Your Questions About Planning A Trip To Greece And Italy

Richard asks…

Need Help Planning my trip to Italy and Greece.?

I am planning a trip to Italy and Greece. It is our first time and we have NO expectation to see and do it all. We want to see some sights and get some relaxation in as well. So far the plan is to Fly into Rome spend 2 nights, 1 night in Naples, 2 nights in Capri, 2 nights Athens and 3 nights in Santorini. I am not sure if we should even stay in Naples or add an extra night to Rome or Capri. Getting to Pompeii for a day is a must though. I just really need help narrowing down the amount of time we spend in each place. Any advice would be great.Hotel suggestions would be great too. Santorini is giving me a run for my money trying to pick a area and hotel. We are in our early thirties and want relaxing but good bars and food need to be close. Thanks for any suggestions.

Yaz answers:

Hello there! We are temporary residents in Italy and we just returned from Greece (most of the time we live in San Francisco).

I can’t speak to all of your planned cities, though we loved Santorini. It is a great time to go, as the weather is gorgeous (well, somewhere between “perfect” and “just a tad cold”), and even supposed touristy spots are not crowded! We stayed at the Blue Horizon , which admittedly is not in the center of the action, but once we had a scooter, it was not an issue, and it was fun to see the island that way. We paid an off-season rate of 60 euro for the hotel and 13 euro for an 80 rpm scooter.

Just one thing — not sure how much relaxation you are intending, but I think for some, 3 nights might be one night too much, especially since it is soooo quiet there right now.

We’ve been based in Turin during our time in Italy, so as regards Italian cities and sights, we’ve covered the north a lot better. It’s obvious you have limited time, but I do highly recommend Northern Italy as well, principally Cinque Terre, which we’ve visited 3 times in the last 4 months. :-)

Ken asks…

I’m a 20 yr old female, planning to make a solo trip to southern Italy & Greece.?

Just need some tips and advice from those who’ve been there before, especially solo women travellers. I’m only planning to be 5 days in Italy and then move on to Greece. What are the must-sees in Southern Italy and where should I stay if i’m only staying 5 days…Florence, Venice, Rome?

I’ll be staying in a single room in a Bed & Breakfast place. Is it safe to leave my valuables behind in the room, while I’m out sightseeing? I understand that some of these B&Bs don’t have safe boxes. But I cannot possibly carry along my passport and all my money everywhere I go.

Also, I can’t speak Italian, will the language barrier be a problem? I know that in Greece they all speak English but what about Italy..?

Lastly, until what time is it generally safe to walk around in the streets on my own, esp in Italy?

Yaz answers:

Y go alone
take me with you

Steven asks…

How to plan a Trip to Italy, Greece, and Turkey next year?

what is the best way to travel, best places to go, and cheap ways to get from Rome to Athens? Has anyone taken this type of trip? Where is the best place to stay?

Yaz answers:

Try Trip Planner, and collect ideas from many people

Donna asks…

Planning a trip to France, Italy and Greece?

I’m planning a trip to Europe with my husband for a belated honeymoon. We plan to fly into Paris and from there travel to Italy and Greece. We will then fly back home from Athens. We are trying to figure out the most economical way to go about this and I am open to any suggestions. First of all, is it cheaper to rent a car and drive from country to country, or to take a train? Secondly, is it cheaper to buy a 3 country Eurorail pass ahead of time or to purchase tickets at the train stations? And finally, what is the best way to get from Italy to Greece? I saw on the Eurorail website that the ferries are included, but I’m wondering what the price difference would be if we were to not go with the Eurorail — it just seems so expensive. Again, any advice would be helpful, so just lay out some suggestions, please :)

Yaz answers:

The Eurail option for getting from Italy to Greece is the ferry – it’s a very long way by train. However, there are budget airlines that are competetive. A good site for finding budget flights is: . Personally, I prefer the night train for travel between Paris and Venice, Florence or Rome. Partly, that’s because it best suits my schedule for a weekend trip to Paris from my home in northern Italy, but it can also be an inexpensive option if you buy tickets in advance. They are also the only direct trains between Paris and Italy. The standard fare is 130 euro for a berth in a 4 bed compartment. If you use a Eurail pass, you will still have to pay an additional 45 euro for the same accomodation for the mandatory reservation. However, if you buy a ticket far enough in advance, there are discounts on individual tickets. The cheapest rate for the 4 bed compartment is 45 euro – the same cost as the supplement you have to pay using a pass. There are also 6 bed compartments which are a little cheaper. Note that this is a popular route and it is not easy to get the discounted tickets. There is also a limit to the number of railpasses that can be used on the train and that limit is also often hit fairly far in advance of your trip date.

There are links to the various national train websites where you can price individual tickets and a ton of information on railpasses here:

The drop off fees for a rental car will be very high when you’re starting in one country and ending in another.

Chris asks…

Planning a two week trip to Italy and Greece?

So my best friend and I are planning a two week to Italy and Greece. Neither of us have been there before, so we’re not quite sure what we want to see. He’s a photographer and is hoping to get some great shots of ruins and scenery, and I’m an actress so therefore looking forward to seeing some great theatre in both countries. There’s so much we want to do, and we may extend our trip if we need to to see everything we want to see, but I was hoping we could get some advice on the best things to do.

We’re thinking 9 or 10 days in Italy and 4 or 5 in Greece (maybe a couple more). We want to try to be as authentic as possible in where we stay and eat, but also don’t have a completely expendable budget (though we will postpone our trip to earn as much money as we need! :D)

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions? If you’ve done a similar trip, please go ahead and tell me where you went and how long you stayed in each place. Thank you so much! I’m so excited about this!
Can people please stop talking about riots and things? That’s not why I posted this question. And the trip is about two years away. We’re planning way ahead. Thanks.

Yaz answers:

For your visit in Italy, I would visit Rome and Florence for a few days each, and then from there take a train to either Venice or the Cinque Terre-

If you have more time, you could also visit Milan or the Amalfi Coast. Wherever you go, just look for decent hotels in the center of the city. is helpful, and you can also check the Lonely Planet or DK Eyewitness Travel Guides for hotels. Don’t forget to ask the hotel owner or manager for good places to eat. They will help you. But a rule of thumb when you’re out is to look for places without English translations… They will be more authentic.

I don’t know as much about Greece, but I know there are some 4 or 5 day cruises that just hit the islands, which are gorgeous. I loved my time there.

Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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Planning A Trip to Greece and Italy Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Planning A Trip to Greece and Italy Singles Holidays Over 50s

Planning A Trip to Greece and Italy Singles Holidays Over 50s