Your Questions About Hong Kong City Tourism

Betty asks…

4 Questions between Shanghai and Hong Kong rivaly as China’s best city?

I won’t answer this question because I will be biased. I am from Shanghai, so I will let you guys answer this.

1. Which city is more beautiful naturally?
2. Which is the true economic hub of China in your opinion?
3. Which will have a greater global influence in trade, tourism, and export.
4. Which has a better skyline?

Yaz answers:

Hong Kong and Singapore are considered the financial economic hubs in Asia. Hong Kong belongs to China.

Hong Kong and Shanghai are both the same really. Shanghai is one of the most modern cities in China and so is Hong Kong.

Better skylines? Well Shanghai will win this one considering they have built one of the most modern and highest skyscrapers and skylines.

Hong Kong probably has more global influence, trade and tourism and most of their imports/exports go to China.

They each have their own pros and cons, but naturally, Hong Kong and Shanghai are both the financial centre hubs or China, although Hong Kong handles it’s own finances.

Carol asks…

(urgen!!I will give many points if you answer.)How can I improve my composition?

My teacher ask me to write about an article about Hong Kong(a city in Asia, I have to find some information online!! It spend me lots of time!!!)

Here is the requirement:
“Being an international financial centre, Hong Kong should focus on progress (such as building new roads, big shopping malls and commercial buildings) rather than preservation (keeping old buildings)”. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper giving your opinions.
Start your letter with “Dear Editor”. Sign “Chris Lee”. Do not write any address.

Here is my article:

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my attitude towards the controversy over the statement—-should Hong Kong focus on progress rather than preservation as Hong Kong is an international financial centre. From my point of view, I am entirely in favour of preservation.
First and foremost, old buildings reflect Hong Kong’s individual culture. Dotted with all kinds of boutiques operated by different countries’ businessmen, many people say Hong Kong has lost her individual culture—just copying other countries’ cultures. Why do they say that? Is it factual? Of course not. Hong Kong has a long history and owns thousands of cultural heritages, brimming with innumerable precious stories; however, majority of us has not noticed this. Archaic temples, markets and accommodations, which are the precious heritages of Hong Kong, have shown the prestigious culture of Hong Kong. Who can disclaim them? However, if we don’t treasure them, just focus on constructing new roads, building big shopping malls and developing commercial buildings, our precious heritages will be damaged and distinct in our city. For example, Old Wan Chai Market has been demolished because government wants to develop that region into other commercial purpose. Needless to say, Wan Chai will become more developed and attract more people to invest in Hong Kong; nevertheless, our treasure market will never come back. When I was in kindergarten, my mother always took me to that market to buy some food so I was impressed of it. Now I can’t see any thing in the same position, so I feel a little depression. We can see our Old Wan Chai Market in the photographs, but it is really extinct in our city. Our precious heritages are vulnerable, so we need to endeavour for preservation of them instead of annihilating them.
Secondly, old buildings, which can stimulate Hong Kong’s economics, can attract more tourists to visit Hong Kong. Tourism which is the main part of Hong Kong’s departments has contributed billions of dollars to our city and consolidated our international financial centre position in the world. If we annihilate the preservation region in order to let us build more International Financial Centres (IFCs) to boost our economics, will it really work? This method of soaring Hong Kong’s growth is rather foolish. We just like the man who wanted to get the golden eggs from the hen, using a knife to kill the hen; finally, we could get nothing, even the hen. We can’t just focus on the present profit and abandon fundamental thing, otherwise, we can’t sustain for a long time. So we should also focus on the long-term effect.
Last but not least, old buildings can remind us not to forget the history of Hong Kong’ spirit—-never give up. Hong Kong was a little fishing village in the past, but through hard working many Hong Kong’ generations, Hong Kong has transformed into an international financial centre. Old buildings can tell us the hash life in the past so it can remind ourselves not to give up even we are in recent trouble—-financial crisis.
In conclusion, preservation is more important than progress. As many people ignore the importance of preservation, we need to raise public awareness of preservation. Sustainable development is crucial for us so Hong Kong needs our efforts.
Thank you for reading my letter.
Yours Sincerely,
Chris Lee

Yaz answers:

Try making the first paragraph stronger. Grab the readers attention by using strong words that clearly indicate exactly which side of the argument you’re on. Keep your opening sentences short and to the point. Imagine you’re so angry you just have to write this letter and tell the world you feelings.

