Your Questions About Greece Holiday Packages

Sharon asks…

Group holiday – where are the discounts to be had?

Hiya ~ Can you help me?

Anybody able to link me to some sites/deals where you can get serious/good discounts on group holidays ~ like spain/greece/turkey in a party/club/good night life region? About 10+ going. Maybe a package holiday? (doesn’t have to include food in deal) I found normal packages for £200, but concidering we’re going as a big group, might there be an offer/deal to take advantage of??
Any info/links would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Yaz answers:

Hiya :)

If there’s 10 of you going, I know that thomas cook have some deals where one of you go free but it all depends on the hotel and the package. Sometimes it’s 1 free in 15 or 1 free in 10.

All depends, but just have a look at brouchures to find out what deals are out there. Or go see a travel agent…they’ll be able to let you know of any group discounts you can get.

Richard asks…

Cheapest package holiday destination this summer?

Im wondering if anyone’s got any tips as to where’s a cheep place to go on Holiday this year.

It would be in June (so not in the 6 weeks holls) and it has to be sunny.

Nowhere special, ive been to Spain and Greece before … i just want somewhere warm and cheep lol.

Ive been told that because of the Euro Spain etc work out expensive this year .. is Turkey cheep?

Any suggestions gratefully received,

Thanks in advance xxx

Yaz answers:

Rent a cabin and invite some friends for a camping fishing holliday bonfires-that would be the cheapest or go rent one somewhere that you can investigate crop circles or alien sitings or bigfoot with them. Plan to bring a cameras and stuff for the trip. It would be interesting and fun

Helen asks…

Cheap holidays in Rhodes Town, Greece?

k, so i’m looking for a really cheap holiday package for this summer to go to rhodes town in greece and i can’t find cheap holidays anywhere!! does anyone know where i can find holidays really cheap

i am looking for a holiday witch has:

2 adults and 1 child
departure around the 30th july
Any north west airport
Staying for a week
1 room

around £1000 (buying a house this year so thats why i have put the price dead low lol)

Thankyou for reading my question and the best answer will get 10 points!!!!!!!

P.S can you send me the links please!!!

Yaz answers:

I have answered your other question about Rhodes, try kosmar holidays, or Olympic holidays, both of these company’s do reasonably priced holidays to Rhodes town.

Michael asks…

Island hopping in Greece?!?

I don’t know if this counts as island hopping, but me and my boyfriend would like to do a week in Rhodes [been before, loved it] & 1 week at another greek island. We’re both quite young & have onlybeen on package holidays, so have absolutely no experience!
Just afew questions…
1. Which other Greece island should we visit? We love Rhodes as it wasn’t too big so we could see all what the island had to offer, it wasn’t expensive at all, the scenery and beaches were beautiful and there were tons to do. Plus it wasn’t overly touristy and there weren’t lots of children. Any suggestions? I’ve been told to look at Crete and Katholona(sp?)

2. Is Island hopping expensive? I’m a student & my boyfriend is an apprentice so we don’t have a lot of money.

3. How DO you island hop?! Would we fly or take a ferry, etc? Can these be pre-booked or is there a holiday company who does holiday packages which flies from does this kind of thing?
Any other information would be useful as well! thanks!

Yaz answers:

You could easily do that because most islands are interconnected. So once there you can get the ferry going on the next island.
Suggestion #1: Syros.Tenos, Mykonos. Departing from Rafina, or Piraeus.
Suggestion #2 : Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Kos. Departing from Piraeus.
The combinations are limitless, if time and money are not the problem.
One more closer to Athens is the visit of the islands of Egina, Poros, Idra, Spetses. Hydrofoils (dolphins) departing from Piraeus,Pasalimani.
Check the following to get more ideas.

George asks…

Buying Legal highs in uk and taking to greece?


i am going on holiday soon and i have bought some legal highs perfectly legal from a shop in london.. and i was considerin takin some with me too Greece.. obviously they are in packaging stil with all ingrediants on it etc.. soo its perfectly legal, would customs get funny if i had sum in my suitcase?



Yaz answers:

By all means chance your arm, but remember what is legal in one country may not be legal in another. As for the Greek customs, they take a very dim view on the importation of non-prescription drugs – usually followed by detention, a strip-search followed by court appearance and a holiday in Amfissa.

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Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s