Your Questions About Flights To Taiwan

Lizzie asks…

What’s the best airline to take when going to Taiwan? I know Eva Air offers flights to Taiwan (probably the m?

I know Eva Air offers flights to Taiwan (probably the most popular and thus the most expensive), some others include China Air, and I’m not sure if Malaysia Air offers it.

I’m looking for the perfect combination of price and quality (much like Jetblue)

if anyone can help me, please let me know!

Yaz answers:

China Airlines and Eva have direct flights and probably are the least expensive to Taiwan from the US. Cathay Pacific flies there with a layover in Hong Kong and was just named the best airline in the world by Skytrax. Just about all Asian airlines fly to Taipei, almost all with a layover somewhere. I’ve flown Eva and China Airlines, both are good airlines with good service and decent food, but China Airlines doesn’t have personal in-flight entertainment on their 747’s, something that is important to me on a long haul flight. Cathay Pacific is better than either of them, but will take longer and proably cost more. Check out the the premium economy seats on Eva, too.

Sandy asks…

Do the flights from Taiwan to LAX fly over Japan?People on the plane can expose radiation?

Yaz answers:

Not over Japan, but along the Japan east coast. Since planes are well sealed, you won’t be exposed to any more radiation than you normally do when flying.

Joseph asks…

In Taiwan are flights to China in international terminals,and the flights from China to Taiwan in domestic?

Yaz answers:

It varies from airport to airport

Michael asks…

Flights from Taiwan to Sweden?

I live in Taipei and I need to go to Stockholm next June, I’m searching on line for flights but they are really expensive, does anyone know about any site or airline that offers reasonable priced tickets?
Or have you had a trip like this before, any suggestions? I really will appreciate your advise.

Yaz answers:

June is an expensive time to fly as it is the start of peak travel season. I suggest you see if there are any travel agents you can consult to get a price quote. You can also visit

Mark asks…

Scheldule of flights from Taiwan to Laoag (Ilacos norte Philippines)?

Yaz answers:

Go look on a computer

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