Your Questions About Greek Island Hopping Tours

Charles asks…

EF College Break Greek Island Hop??

I am planning to go on the Greek Island hop next summer. I was wondering if anyone has gone on a EF College Break tour before and what they thought of it? More importantly, has anyone gone on the island hop tour before? any other suggestions would be helpful as well! Thanks!
thanks helicia! i’ll be sure to do that

Yaz answers:

Hey, my fan’s answer was deleted, so she just wanted me to pass this on to you in case you needed the info. Here it is
“Im going this August on that Greek Isles island hop! I can let you know about it when I come back. And ya, EF College Break is really great. I like them. If you use the discount code hesseln1188 you’ll save $50, if you haven’t booked yet. You can contact me, and i can stay in touch and tell you how my trip goes. My email is :)” I usually don’t do this type of thing, but i don’t see why it was deleted. Hope this helps.


Carol asks…

Fantasy Travel Agency in Greece?

My friends and I are thinking of using Fantasy Travel agency in Athens for an island hopping tour around the Greek islands. Has anyone used them before? Are they any good? Are they legit?

Yaz answers:

No I reccomend you to travel with an other agency…I work in a big agency in patras town…2 hours from athens.Try those travel agency’s

Heronia travel
Dream travel
Travel plan
Balakakis travel
Acadimos travel
Atlas travel( Which I prefer it)

Or if you want contact with us

Sandy asks…

My boyfriend is in Iraq and he’s getting 2 weeks leave. We fly anywhere in the world for FREE…but where???

My boyfriend and I are planning to take a trip. He has the opportunity to fly anywhere in the world free during his vacation leave. He’s currently serving his first tour in Iraq. I’m 22 and have never been anywhere besides California. I would love to visit the Greek Islands, Paris, Spain, Italy, Hawaii…

I really would love to visit Santorini and island hop but I’m afraid being somewhere hot and sometimes with no air conditioner (I read that some of the smaller islands don’t have them in their hotels) would remind him of the sandbox…I just want to pick somewhere we could both go to relax and see some things we’ve never seen. Somewhere memorable and beautiful…


Yaz answers:

Italy (Venice, Rome) with a romantic atmosphere would be good and it close to the Greece. Good luck!

James asks…

Staying Cheap in Greece?

Okay so I’m planning to go island hopping Greece sometime this July (2009)
Im hoping to stay for a month but I’m not sure how much it will cost to eat, drink, sleep, and sightsee there.

Could anyone tell me the price of beer, food, accomodations, nightclub entry, ferries, etc.?

And could you also tell me where the best parties are and places to definitley go while I’m there?

Also I will not be with a tour as I am just going to plan it out with a bunch of friends. I also don’t mind camping, but I want to eat the delicious Greek food and wine, not fast food.


Yaz answers:

Drinks are about 7 Euro and to get into a club is around the same
you should definitlyy go to some beach parties when ur there
When going out to eat go to the tavern by the beach they have traditional and very fresh food.

Betty asks…

Greece trip? :)????????

I’m going on a trip with a lot of americans for 2 weeks… then alone…

do many greeks know english….. or Serbian by any chance???
(in athens and on the islands)

and… how safe is it for a girl who’s 19 to travel alone through Greece??

if anyone’s been to Athens or Patras or Argolida….. what is there to do there…..
do you know any good clubs…. or restaurants….( and what kind of music do they listen to there…… is it folk-ish…. and Greek…. or western stuff…like hip hop….)

Any answers or tips would be an EnoumouS help


also… do you suggest any cities….. … i’m already going to Athens, Delphy, Patras, Olympia, Argolida, Epidaurus, Mycanae, Cape Sounion, Mykonos, Rhodes, and Patmos
what is there to do in any of these..other then the history tours…? any suggestions?

also…. is going to Meteora worth it…. because it’s not really on the way to anything…. but it looks really beautiful…

sorry for all the questions…….

Yaz answers:

Yes, many Greeks know English and it can be said that it is a second language in a way, just you have to bear with the great accent (cough) we have. Serbian no, there are very few people that know some Serbian, and that through interaction with Serbs.

As for how safe it is for a 19 year old woman to travel alone, hmm i don’t know, it is and it isn’t, it ‘s upon anyones luck i guess. It would certainly be better to avoid places without a lot of people, especially in the middle of the night on your own (or even worse get drunk on your own), and keep your hands firmly at your purse in Athens. Just take some precautions and don’t be careless, it is not THAT safe. Apart from Greeks, there are many illegal immigrants here that can cause you trouble.

As for Meteora, yes it is worth it. They are absolutely beautiful, and the one time i went there, i couldn’t stop taking photos.

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Greek Island Hopping Tours Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Greek Island Hopping Tours Singles Holidays Over 50s

Greek Island Hopping Tours Singles Holidays Over 50s