Your Questions About Hong Kong Travel Deals

Charles asks…

Anyone know of good travel deals from Cebu to Hong Kong?

Yaz answers:

Yeah Jd I just discovered a crowd called Viva Macau Airlines who fly Aussies to Hong Kong on behalf of Packers new Casino in Macau. Dirt cheap. They apparently fly Macau/Cebu/return.
OK-Macau is half an hour on a ferry to HK but check them out as thier rates are ridiculously cheap.
Worth a look anyway.

Betty asks…

How long does it normally take a small package to travel from Hong Kong to Pittsburgh, PA via HKPost & USPS?

I ordered a package from Deal Extreme (an electronics discounter), and it says it left Hong Kong on 9/4/09, but has no details on how long it will take to get to Pittsburgh. It’s registered mail that will travel via the USPS when it gets here to the states, apparently.

Yaz answers:

No way to tell. I ordered a cell phone cover from china and it got to utah in 4 days. I couldn’t believe it. But another package took about 3 weeks. I would think that would be more like the norm. It’s only been a week, so give another week at least, then maybe email them and ask if they have a tracking number of some kind. Just to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them. Hope you paid with a credit card so maybe you can get your money back if things go wrong. Good luck.

Lisa asks…

When are the cheapest airfares available to travel to Hong Kong?

What time of the year I can find the best offers from airlines and which airlines offer the best deals?

Yaz answers:

The BEST time is in Winter season. And I mean winter in the Northern Hemisphere (i.e. Europe and North America). Tickets are a lot cheaper for all airlines during this time of season as less people travel on holiday during winter. So you will end up paying about half what you would pay in Summer.

The best days to book your flights are Tuesday-Thursday as most people tend to travel on Friday and Sunday so tickets can be marginally more expensive then, as well as on Saturdays and Mondays which are more expensive then Tues-Thursday, BUT not as much as Friday and Sunday.

Also, try getting a ticket that has you flight originating early in the morning as these tickets tend to be undersubscribed since most people do not want to get to the airport at 5am to catch a flight (since you have to be there 2 hours before your departure time), so you could save as much as $100 from doing that.

Remember, tickets get MORE expensive as the plane becomes more booked. So theoretically if you buy a ticket when the plane is 5% booked, it will be cheaper than if it was 95% booked by as much as 50-70%. So you should book WELL in advance, BUT not too far in advance. A good ball park figure is at least a month in advance. This is because most airlines may announce specials about 1-2 months before for the time you want to fly.

It also helps to join a miles program for major Airlines like British Airways, United Airlines, Virgin Airlines… Etc. Because they will mail you these specials and you can take advantage of them before the tickets are all taken up.

Well if you are in the USA try and

You can also try Yahoo travel and signup for fare watcher (free service) and it tells you when tickets fall to a certain price and Yahoo will send you an email telling you that the price for a certain trip is now at you desired price. I have used this a few times and it works very very well.

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know of good travel packages to China and Hong Kong departing from Sydney?

I’m planning on going in November, Sydney to Hong kong and then Beijing and back to Sydney. Does anyone know if someone offers affordable decent packages with accomodation included ? which airlines do you recomend that are not too expensive, deals?

Yaz answers:

Try yahoo travel, they got good deals


Carol asks…

Anyone in Bundang or Seoul know how to find good travel deals to discover countries outside and around Korea?

I am looking for a travel agency or travel agent or last minute deal place that will help me with some budget travel to Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Vietnam or Hong Kong. I would like to make some plans over the next year to travel to a few places in and outside of Korea. Oh, and if the agencies speak English, that would be even better!

Yaz answers:

The cheapest place i know is soho travel in Hongdae (hongik univ. ) you can call jay at 02-322-1713. Tell him Lance told you about him and he will get you the best deals. He is nice, speaks enlgish well and will ensure you have a great time.

I ahve used him before and referenced many people to him. He will do you right!

Many people like unique travel but i have never had a good experience with them. They canceled my flight twice and never told me!

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