Your Questions About Planning A Trip To Greece

Richard asks…

Planning Trip to Greece?

My sister and I are planning a European Trip. We will be in Greece for 3 days and would like to have an itinerary planned for each day of sites to go see and we would like to do this independantly of any “group travel” agency. I think the important thing is that we plan everything in such an order that we can cluster site-seeing by location. Have any of you had any organized itineraries that you would be willing to share?

Yaz answers:

I have seen people travelling through Greece your way.. A shame to spend only 3 days in Greece..
If you insist and you are landing at Athens airport, then spend/walk 1 day in Athens to visit the obvious sites; for the second day, make sure you booked a taxi/cab for a long day trip (expensive) to Delphi, Corinthos, Mycenes & Epidavros.. The trip in all its beauty will kill you.. Make sure your day ends up in Nafplio or Tolon, so early morning you can pick a ferry-combination that will bring you over the Islands of Hydra and Aegina to Pireaus (Athens port).
Then hury back to your plane.. And take a long rest in the absolut knowledge that you have past by some of the most valuable world heritage sites, without seeing them…
Sorry not to be able to give you a more positive approach; Greece is worthed more then 3 days..
See some of my pictures and enjoy your brief visit ..

Charles asks…

Need help planning trip to GREECE!?

Hi all, my husband and I are planning a trip to Greece (Athens) for the first week in Nov. Can anyone help me by letting me know about great (but not too expensive) hotels that are near the sites, so that we could walk to most of the places instead of wasting money on taxis. Also, we plan on going for about 5-6 days, so any advice on how to spend our days (what to see on Day 1, for example) would be very helpful! Thanks!

Yaz answers:

Look on for Athens Hotels. They will have travelers’ ratings of various hotels. There are a lot of small, reasonably priced hotels in or near The Plaka district. We spent 6 days in Athens in June ’08 and loved every minute of it. We stayed at the Divani Palace Acropolis, it was kind of expensive but a GREAT breakfast was included. There were so many great sidewalk cafes within a short walk that we didn’t go hungry. Athens has an on/off tourist bus that hits all the main sites, good deal. Do a web search for Greek Tourism and you will learn a lot about Athens. There are numerous day trips you can take from Athens. We went to Delphi and Souinon. GO you will love it.

Jenny asks…

How early do I start planning a trip to Greece?

I’m going to Greece in 2008 and need to know when and how to start planning.

Yaz answers:

U already planing

Betty asks…

I am planning a trip to Greece. How much money would I need for a 12 day’s stay?

Lets hear it weather being conservative or spending lavishly. What would be the ballpark dollaramount for the average tourist stuff/hotels/museums/gas/rental bikes/ferry’s to islands etc.

Yaz answers:

The U.S. Government remains deeply concerned about the heightened threat of terrorist attacks against U.S. Citizens and interests abroad. Like other countries that are members of the Schengen Agreement for free cross-border movement, Greece’s open borders with its European neighbors allow the possibility of terrorist groups entering/exiting the country with anonymity. As the first entry point into Schengen from points south and east, Greece’s long coastline and many islands also heighten the possibility that foreign-based terrorists might try to exploit Greece’s borders. Domestic terrorist organizations such as Revolutionary Struggle and “Sect of Revolutionaries” have become increasingly active against both domestic and foreign targets in Greece. Recent attacks and attempted attacks have included the use of Molotov cocktails (gasoline bombs), small arms and rifle fire, and improvised explosive devices, the largest being a 50-kilo car bomb which failed to detonate before the police arrived. The Greek police forces, other Greek governmental agencies, private American and Greek businesses, and the United States Embassy have been attacked in the last three years. Recent actions indicate that the perpetrators are indiscriminate. The risk of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” in the event of a terrorist action is a concern for residents and visitors. U.S. Tourists or residents in Greece should remain vigilant, exercise caution, and monitor local developments. Some current terrorist organizations are aligned with the ideology of the older Marxist terrorist group November 17 (N17) which targeted Greek businessmen and officials, as well as officials from NATO countries in Greece, from the mid-1970s until the early part of this decade. N17 terrorists murdered 23 people, including five U.S. Government employees. Strikes and demonstrations are a regular occurrence. Greece is a stable democracy and these activities for the most part are orderly and lawful. However, a wave of incidents started when a teenager was shot and killed in an encounter with the police in December 2008. Incidents occurred throughout Greece, but the primary sources of violence were in Athens and Thessaloniki, Protestors there engaged in violent confrontations with the police and carried out destructive vandalism and rioting in localized areas, some of which are areas frequented by tourists, injuring numerous police officers. Riot control procedures often include the use of tear gas. Visitors should keep abreast of news about demonstrations from local news sources and hotel security. When there are demonstrations, visitors should be aware of and avoid places where demonstrators frequently congregate, such as the Polytechnic University area, Exarchia, Omonia, and Syntagma Squares in Athens, and Aristotle Square in Thessaloniki. The Omonia and Exharchia areas of Athens are at particular risk for crime and politically-motivated violence; U.S. Embassy personnel and their families have been urged strongly to avoid these areas between 9 pm and dawn.

