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Chris asks…

IB student trip-Europe(Austira,France, etc) or Greece?

Yo guys, i have an urgent question. I’m in gr.11 this year and planning to go abroad,with select teachers and fellow students from my high school, during spring break. I’m having problems deciding whether i should go to the regular Greece trip or the IB Europe tour trip. Yes i am aware that Greece is in southern europe, however by “europe trip” i mean travelling to Austria, France, and Italy. Both trips are supposed to be 13 days and we will have to pay at the maximum $4000 for our hotel rooms, meals, transport, etc. Also both trips are going to be ‘tourish’ , however the coordinator of the Ib trip told us that the Greece trip was going to be mostly an 70%-80% shopping trip-with the rest of the time spent on visiting some historical sites. The IB Austria,France,Italy is going to be 98% touring and some free time given to us for shopping here and there. The price seems kind of high for a 13 day trip and i’m not sure if just going to Greece to walk around and have fun is worth it; i’m also not sure if paying $4000 to go to concentration camps/old graveyards and churches is worth it either. My parents said i can go to whichever trip i want, since i have never even been out of the city ever since we moved here to Canada. Oh and is it true that if you’re Canadian and you go to some parts of Europe people voluntarily buy stuff for you? The coordinator said that. Aha free stuff is good man :) But she also said that there are alot of perverted old men in those European places that lurk around waiting to jump girls, and others just randomly coming up to kiss you? She’s putting a guy in with each group of girls just so he can protect them. I looked around the room during that meeting and loads of those guys in the room werent all that kick-butt looking, i mean com’on she was being blatantly sexist whether she meant it or not. Lol guys i’m just rambling now, and sorry for the huge message. Uhh so all i want to know is regular trip to Europe or educational IB trip to Europe (ie.Austria, France, Italy)
And one more thing, i don’t want anyone posting smart alek responses like “uhh well Greece is like in Europe aha pos” so i’m saying this again. I know Greece is in southern europe…the school board is just stupid for seperating both trips this way.

Yaz answers:

All in all, going to France, Austria and Italy is better value for the money and you will see a lot more things than old churches, cemeteries and concentration camps. If you think you might be bored by those, the ruins of Greece will seem even sadder, and the shopping you can do there is limited compared to the variety you will come across on the IB tour. Added to which Greece is very hot and dry, with rather sad looking dusty vegetation in many places, whilst France, Austria and northern Italy are fresh and green. You will not have your butt pinched by lecherous old men on that trip either : they would not dare as their own women are quick with a slap when the men let their hands wander…On the other hand do not count on freebies: it is a myth. People gave gifts to Canadian soldiers who liberated them at the end of WW2: that was sixty years ago.
However if Greek history and mythology are your forte, go for the Parthenon and Athens, Delphi and the oracle, and all the Greek tombstones, antiquities, and ruins but, from what you write, one gets the feeling you might soon be very bored.

Michael asks…

I’m planning a solo trip to Europe. Which areas should I be wary of in terms of sexually aggresive guys?

Extra details: I’m going to France, Spain, Italy and Greece — so if you know of any city’s in those countries where the men are especially lascivious, please help a girl out so I’m can take extra precaution! Thanks!

Yaz answers:

In France, they will stare openly at women on the street, but I never had any more problems than that unless the guy had been drinking, and then he would catcall drunkenly. It seemed to happen more there than in anywhere I’ve been in the US. In Italy they will also catcall a lot, especially if you are blonde or a redhead. I haven’t been to Greece, but my travel book says that women traveling alone attract attention there, especially if in a bar or club, but will typically leave you alone if you forcefully tell them no or get a local involved. I haven’t been to Spain, and haven’t heard much about it, but Spanish men I saw in Paris tended to catcall a lot. Typically most of this is harmless, and there isn’t any more real danger than you would have anywhere else, just annoyance if any of what I mentioned bothers you (the staring in France got really annoying to me after a while because it was so shameless). It isn’t any worse in any one city – it’s really just the culture of the country, although southern France and Italy (and the banlieus, or suburbs, of French cities, which are typically the “bad” parts of town) can be worse about the catcalling .

Maria asks…

A trip to Europe or a trip to Greece?

