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Ken asks…

Hong Kong bus tour about 4-6 hours long, like to see an overview of the city. Is there a chap hotel located?

in the middle of the action? hopefull a clean and cheap hotel that is central to most of the toursist type area.

Yaz answers:

I would advice against those tours, they are a waste of time.

6 hours on a bus is enough to get you around the whole of hong kong 3 times. Get a hotel either at causwaybay, tsim tsa tsui or mong kok. From any of those locations, the rest of hong kong is about 30 minutes away.

Our public transport system is one of the most efficient in the world, you can take a train or bus to almost any point. Also, it is one of the most tourist friendly. Just get yourself a map figure out which tourist locations you want to hit and plan your route.

Check out the hong kong tourism association website, just do a search because i forgot the link to the site…

John asks…

Need Details about Transit tour in Hong Kong?

Hi Pals,

I have more than 10 hours to get my connecting flight in Hong kong on Jan 19th Monday. I would like to know about the Transit tour (5 hours tour to some important sight seeing in HKG including star ferry ride). Can someone provide some usefull information about this transit tour? If So I can move further to book my tour through online….

***** Is Hong kong a safe city for other country people? I am an Indian.*********

Thanks in Advance.

Yaz answers:

As you said you have only 10 hours window for your connecting flight. If you wish to tour the city make sure you consider the travel distance between the airport and say Hong Kong island which is about 1 hour. Also the 2 hours before rule for document processing and security check prior to the time the plane leaves which gives you about 6 hours free time. Roughly you have about say 4-5 hours worth of effective time excluding rides and walks you have to make within the city.

This is pretty short, and you have just enough time to visit 1-2 locations. If you plan to shop go to Causeway Bay. For site seeing, go to Wan Chai and cross the harbor to Kowloon from there you would see the scenery of Hong Kong City Scape. If you plan to go to Disneyland it is much nearer to the airport since it is located on the same island you will have more time to spend there.

You can stay in Hong Kong for 14 days without visa, so since you will be spending few hours there won’t be a problem. Hong Kong if very safe no problem, just stay away from buying electronics and camera in stores that are not certified by Hong Kong Tourism Board, you will know if the store is certified because there will be stickers on the storefront. Don’t forget to get a free map and guides near the luggage carousel area, they are very helpful especially for first time travelers.

Mary asks…

how much does hiring a tour guide for a day cost in hong kong?

we are going to hongkong for christmas vacation for 7 days, i think we just need a day of city tour or some kind of orientation.

Yaz answers:

You can purchase a commercial bus tour with guide but as the public transport system is so good and so cheap organise your trips from a map. Purchase an Octopus Card which can be used on all buses, trains and ferries. Go to tour Hong Kong Island and the peak, Walk the streets of Kowloon. Go out to Shatin and get the bus to Sai kung and have a ferry ride.. Ferry to Lantau. Sun Day morning Yum Cha at the Guildhall restuarant. Cable car ride. Disney land.Get a China visa and the train to go over the border

Donna asks…

how to plan a 1 week tour to hong kong??

hy guys….m goin to on a week’s trip to honk kong in july with my mom dad and younger sister….. can any1 here help me plan the tour?? the must see places in my list are night market,ladies market and the peak……. what can i possibly add to this and when shal i go where?? i hv already booked one day for half day city tour and one day for disneyland. i’ll b reaching thr on 7th july morning and leavin on 14th evening.

Yaz answers:

Nite market + ladies market can be in 1 day as they r close to @ other. Nite market is located in Yaumatei / n ladies market in Mongkok. So if u r taking the tube, it’s just 1 station away n cost @ of u aro US$0.50 for a tube’s tix. If u hv 4 pax, u can even grab a taxi cos taxi is cheap in HK 2. Fr Mongkok –> Yaumatei wil be just abt US$3 on taxi. Here’s the website of both markets n temple street opened after 6pm so daytime u can be in the ladies street 1st. But beware of pickpockets there ok? Always w/ ur backpac in front of u.

n 1 day…..u can go to Tung Chung area which the tube can take u to again. Just headed to the Tung Chung Station n u wil find the ONLY outlets mall in HK. It’s nearby the HK airport actually. So quite far away. But takinga tube……no worry! Convenience & clean! The mall including all sort of brands & in big discount year-round. Http://

on the same day u going to the outlets, u can also visit our giant buddha cos they r in the same location almost. U can easily access there via a cable car fr the Citygate Outlets Mall.

n i afternoon u may go to the Stanley Market. A must-see place also 4 the tourists. A lot seaview restaurant in many price range + a shopping aisle 4 the shoppers. U can take a v comfy bus specially 4 the Stanley Market fr the Central Bus Terminal. On the way, enjoy the beautiful scene of our beaches. Worth to go there 4 sure. Enjoy the bus’s trip also hv the scene.

James asks…

Shanghai or Hong Kong – which city is better to visit for a tourist?

I spent 11 days in Beijing last year, so I guess from a tourist perspective I have done Beijing fairly throughly, I would like to visit another city/area of China, and am stuck between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Obviously, I guess touring is another option, but I’ve never been a fan of flying around loads of different places in a short amount of time, I prefer to spend a decent amount of time in one place.

However, having said that, I was starting to get a bit bored of Beijing towards the end of the 11 days. It’s a nice city to visit, but after you’ve done the main attractions and got over the initial culture shock, I didn’t find it a terrribly exciting city. IMO, it’s a bit bland.

So, the question basically is, out of HK and Shanghai, which city/area do you feel you could most easily spend 7 to 10 days in without getting bored?


Yaz answers:

Hongkong is an exciting city while 7-10 days is a little bit long and you will get bored at the last days. A 5 days Hong kong tour is enough for you to view the best of the city.

I recommend Shanghai and nearby water towns Suzhou or Hangzhou, and the spectacular mountain Huangshan, which you can go there from Shanghai by overnight train.

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