Your Questions About Greece Holiday Packages

Charles asks…

Are there any Holiday operators that do holiday packages to Chios in Greece.Travelling from England?

Would like to go there for a 14 day holiday

Yaz answers:

Google it.

Linda asks…

holiday 2010 ? Greece?

Me and two of my friends are planning on going to greece next year. We’ll be 17 and one of us will be 16.

we want a accomadation close to the beach.

i cant find any holiday packages that cost at least 200pp

i also want to know when would be the best time to go?
When could i get the lowest prices when booking?
Whats the age for purchasing and drinking alcohol?
where a good place to go (relaxing, drinking)? i heard Corfu?
whens the hottest time of year? and how hot is it in january, february time?
how much spending money will be needed?

Yaz answers:

Corfu would be a good choice for a memorable holiday. It is a very nice island with excellent landscape, interesting sights and nice beaches.

The best time to go to Corfu would be around July.

The hottest time of year would be August.

No problem in buying alcohol at the age of 17.

Money is always relevant. But my opinion is that Corfu is a good option for both low and high budget holidays.

More information on the link:

Maria asks…

Are there any holiday companies in the U.K. that do package holidays to CHIOS Greece, flying from England?

I want to go for 14days

Yaz answers:

Chios, although a very beautiful island is not what you would call a prefered destination for Brits. There should be surely some packages but those you will have to look up on your side.

Some companies are mentioned on the link below.

Ruth asks…

Good companies for package holidays from London Gatwick to Greece?

I want to go from London Gatwick airport to Greece (Sun Beach Resort Hotel in Rhodes) and was wondering who I should book the package holiday with?

Yaz answers:
I have used them 3 times now and have never had trouble.
Also check out your resort/hotel at

Mark asks…

Can I go to Greece at 17?

Myself and a friend are both 17 and are planning on booking a package holiday to Greece, Kos with Thomson. With parental consent, would this be acceptable?
I’m from the UK, not the US.

Yaz answers:

Showing a passport at a hotel desk is a must in Greece. If you will have parental consent it will be much easier and if your hotel is already paid through your booking in UK, there will be no problem.
However, before booking, clarify the situation with your travel agent. They will be the most appropriate people to inform you of the whole matter.

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Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s