Your Questions About Planning A Trip To Greece And Turkey

Lisa asks…

Bodrum, Turkey to Greece?

I’m planning a 2 week trip to Turkey and Greece. I plan to visit Bodrum in Turkey and was wondering if it is possible to take a ferry from Bodrum to the Greek Islands, and from there to Athens?
If so, how can I make a reservation? and if not, are there any alternatives? (My current plan is Istanbul –Flight–> Antalya –Rental car/coach–> Bodrum –Ferry?–> Greek Islands –Ferry–> Athens)

Yaz answers:

Kos island (greek island) is the nearest greek territory to turkey. It is 45 min at most by ferry as i remember. You can buy tickets a day before at the hotel or tourism agencies, you dont need to book in advance. I remember the price as 50 liras round trip. From bodrum you can only go to kos.

Kos is a lovely island, and it’s pretty popular for holiday, you can spend few days there. From kos you take ferry and travel to other greek islands. My route was bodrum-kos-santorini-mykonos. I suggest santorini definitely. Mykonos is expensive and only has nightlife as a plus. From kos, santorini, myknos or any island you can go to athens by plane i dont suggest going to athens by ferry, it will be a long and tiring journey, as i remember airfare is quite affordable.


it’s better to book the ferries in advance, and keep in mind the lines are not operating everyday, some lines are 3 times a week. So making reservations for the ferries was more difficult than we imagined. From santorini to mykonos we couldnt find places for the day we were supposed to go, so we booked for a 1 stop voyage, but it was stressful due to delays of the ferries.

Between kos and santorini
this company has huge ships, but they have a lot of delays,and i really suggest you to book business class if you can afford it. Stay away from economy class!!! The seats are not comfortable and the place is crowded in economy class. I havent seen such a seating system in any of the transportation means i used lol anyway the journey takes 4-5 hours not a big deal but this company is super

also i used these sites to see all ferries and to make a booking

have a good journey

btw you can go to bodrum by direct flight, if you dont have a plan in antalya. They may seem close to each other but there is 450 kms between.


btw there is no long line or custom difficulties for turks, it was the easiest entrance to a country i have ever done. The eu gate had a 200 mt line cause most of the passengers were european, but there were few of us and few americans.

Carol asks…

What souvenirs should I bring back home from Greece, Turkey and Southern Spain?

I am planning my trip and I always like to bring things from where I go. I want to bring some tea cups from Turkey, but I cannot think what is a MUST that I should bring from these 3 countries.

Yaz answers:

For Turkey: You may visit a Pasabahce store for traditional glassware or others. To have an idea visit its online store:

Nargile (Turkish smoking water pipes):

Kilim, Hali (Turkish rugs) are among well known souveniers.

Çini (Turkish handmade porcelains):

Betty asks…

when is the best time to travel to greece?

been trying to plan a trip to greece adn maybe turkey at the same time. when is the best time to go?

any tips on what to see and where to stay?

Yaz answers:

May is the best time to visit both countries. This is just before the BIG crowds arrive for the summer and before the heat gets unbearable.

Athens is amazing, but I always have the best time island hopping. You can island hop your way all the way to Turkey if you want to.

In Greece, I have done Athens, and the islands of Ios, Santorini, Rhodos, Naxos, and Samos.

In Turkey, I have been to Istanbul, Epheseus, Kusadasi, Fethiye, Olympos, and Gereme.

All great places to visit.

Joseph asks…

I would love some info about attractions at ports in Turkey and Greece that I plan to visit?

I leave May 20th for a trip to Greece and Turkey. We are going on a cruise, but before boarding the ship we have two and a half days to spend in Athens. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what I should not miss on this vacation. Specific suggestions on attractions, shops, or restaurant recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Our first stop is Istanbul and we have from 3pm to 6pm the next day.
Then, we stop in Mykonos for 9 hours.

Tuesday, we stop in Patmos, Greece and Kusadasi, Turkey– spending 3.5 hours at the first port and 6 hours at the second.
Rhodes, Greece is next on the itinerary, and we spend all day there.
Finally, we split our final day between 5 hours in Heraklion and 4 hours in Santorini.

Yaz answers:

As i am from Greece i can suggest you what to do in te Greek part,any fiend from Turkey i am sure will inform you better about it.
Well,for the 2,5 days in Athens,you should of course visit Acropoli for start,and then have a walk to Plaka,or even stop there to eat in a restaurant,very popularto foreigner also is the Bairaktaris souvlaki at Monastiraki,you can haveyour shooping at ermou next toSyntagma squeare( all of these are very popularso everyone that you ll ask ,he knows).for the night make sure to be at bouzoukia,is a way that greeks are having fun at night,club withlive Greek pop music and the people are dancing all the ll love it.
For Mykonos the must be is the super paradise beach bar (in hot weather) and you can have great time in whole the island as it is ike the ibiza of Greece,
At the Rhodes,palia poli and kastro ton ippoton are must be (old town and the knight’s castle) and also the butterfly’s hill are are going to love it!!!!
About Heraclion iam not an expert so i cant tell you.
At santarini,well,what else exept dont loose the sunset!!!!!!it attracts all the turists as it is magical!!!
hm thats all i can tell you!

Robert asks…

12 Month World Trip Planning?

My freind and his girlfreind want to plan a round the world trip using a open air ticket, or an airline ticket that offers flexibility on departure dates.

The list of destinations that they showed me was the following.

Egypt – Luxar


Thailand – Bankok







Unbelievably the list was in order of the destinations they wanted to visit.

I suggested to them visiting the destination that are local to each of the countries.
And applying that they use ground transport to visit other countries within the mainland, such as GreeceTurkey – Ferry to Cairo. Or India and road transport past the Himalayers to China.

They liked the idea and suggested that I help out with their planning.

So my question is:

Where can I purchase an open air ticket if ever one exists and what is the best website to visit that helps plan a world trip with considerations and advice on Visa’s/work and trip packages?

Yaz answers:

I would recommend a OneWorld ticket:

There are obvious restrictions to stop people wildly zigzagging back and forth around the world. These are explained in detail on the website.

Very economical and I’ll be using them myself next year.

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Planning A Trip to Greece and Turkey Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Planning A Trip to Greece and Turkey Singles Holidays Over 50s

Planning A Trip to Greece and Turkey Singles Holidays Over 50s