Your Questions About Hong Kong Travel Deals

Mary asks…

Anyone can recommend a good travel agent in Hong Kong?

To travel to China, Philippines, Vietnam, USA, Russia, etc.?
Ideally the one who gives a really good deal on trip, reliable, speaks English.

Yaz answers:

Modern Wing

Charles asks…

Travel to Hong Kong this June?

Hello, I am really hoping you could help me. My husband and I wanted to go to Hong Kong this June and we wanted the best deal for money and time. I checked Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. PAL obviously is more expensive than Cebu Pacific. I also check the Fun Tours of Cebu Pacific where they offer plane and lodging accommodations. The cheapest is Php23,000 for the plane to and from and then 3 nights at a 2-star hotel. I chose the more expensive package for a more relaxed flight schedule and a 3-star hotel accommodation in Dorsett Far East. We will make our own itinerary since we are planning to explore, although I have been there before.

Please help me decide. I am not sure if I will go this route (which we will do all the planning ) or just go to a travel agency. Please give me pointers.

Yaz answers:

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, and if you are in Philippines, you should look look for discount air tickets flying out of Manila. I’ve flown Air Asia many times ( and have been very happy with them. There’s also Tiger Air (, which I know flies between Manila and Macau for about $25 US (don’t remember the price in Php). After you are in Macau, you can catch a ferry to Hong Kong,

In terms of “relaxed flight,” I don’t know why you are concerned with this since it’s nonstop and it’s not a long flight.

If you want to stay in Macau for one night and see things there, check out Pousada de Mong Ha. ( for a review see ).

Do bear in mind that the Ferry between Macau and HK does cost some money, but it’s comparable to the airport express MTR if you arrive at the airport in HKG, but just remember to figure in the transportation costs to either airport when you compare prices.

I’ve never heard of Dorsett Far East hotel. Have you looked at any reviews for it on , and also where is it located? In my opinion, a key issue in Hong Kong is proximity to public transportation. Try to find something that says it’s very close to the MTR, because then you will have no trouble getting anywhere you want. I think hotels in Causeway Bay or Mong Kok tend to be a fairly good value. Also, cleanliness can be an issue at the two star level, so look at the web sites that have hotel reviews and read the comments closely!

Of COURSE you can make these arrangements yourself! It takes just a bit of courage, but it gives you a lot more control. Look for hotel reviews on ALSO you can book online through the Hong Kong based internet travel agency Zuji: . The Zuji site is excellent, easy to book through them, and they have reviews of each hotel. I also think their “deals” (listed with stars as best value ) are indeed pretty good deals. For a bit lower level of accomodation you can look on

In June, it will be really hot in HKG! You might enjoy trying to stay someplace with AC and a pool.

Have fun!

Linda asks…

What is the best frequent miles program for a family of four to Hong Kong?

Hi I am planning with my family of four to go to Hong Kong and all over Asia. When we are in Hong Kong we plan to travel to many Asian countries. We don’t have a lot of money but what to stretch every dollar to go the Chinese Olympics and then Hong Kong for one year for school. I don’t know the pros and cons of the “United Airlines Mileage Plus” credit card program Vs. or another WorldPoints programs. I am looking for the cheapest deal. thankyou ahead of time. :)

Yaz answers:

I’d say use asia miles as it caters to countries in asia. Also because Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong which carries a lot of flight from Hong Kong to other asian countries including mainland China.

Joseph asks…

I will be traveling to Manila and Hong Kong, which place can I find the best deal on a digital camera?

Is there a special area of Hong Kong that sells them for cheap, or is that just a fable about the lowe prices?

Yaz answers:

Stay away from those small camera shops. They only target on tourist and mostly they run by the same owners and the salesmen there will sell you something you don’t even want.

Hong Kong locals always buy their camera from department stores, or Fortress, Broadway.

Fortress and Broadway are like Best Buy’s/Circuit City in states. Remember ask for some freebies. They usually don’t mind giving out some.

Department Stores:
Harbor City
Time Square



Ruth asks…

11 days in Singapore & Hong Kong. How many days in each ones?

I got a good deal to fly to Hong Kong & Singapore in the same travel. I am mainly looking to feel something different from all U.S.A. & Canada as I visited them very much. I love the nature, swimming in the ocean, not too much the museums, the restaurants, shoppings. Travelling in November. How many days out of 11 should I spend in both destinations? Why?

Yaz answers:

11 hk
0 sg

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