8/14.


Please mail me if you need any further information.

Mandy asks…

why does it take so long to get mail packages from Taiwan?

What is the process post takes from Taipei to the USA?

Yaz answers:

I live in Pennsylvania and I have a lot of relatives in Taiwan that send us packages every so often. When we send something to Taiwan they normally receive it fairly quickly like around a week or so. However, when they try to send something to me, I find it takes a little bit longer, stretching from about a week and a half to two weeks. Don’t know what this means, but could be with the security that the US post office puts on with incoming mail (maybe UPS is just slower?).

Thomas asks…

Which Travel Agency In Singapore Provide The Best Deal and Service Tour Packages To Taiwain?

Hi, I’m planning to go to Taiwan with my wife. As this is our first time to Taiwan (Taipei), we decided to go by tour package. However, we are not sure which travel agency in Singapore provide the best deal and service for Taiwan tour package. Any recommendation? Heard about a place call ‘wu-fen-pu’. Does any brothers and sisters know what place is that? Worth to visit?

Yaz answers:

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Donna asks…

inbout into customs for almost 4 days?

i ordered a package christmas eve from china.
a simple pair of authentic nike shoes from a trusted seller who lives in china.
It was on express international mail.

now it has been almost 4 days and i track it every 2 hours because i really need these before tuesday.
has my package been confiscated? should i call customs?

Inbound Into Customs
Processed Through Sort Facility
Dec-29-11, 00:33 AM, ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
Processed Through Sort Facility
Dec-27-11, 21:03 PM, TAIPEI


Yaz answers:

It went into customs early on Thursday – it may have been worked on Fri – but IDK if customs works Saturdays. Sundays is not fully staffed for USPS., and Monday is not a delivery day.

Without knowing if it has gotten out of customs, and is back in USPS mailstream, IDK. They could be delivered on Tuesday. I would GO to your local USPS delivery office Tues AM, and ask to speak to a DELIVERY supervisor. He would be able to see if it had reached the local processing facility.

Steven asks…

where should i go for holidays?

I’m from Singapore, and I plan to go on holidays with another friend for 7-10 days between 12 and 24 july. I know it is probably a little late to book now, but I would like to know which options would be better.
Free and easy:
1) Hong Kong
2) Taiwan – worried about the weather now
3) Hong Kong + Taipei – the air tickets add up to quite a considerable amount
4) Hong Kong + Shanghai – similarly, the air tickets add up to quite a considerable amount

tour package
1) Japan

my budget is lesser than SGD2.5K. Or are there any other places within Asia that you guys recommend?
(i just went bangkok so that’s not an option for me)

thank you very much!

Yaz answers:

Hi, the places you’ve chosen are mainly for shoppers and they are not cheap. Food in HK is good but expensive. Shopping in Taiwan, Shanghai and Japan is expensive too.

From your 1-4 and Japan, I will opt for Japan tour package due to the budget.

Why don’t you consider Angkor Wat? Or Club Med in Cherating, Malaysia? I am sure SG$2.5K will be more than enough (you can even carry forward for your next vacation!)

Have a good one, wherever you chose to go 😀

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