Hi! I am planning a tour for a senior “gift” trip in May or the summer of ’10 next year, but we’re having a bit of a problem on which region to tour or country. I was planning to go to Greece but one of my friend wants to go on a Euro tour. I want to go to Greece because I have a relative there that can help me with lodging and stuff and I always wanted to go there. My friend wants to go to Europe because there’s more areas to explore, but I’m worried about budget reasons and transportation and it’s pretty much confusing for me whereas Greece is just one place but I heard that it was expensive in the summer and so is Europe but I just need some advice and some of my confusion to be cleared. So if anybody can help me out, that would be great! Thank you! :)

Yaz answers:

If you go to Greece you’ll be killing 2 birds with one stone as Greece IS in Europe.

Steven asks…

Will you help me plan my trip to Europe?

Hey guys…I am thinking about a Europe trip with my boyfriend as a law school graduation gift! However, I have only briefly been abroad once, and my boyfriend never, so I was wondering if you could help us out….
1. Where should we go? I know that we want to do Spain, Italy and Greece–and Venice and San Torini are a must within these countries. What other cities/countries should we visit? In what order? Is three weeks enough time to do this?
2. What city should we fly into from the US? Should we fly out of a different city? How far in advance should I order our tickets to get the best price? Is a travel agent helpful?
3. Which mode of transportation should we use traveling between cities?
4. We were thinking of going late Feb or early March, is this a good time?
5. How do we find nice, but affordable places to stay? Should I do this in advance or wing it when we get there?
6. Any good planning websites or books?

7. Any other tips?
Thanks so much for your help!

Yaz answers:

3 weeks will be too short I would say to appreciate all these places…I did only part of Italy in 12 days and that was way too short….It may give you an idea….I travelled to Verona, Venice (2 nights), Montepulciano, Rome (3 nights…too short), Florence (3 nights) and Bologna…all these places I recommend…and you can do some day trips to places like Pomepeii, Sorento, Capri (from Rome) and Pisa, Lucca from Florence.

Train is very good in Europe and gets you from A to B effienctly…but you could get some cheap flights (site might help here)

I am not sure which city to fly from, but again the website might help you there as it offers the cheapest option in each link for that day, plus has links to the airlines themselves.
I would say cities like London, Paris and Frankfurt would be the most popular for arrivals, but Rome might be a good one for you in this case.
Sometimes you can get some good deals and this time of year might be quite good for cheaper flights (but obviously weather will be colder…as long as you are happy to put up with the colder days and a bit more rain, it will ok to travel…I visited Spain over Christmas (the coast south of Barcelona and while it was cool and overcast a bit, we did see the sun and it was nice…that is compared to the UK where we were living at the time!!!!)
Affordable places…try these webistes….hostels will be the cheaper option…if you share from time to time maybe it will be even cheaper and it will free up the wallet to do other things you might like ( as the accommodation will eat up the most of your money)….there are some links attached that give you some options to look at and some ratings too. They also include some cheaper hotels…but there are heaps of websites and sometimes it pays to shop around.
I would maybe get a travel guide like lonely planet or rough guides as it does tell you little things that maybe of interest….you could get single books or the europe one, but they can get heavy to carry around in your bag at times.
I have preplanned accommodation and winged, which has been ok in most cases really….the only problems i ever had was a large conference in Bologna where I paid thru the nose for accommodation!~!! And another time in Trieste where after an hour of searching for a cheap place I wnet into a 4 star hotel ( it was very nice) but then found several 3 star places nearby that I haden’t seen in my searching prior!! I had been so tired of looking for somewhere (even with signs pointing) that I gave up……
I would try not to pack TOO much into your time as you would spend you entire time travelling from A to B rather than enjoying your trip and it can get stressful at times too (ie which train, which ticket, validating your ticket, finding accommodation, where to go to eat….seems silly but it can get tiring and stressful at times…planning can help, but overplanning does not allow flexibility…say you hear about a fantasitc place to go and you have no time to see it)
Have fun

Mary asks…

We are planning a 1 month trip 2 Europe. Any suggestions on destinations?

Landing in Brittain. Plan on ending in Greece. Open to using all types of transportation to get around. Already have some must sees ie: Stonehenge, Paris, Barcelona, Malta, Venice, Athens.

Yaz answers:

I’ve been to places all over the world, but the most beautiful place i’ve ever been to is San Torini, Greece. You have to stop there.

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