The rest of it is good.

William asks…

What other places do you recommend? I’ll visit Beijing, Jinin, Xi’an, Luoyang, Canton, Shanghai and Hong Kong.?

I’ll travel to China in about one year with my Kung Fu school. We’ll be doing tourism and training in some cities and also visit the Shaolin Temple from Luoyang.

What else should I visit? Not Tibet because it is just too far.


Yaz answers:

Guilin is beautiful and well worth considering as a place to visit!


Sharon asks…

Should the Israeli government purchase a tropical island?

There are approximately 45,000 tropical islands on Earth. Among coral tropic islands for example are Maldives, Tonga, Nauru and Polynesia. Granite islands include Seychelles and Tioman. The socio-economic diversity of these regions ranges from the Stone Age societies in the interior of Madagascar, Borneo or Papua New Guinea to the high-tech lifestyles of the city-islands of Singapore and Hong Kong. The international tourism is a significant factor in the local economy of Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Réunion or Hawaii.

Yaz answers:

Galactic emperor,
Very good question, I hope so but I don’t wish it to the tropical Island’s population, because they will live Apartheid and segregation.
I think they should stay where they are until the world get rid of Zi0nism.

Lizzie asks…

history help pleeaaassseee!!!!!!!?

Define urbanization.

A. a process in which a decreasing number of a population lives in cities and suburbs of cities
B. a process in which an increasing number of a population moves from cities to rural areas
C. a process in which an increasing number of a population commutes back and forth from rural areas where they live, to urban areas where they work
D. a process in which an increasing number of a population lives in cities and suburbs of cities

In which nation do the Basques live?

A. Spain
B. Ireland
C. Afghanistan
D. India

Chinese leaders have been able to do all of the following since the death of Mao Zedong EXCEPT

A. open China to capital investments and the global economy.
B. reestablish a democratic government.
C. raise levels of education.
D. improve health care and working conditions.

In which decade was India MOST economically successful?

A. 1990s
B. 1970s
C. 1960s
D. 1950s

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, Japan shifted its industry from steel, chemicals, and machinery to

A. agricultural production.
B. textiles and rubber.
C. entertainment and tourism.
D. high technology.

_________ help(s) regulate the earth’s temperature and the depletion of the ozone.

A. The atmosphere
B. Acid rain
C. Greenhouse gases
D. Carbon dioxide

Which of the following can be described as a free-market city?

A. Hong Kong
B. Tianjin
C. Wuhan
D. Guangzhou

Present-day food shortages are blamed on all of the following EXCEPT

A. high prices for seeds, fertilizers, and irrigation, which has limited the productivity of farmers in poor countries.
B. poorer countries that do not have the infrastructure in place to maintain food resources, meaning that raw materials often rot before they are consumed.
C. climate changes brought on by global warming, which have contributed to a reduction in food production.
D. the growing global population, which has put an extra strain on the available resources.

Complete the timeline of Irish history in the twentieth century.
In the early 1900s, persistent calls for self-determination in Ireland led to a series of ____1____.In 1916, a rebellion known as the ____2____, led by Irish nationalists, seized key locations in Ireland and proclaimed the island independent.From 1919 to 1921, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) fought a guerrilla war against British rule.In 1921, Ireland was broken into an independent republic and a subdivision of Great Britain. In 1994, there was a cease-fire announcement from the IRA.Beginning in the 1960s, a period of terrorism erupted that became known as ____3____.In 1998, after continual breakdowns in peace talks, all parties signed the ____4____.
A. 1: Home Rule Acts 2: Easter Rising 3: the Troubles 4: Good Friday Agreement
B. 1: Easter Rising Acts 2: the Troubles 3: the Irish guerrilla war 4: Home Rule Acts
C. 1: Good Friday Agreement 2: Irish guerrilla war 3: the Easter Rising 4: Easter Rising Acts
D. 1: Home Rule Acts 2: Good Friday Rebellion 3: the Irish guerrilla war 4: Easter Rising Acts

Which prime minister of India came to power in 1966 and faced an increase in unemployment, a food crisis, economic regression, political conflicts with the United States, and conflict with Pakistan?

A. Indira Gandhi
B. Jawaharlal Nehru
C. Rajiv Gandhi
D. Gulzarilal Nanda

Yaz answers:

1) D
2) A
3) B
4) C
7) {guess} C
8) A
9) A
10) {guess} C

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