Your Questions About Greece Holiday Packages

Linda asks…

Why Greece is not best for December Holiday?

Someone from yahoo answers have suggested me as greece not a good place for december holiday as its very quiet and lot of travel companies dont offer any packages either. Should i go there or not in december? I am bit confused..but i really want to go there in athens…

Yaz answers:

Greece is just fine for winter holidays, only it hasn’t been advertised as a winter destination. Yes, most islands will be deserted, but there are other places you can visit. You could visit a big city like Athens or Thessaloniki and spend your time just like you would if you visited any other european capital city or you could visit other popular winetr resorts, like Zagori in Epirus (picturesque villages, amazing local cuisine, hiking, rafting and kayak). Some of my favorite villages are Papigo, Aristi, Kapessovo and Vovoussa. There’s also Vikos Gorge and Valia Calda-a national park with protected wildlife.
Furthermore, you could visit Mount Pelion with its fantastic villages or some ski centre, like Vassilitsa, mount Voras (Kaimaktsalan), Seli, Arachova…
You could also visit Lake Plastiras or Lakes Prespes.
There are plenty more options…
You can do your own research, too.

Mandy asks…

does any one know turkey and Greece combo holidays?

hi …i live in Nottingham and im so much confused that where to go for holidays this summer…we are 2 adults and a 2 year old baby…we are looking to have a white sandy beach holidays for almost 2 weeks time and our budget is 1000 im looking for some company that offers turkey and Greece combo holidays package in 1000 pounds for even less than 2 weeks dosent matter…plz plz plz help me in finding the best beach holidays but should be white sand beach… thank you

Yaz answers:

Capitalize the name Turkey too just like you did for Greece twice and you got yourself a proper etiquette.


William asks…

getting married in greece?

any1 had a wedding in greece, as package holiday, if so can you please let me know where and who with if it was all good pls. tell me more, thanks

Yaz answers:

The first link has useful information about the marriage and the second a link for organizing one.

Joseph asks…

How to spend 10 days in Greece?

I’m trying to plan a last-minute 10 day holiday in Greece. First time visiting and I don’t get to visit Europe often. I’m torn between wanting to see as much as possible and not wanting to spend my holiday rushing around all the time. It seems the standard thing is to do Athens – Santorini – Mykonos – Athens, but this seems to skip a lot of major sites. Please offer some advice! Are there reliable agent offering ready-made packages (but don’t want to be guided all the time).

Yaz answers:

Greece is great at anytime of the year but in summer it’s just magical. I just came back from Sporades islands!
Athens – Archeological museum, Acropolis, Lykavittos hill, Monastiraki market, a walk down Glyfada beach.

Santorini- walks in magical city and beautifil sunsets.

Mykonos – partying and sunbathing.

Don’t miss: greek salad, fried zucchini, grilled octopus, freddo cappuccino coffee next to the sea, greek music and loads of frindly, lovely people you can meet there…


John asks…

what is the easiest way to book a last minute package holiday?

want to go to Greece or Turkey last minute for a weeks break at minimum cost

Yaz answers:

There are tons of sites with last minute deals:,, Travelzoo, Priceline, Hotwire ..etc, etc. Etc. Check link below to see a more comprehensive list of these sites

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Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s

Greece Holiday Packages Singles Holidays Over 50s