Your Questions About Ireland Vacations Packages

Mary asks…

What is the best financial way to travel to Ireland?

I need to find some packages or certain websites that have deals for Ireland vacations. I would really love to take a trip but I don’t know where to begin. HELP!

Yaz answers:

For flights the best site to go through is It is the best for looking up flights for Ireland, you will find cheaper than from travelocity, priceline, expedia etc.

Most package deals you will find will to packages in Ireland including tours & accomadation even some meals. Go to the Irish tourist board website, great place to start & get a feel for what is on offer.

Lisa asks…

Are there still vacation Packages that include bus and train fare and rooms in the England Ireland and Scotlan

I wiould like to go on a fact finding vactions. I am rearching my ancestors and would love to see thier homeland. But money is tight so any help with bugeting a trip or information where I can go to plan a trip. This is a dream of mine any one help a middle aged dreamer

Yaz answers:

As far as I know — yes go to or just type in Ireland england tours and different sites will pop with what your looking for.

John asks…

Questions about traveling/vacationing in Ireland?

My husband and I have decided we are going to vacation in Ireland. Are there places you recommend we see/visit? Where are some good places to stay? Did you buy a vacation package or tour the country on your own? Any other advice you can give? Thanks!
Also, what type of currency is used, and how would I go about getting my american $ exchanged?
And, what is the best time of year to visit, and so that not so many tourists are present?

Yaz answers:

Ireland is in the Eurozone, so you use Euros in the Republic, but Northern Ireland is still officially part of the UK, so you use sterling there. Order some Euros from your bank before you go, and let your bank know you’re going and ask them about using your ATM card on the machines over here – it’s the safest way to access your money, rather than carrying around wads of cash, and certainly cheaper than going the traveller’s cheque route. You can also use Visa and Mastercard here, but many places don’t accept American Express or Diner’s Club anymore, as they are too slow process.

High season in Ireland tends to be July and August, it’s not usually very warm then (compared to mainland Europe) and you should be aware that the past two summers were cold and wet, so bring layers, a good rain jacket, and waterproof shoes. There’s no guarantee that this year will be any different, but you never know.

Where to stay? Well, it’s all good. I personally prefer the west, but there are some great places in other areas too. If you are going to hire a car, I strongly recommend picking a region and staying there and taking day trips within that region, rather than haring around the country trying to see all the sights and getting the photos to show off back home – all you’d see in the inside of your car and traffic. If you live in a city, choose a small town or a village in Ireland, and instead of staying in one of the big impersonal hotels, try a family-run Bed & Breakfast (you’ll find loads through the Irish Tourist Board website or through Local people are very helpful and can give good directions, and also point you in the direction of places that might be off the official tourist board radar.

Two more things about driving in Ireland: petrol (what you call gas) is now just over €1 per litre (multiply that by 7.5 and you get the price for a gallon) and you will need to factor this into your budget for getting around, but it is very convenient to have your own car in a country where the public transport facilities leave a lot to be desired. Diesel is slightly cheaper, just under a Euro per litre. Also, driving times in Ireland are not going to be the same as in the US. In Ireland, it is physically impossible to drive 100 miles in 100 minutes, the roads are simply not built for it. We do not have an infrastructure for large volumes of high-speed traffic. I live just south of Limerick city, and have to allow 2.5 hours at least to get to Dublin if I’m driving there, and it’s only 130 miles. Much much easier for me to take the train!

If this is your first visit, I would suggest that you join a coach tour, safer and easier for you, as here we drive on the left and the steering wheel is on the right-hand side of the car. Google ‘touring Ireland’ and see what you come up with, or contact the Irish Tourist Board, or try for more information. Have a great trip!

Ken asks…

Need advice for planning trip to Ireland?

I would eventually like to send my Father and Mother to Ireland for a week or 2 as a vaction/ life goal my Dad has always had. I was wondering how 2 Americans could get a nice vacation package somewhere, with taxis/means to get around and even tourist groups to tag along with. They are both in there Early 50’s and just wondered if any Americans have booked a nice vaction in Ireland and if so where so i could brush up on some reasearch. Thanks so much ( I live in Philly, so a Flight would be from the Philadelphia International Airport)

Yaz answers:

I just got back from ireland in june. The best thing is to contact a travel agent and see what deals they have and compare those you find online. Alot of the time an agent will give you the same price. We got a great deal it was called the town and country package. It was 3 nights at a 5 star hotel in dublin, 4 days B&B tour and 3 nights at ashford castle. The castle was amazing. Luxery for us girls and history for the men. It also included 4 massages, two limo rides two activites to do at the castle(falconery, horseback riding, fishing, harbor cruise, bike or walking trails so many) and a pic-nic. All for $3200. Go to they have some good deals on there. And i would HIGHLY suggest that they do an individule tour, not group. Because if you by yourself you can stop when ever you like, take your time, stay extra if you like a place and if u go with a group your stuck with them. And driving in ireland is a piece of cake except in dublin i would just take the buses. But they will have a wonderful time there, its beautiful.

Laura asks…

How to take a vacation in Kerry, Ireland?

I want to go for two weeks or so with my mom this summer. Travelocity and other travel websites only have packages to Dublin airport. I live in the United States and I’m just wondering how I would go about getting to Kerry from here.

Yaz answers:

Hire a car would be my advice, the public transport network in Kerry is quite limited, you would be stuck really without a car to get around

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Ireland Vacations Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Ireland Vacations Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Ireland Vacations Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s