Your Questions About Single Vacations For Men

Mark asks…

Where are some good vacation spots for single men?

looking for someplace that is warm, leaving at the end of November, not looking to get laid, just a nice place that isn’t populated by just families and the like

Yaz answers:

Costa Rica………….great place to relax, many beaches and it’s cheap

Robert asks…

Does anyone know of a good vacation for three single men traveling at the end of september early october?

Yaz answers:

I don’t know if you guys are looking to party or not, but if you are try Myrtle Beach, Miami, or some other Florida beach. Hawaii, maybe, too. Las Vegas is always a super awesome vacation for anybody over 21 lol. For a more serious vacation you should try LA, Washington DC, the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest, Yosemite…it’s too cold at this time of year to go to my two favorite destinations: Glacier Nat’l Park and Yellowstone, but of course you can keep those in mind for later. :)

Ken asks…

Is there a good cruise to go on for single men for vacation?

Yaz answers:

The first link is preferred the second link is thier world locations. Be advised some people might be offended by the content of these sites. But this is a very high class and legitimate vacation company.

Michael asks…

What’s a better city for a single man to vacation in: Miami, FL or Myrtle Beach, SC?

Please provide pro and con/ good and bad for each. Thank you.

Yaz answers:

I really like Myrtle Beach … Been there 3 years in a row and it’s just an amazing state. I really enjoyed it and plus, there was so much stuff to do there and the people are very friendly. Friendliest place I’ve been so far.

Donald asks…

What is the best destination for single men holiday in the Dominican Republic?

We are 2 30+ guys from NY that would like to take 3-4 days vacation in the Dominican Republic. We are looking for good night life and some sport activities.

Thanks for any advice.

Yaz answers:

Sosua and/or Cabarete. Forget the all-inclusive places, just go to Sosua or Cabarete and look for an acceptible hotel – there are dozens. There is never a problem getting a room unless it happens to be Easter. These towns are close to the Puerto Plata Airport.

Boca Chica is also suitible and close to the SDQ airport. If you had a few more days I would suggest Las Terenas, but it isn’t worth the drive if you are only there for such a short time.

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