Mark asks…

What steps should I take in planning a trip to Greece?

Should I book through an agency? Which airline is best? Where to go? Where to eat? Anything that you would definitely recommend? Any ideas are welcomed!

Yaz answers:

Yes, all of the islands are so different. I went to Crete on my honeymoon and it was fantastic. I used to live in Greece and still visit frequently. I like to make most of my plans myself, since some things like schedules with ferrys are subject to change.

Mykanos is a party place, Rhodes is gorgeous and great for shopping, Crete is beautiful.

I recommend flying into Athens, and then staying on night to catch up on sleep, or flying directly to your destination, that day.

Spending a couple (2-3) days in Athens, is highly recommended. You can do this at the begining or end of your trip since that is usually where you are flying in and out of. Taxis are reasonable and the best things to see are the obvious: The parthenon, museums, Olympic stadium. I took bus tours once I arrived, that were arranged throught the hotel, most hotels, will be able to arrange this. If not the airport has several travel agencies that will be happy to help you plan most of your last minute flights, and tour arrangements.

I recommend flying Olympic for inter Greece travel, you can go to thier web site to book ahead.

I would also get some free travel guides on the web sites. I got maps from a local book store or the island(s) I planned to visit.

I hear Santorini and Hios, are also great places to visit with a lot of culure. was very helpful with the hotels, because you can usually see what the hotel rooms will look like. But if you are trying for low budget, then you might want to be more flexible and look for lodging when you get to the island. If you ask around there are usually homes that rent out separate rooms, and it can be quite an adventure.

WARNING: If you make a trip plan with a local(greek) tour guide, ask for your itenerary to be printed in military time(greeks call this german time system). My freinds and I planned a ferry ride to another island the next day, the girl at the tour center told us it was at 3 in the afternoon. We showed up at the port with all of our luggage, and missed the boat, because it was actually 3 in the morning it left. Be very careful about this. Not everyone is as bad at this, but just to be safe learn military time. Which the germans use, all the time. Ask if it is a trip for 0300 or 1500.

Greece is a beautiful place renting a car or a motor bike is a great suggestion.

It may be a good idea to talk to a greek tour guide in America to get some idea of where you want to go. They can ask you questions like if you like being where the clubs and party is at or if you want to be on a more secluded island, with less tourist. I don’t recommend, the secluded(empty) islands, usually that means there is less to see or do there. Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Ahtens, have a lot to see and do, to peak your interest and show you the culture, shopping, etc.

Mykanos is know for being a party place, maybe too much party if you are older, unless you go on off season. If you are gay this is supposidly the place to visit though.

Good luck with your trip check my sites below. And look through some tour books at the library or your local book store. !! I wish I was going !!

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Planning A Trip To Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Planning A Trip To Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

Planning A Trip To Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s