Your Questions About Hong Kong Vacation Packages

Linda asks…

how long will it take my package to get from hong kong to oregon?

I ordered a vest and I am currently on a month vacation in Pendlton Oregon, my vest ships from Hong Kong so how long will it ake to arrive in Oregon From Hong Kong

Yaz answers:

Maybe 2 weeks… If it is shipping from EMS…

Susan asks…

Traveling to Hong Kong?

If i am traveling to Hong Kong what is the best and cheapest way? A vacation package with the plane fare and hotel fare togeother or just a plane ticket then find a room when i get there?

Yaz answers:

Go to they are having some Asian Vacation deals right now that are an extremely good deal

George asks…

Which of the following two vacation PACKAGES, A or B, is better? Answer by choosing A or B, and pls explain.?

A) Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong


B) Chiang Mai, Phuket, Bangkok?

My wife loves the cities and sightseeing and I love the beach and enjoy sightseeing

Yaz answers:

Go for A.

Reason is simple. You and your wife will enjoy.

Nancy asks…

Visiting Hong kong?

I am planning to visit HK in Febuary2008 and I need a step by step guide of things to do or get prepared for to visit there. Like when do i try to get a passport or visa. Is a vacation package the easiest way? I am planning to stay only 7 days.

Yaz answers:

Wow im goin to hong kong in jan

Richard asks…

Vacation package?

what is the best website to find the best vacation package with hotel and flight togeother to Hong Kong?

Yaz answers:

I would recommend booking hotel and flight separate.
You will save money this way.
Go to this site
We use this for all of our travel
Great deals and prices
Have fun

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