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Paul asks…

How to get to Kingshi Hotel (Xi Men Mrt station) from Tao yuan Airport other than taxi?

It’s our first time to Taipei and we are not on the tour package… Would like to try it on our own. And do they have farecards for tourist for taking buses and mrt? Can it be refund?

Thank you and appreciate to all those who replied.

Yaz answers:

Kingshi Hotel (金帥飯店): 7th Floor, 142 Kunming Street, Taipei City, Taiwan (or, 7F, No.142 Kum-min St.Taipei, Taiwan

From Taoyuan International Airport, take the Air Bus (NT$135) bound for Banciao City and get off at Taipei MRT Yongning Station (first stop; about 35 minutes); then take the MRT (NT$28) and get off Ximen Station (9th station, about 20 minutes); then get out of Exit 1, walk along Chengdu Road about 7 minutes to Kunming Street.

Mandy asks…

Is it worth visiting Kaohsiung during my visit to Taiwan?

I’ll be going on a package tour to taiwan for about 7days. The package includes Kaohsiung, and of course those attractions.
I would also like to extend my stay in Taipei but is it worth extending my stay in Kaohsiung for some shopping?
In fact what i wanted was to extend my stay in Taiwan to 2 weeks. So the last week i’ll be staying in Taipei. I was just wondering will a week in Taipei be very boring?!

Yaz answers:

This you have to see it’s Kaohsiung City or County. If city, it’s not worth as things in Kaohsiung City is almost the same as Taipei, only for some foods that may be different. In county, there are some foods item you can buy, like 龍眼花蜜 (Logan Honey), 芭樂 (palm fruit), 烏魚子 (squid’s egg) etc. You can buy some craft item, mostly on 葫蘆藝術品 (bottle gourd like craft) or 陶藝 (Kiln craft). Take the coach from Kaohsiung city near the train station (new) at Jiuru road 2.

It will not be boring if you stay in Taipei for 1 week, but really depends on what you like and what you interested on. There are so many places in Taipei that worth the visit and if you want more information, you can visit the website I provided below.

Linda asks…

Please review my 9days Taipei itinerary?

1140hrs – Touch down at airport.
1240hrs – set off to hotel.
1400hrs – arrive at hotel
1500hrs – Taipei underground market
1800hrs – Taipei 101 (view night scenenary)
1900hrs – Explore Ximending

0800hrs – Breakfast at hotel
0930hrs – travel to beitou (MRT) (Must arrive at Beitou as bus comes at 0950hrs, next bus 1050hrs!)
1030hrs – Go for 1hr hot spring
1200hrs – Walk around Yang Ming Shan
1500hrs – Take MRT to Xin Bei Tou (Hell Valley)
1800hrs – DanShui (Take MRT)
1900hrs – Fisherman Wharf (Take ferry from danshui bark)
2100hrs – Shilin night market (Take MRT to Jiantan)
2300hrs – Take MRT back to Ximending

25 Oct
0500hrs – Breakfast.
0615hrs – Take train @ 0630hrs to Tai Chung
0732hrs – Arrive at Tai Chung
0900hrs – Sun Moon Lake (Take train to Tai Chung transit by bus to Nantou bus)
+ Formosa Aboriginal Culture village + CingJing Farm

**last train to tp 12am**
Taipei to Taichung – Express train 1hr32mins / **engage 1 day tour package**

26 Oct
0800hrs – Breakfast at hotel
0900hrs – Long Shan Shi + Long Shan Park
1100hrs – National Palace Museuem (MRT to Shilin by bus/cab)

1200hrs – Arrive at NPM + Chih-Shan Garden (Entry 160 + 20 per pax)
1500hrs – Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
1800hrs – Guang Hua Electronics Market (Zhong Xiao Fu Sheng)
2000hrs – Shi Da Night Market (Guting MRT)
2300hrs – train back to Ximending

27Oct (1 day tour – Yeiliu -> Jiu Fen -> Miao Kou)
0800hrs – Breakfast at hotel
0900hrs – TMS take train to Kee Lung / bus (booth 19 run by Kuokang bus station / 1hr journey)
1000hrs – Arrive at Yehliu Geological Park
1300hrs – Yehliu Ocean World (NT350 / per pax)
1600hrs – Jiu Fen (jin Shan)
2000hrs – Take a bus to Miao Kou
2300hrs – Take a train back to TP

0500hrs – Breakfast
0600hrs – Train Hualien 2-3hrs journey
0900hrs – Arrange 1day taxi tour around Toroko Gorge (8-10hrs)
2000hrs – Travel back to TP

0800hrs – breakfast
0900hrs – Take train to keelung transit to shi fen
1000hrs – Shi fen waterfall


Travel back to SG.

Where can i visit after shifen? Any recommendation?
How’s my itinerary? Comments are welcome, do correct me if im wrong / if there is any better options.
Thanks in advance, i need advices as its my first trip to taiwan. =)

Yaz answers:

That is a lot of ground to cover in a relatively short time. I think it is do-able, but you probably will be exhausted every night… And it doesn’t leave a lot of leeway for stopping to drink some coffee or tea and actually enjoy things a bit. But I think you are on the right track as far as it goes. Don’t forget to actually enjoy yourself. Its not just about standing at one place and taking a photograph and saying ‘I was THERE.’

You also might be better served to spend a night in SunMoon instead of chasing trains and schedules. Or plan to come back to Taiwan another time, and do half of what you planned this time and take some time to chill out a bit at each location.

You might be better served to stay in Hualien for a night or two as opposed to going back to Taipei every night by train. Unless you really love sitting on trains the whole time. But your schedule seems well thought, you are seeing many of the best locations to see, if you enjoy chasing trains and bus schedules and following the transit schedule rather than your own.

John asks…

Do you know a good travel agency in Tao Yuan or Taipei?

– good reputation, value for money
– specialises in organizing packaged tour to Europe
– Thank you ^_^

Yaz answers:

Check and see if you have a place called Perfect Tours in Taipei. We have one in Taichung and I used it for my honeymoon in Europe. They were great. Everything went very smoothly and the guides were well organized. If I can find my book, I’ll add contact numbers for you.

Laura asks…

Backpacking alone 1st time to Taipei. Any Tips?

I’ve just resigned from my job. Nobody’s as free (and jobless, ha!) as me to go on a trip, so I decided to travel alone. I’m on a super budget 10-days trip. I’m most concerned about finding cheap motel or backpackers inn there. Can anyone advise? What’s their rates like? Is it hard to find budget accomodation there (I’m talking about those per night or per hour basis, not those 3 days 2 nights hotel package)?

Suppose I eat super budget street-side food and take only mainly public transport and minimal cab, how much do you think I should bring over for a 10-days trip?

Yaz answers:

Well get a water purifier and dont hurt your self thts all i got

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