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Joseph asks…

Gettin Some Sun- Where do i go on holiday?

i want to go away with my friend after my GCSE’s but we dont no were to go (no one will be 18 on the holidays with us) . we will be 16 and only a couple of places will let us go fly seeing as we arnt 18. do you no a air line-or whole holiday package where we would be able to fly at 16. could you also recommend holiday places, It has to be really cheap but not trampy. we was looking at spain and greece in falarki-somewhere with good clubs and lively?

Yaz answers:

Boracay island in the Philippines

James asks…

Help! holiday plans with friends and i don’t want to go?

Sorry its a bit of an essay but im really stuck as to what to do!

Myself and a group of five friends are planning a holiday next summer after our A level exams and one of my friends has insisted that we go to the resort ‘Faliraki’ in Rhodes which is notorious for its high rape reputation. We will all be 18 next year and they have booked us to go via a club 18-30 package holiday and having seen tv programmes on this know that the club reps encourage all night drinking and partying and I really don’t enjoy this type of thing. By all means I enjoy the occasional tipple and getting merry/tipsy is my maximum but my friends deliberately like to get ‘wasted’ and I can just tell that when we go, I will be the one having to look after them and whenever we do go out which is quite often, they often end up arguing and storming off and if this happens in Greece the consequences could be quite serious and I don’t want to feel responsible for anyone. I also don;t want to be sat by a pool nursing a hang over all day and there is a beach nearby with really good watersports facilities which would be good and there are markets and a castle nearby which I think,. seeing as we are going all the way over to Greece, we may as well go and see.

Another 2 friends have agreed to come, one who is on medication so cannot drink alcohol so I will have company but she is susceptable to having fits which could be risky. This will make the numbers up to 7 which I guess is a bit safer but my mum would prefer us to go in mixed company.

We have another group of realy good friends who are also planning on going away next summer to Kavos which is a bit safer but my friend who insists we go to Faliraki’s boyfriend is going and she doesnt want to go with him incase they break up which is quite understandable. There are girls in that group who are really sensible and don’t drink that much and I would feel safer with them but I think they have already made arrangements and my group of friends may be offended if I went with them instead. I suggested we went as one big group and a few agreed to this but it didn’t go ahead.

Another problem is that I’ll be away for my mums 50th birthday and my family were planning to travel across America for 3weeks-a month or so. We haven’t booked anything yet but mum said she wanted to go in early July which just so happens to be when I’m going away with my friends. She said after going with my friends I probably wouldnt want to come on holiday with my family again as it wouldnt be as fun but I’d love to go to America with them and would prefer to go to America rather than Faliraki. If we weren’t going to such an infamous place and were going to somehwere such as Barcelona or Kavos with my friends I wouldnt mind so much its just the stories I;ve heard about Faliraki which are the problem. Do I go, get a tan, meet some people and provided it all goes to plan and everyone enjoy themselves go on a partying holiday with my friends or do i go on a culture month long trip with my family and risk coming back to England with my friends boasting about how good it was? How do I tell them I don’t really want to go? I have to put in a £130 deposit in on friday! HELP!?!

thankyou very much!

Yaz answers:

Say that you are really sick you have bad poop and cant stop vomiting that you think you ate something bad and you will be visiting your doctor

Charles asks…

Drunken Brits face holiday crackdown, Isn’t it about time??

I am soooo pleased to read this – please let them follow through on their bid to clean up these once beautiful villages that have been destroyed for the sake of money!

These package holidays are being sold off at the cheapest possible prices in UK – encouraging the younger generations of lager louts to get to Greece and do what they do best but much more – the bars etc should be held resposible for drunken behaviour but the travel companies should be the ones who are held mostly responsible for these ‘young people’. Fines will soon stop the behaviour as well as a night in prison! Go home and do that kind of behaviour in your own backyard !
Do you think we are going to see a change or will the type of loutish, drunken behaviour still carry on for the sake of money???
more proof – something has to be done!

Yaz answers:

Unfortunately, young Brits act like idiots wherever they go when put within ten feet of alcohol and these measures if enforced should help the situation…if they’re enforced that is. If these measures have a negative effect on tourism there will be an outcry from tour operators and bar owners alike. The measures will start to become a little more lax and back to business as usual.

They don’t behave like this in their own backyard as they will be treated like they deserve and face punitive measures from authorities.

Lisa asks…

can you help me find where I am going on holiday? I have been given clues?

so my dad is taking my brother and I on a last minute package holiday next week. being my dad he rather likes mysteries, so he won’t tell me where we are going, but I have clues (in the order they were given):
1) I’ve had some guesses so it is definitely not Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Libya.
2) It is nowhere near Morocco.
3) it is 5 and a half hours flight from London.
4) it is 500m away from the beach and the same distance away from the town.
5) It is not in the EU.

please help! i’m so curious!!
oh that was another detail. he said that dubai is 7 hours flight away

Yaz answers:

This is an interesting question and I hope you will let us know the destination. It’s not Tunisia, as the flight time from Gatwick is 3 hours, and I believe you may be flying from there, as it’s a package holiday & you mention a flight from London in your question.
My guess is that you may be going to Sal or Boa Vista in the Cape Verde Islands. These islands are situated off the coast of North West Africa and the flight time is about 5hrs 40 minutes.
Flights to Boa Vista leave on Thursdays and to Sal on Mondays, with Thomson Airways, if that helps in the process of elimination.
Wherever you do go, have a great time.

Sandy asks…

Being a minor and flying without parents?

I’m leaving the UK to go to Greece tomorrow morning for an end of year holiday. Most of us are 17 in the group and i just found out that some of us have given Thomas Cook (package holiday with them) a permission letter from their parents saying they can leave the country… I haven’t, does this mean i could be forced to stay here? I was going to take a letter from my mum to the airport but would that be sufficient or would Thomas Cook have to have a copy?
Getting rahter worried… Thanks for any answers :)

Yaz answers:

Thomas Cook Airlines no longer permits the carriage of unaccompanied minors. Therefore any child under age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years old or over

there you go
enjoy your holiday :)

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Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s