Your Questions About Flights To Taiwan From Us

Mary asks…

I will have a transfer stop in the US coming from Taiwan to Mexico City, I do not have a visa for the US?

Can someone that lives in the US go visit me to the airport while I wait for my next flight?

Yaz answers:

The USA suspended the Transit Without A Visa program after 9/11. Now, if you need a visa to visit the USA you need a visa to transit the USA.


Mandy asks…

How long can someone visiting the US from Taiwan expect to be able to stay?

My Girlfriend is coming to visit and we have made plans for her to stay with me for 6 months then she will return to Taiwan. She has her Visa and plane tickets with the return flight for just under 6 months after her arrival. She will have a receipt showing she has paid for vehicle use and lodging for the 6 months.Will immigration give her a problem with staying for the 6 months?
I was more concerned with whether or not immigration will have any problem with her visiting me for the 6 months if they know she is my girlfriend.

Yaz answers:

It depends on the immigration agent . One to six months is the norm, they take a number of things into account, honesty is number one priority, if they have any glimmer that some answer is untrue, your chances for six months is reduced.

Sandra asks…

An airplane flight from Manila, Philippines to T’aipei, Taiwan, and then on to Shanghai will take us in which



Yaz answers:

You are traveling north by north east to Taiwan and then south, by southwest to Shanghai.

William asks…

Can I bring a baby turtle on a plane from Taiwan to the US?

OK, I know there are a lot of other similar questions about this, I feel like I need to get better answers myself.
I got a baby yellow bellied slider turtle for my birthday here in Taiwan. I will be leaving Taiwan to go back home in California in January (about three months). I am probably going to take Malasian Airlines or China Airlines or Eva Airlines because they are the cheapest. I am wondering how to either legally or illegally bring it onto the plane or sneak it on.
If I am to sneak it on I was thinking I would hide him in my pants during the security check. Have a tupperware container in my carry on and a bottle of water and food for the turtle. Then once on the plane I will remove the turtle from my pants and put him in the tupperware container for the duration of the flight with the water and food. I doubt any passengers would care and I can be sneaky about it. My turtle is only about 1 inch long so he can be sneaky too. (he told me.)
Then when I land, hide him in my pants again till I am free of any danger.
A few concerns that I have:
I know it is stupid to do anything wrong but lets get past that and get some answers here.
-When I walk through the metal detector, it won’t harm him in any way will it?
-When they pat me down he will be safe in my private region from being found, correct? And they only pat you down if the metal detector goes off right?
-Will riding on the plane be harmful to him? The flight is like 13 hours.

Thank you in advance for any and all of your help. Sheldon, (that’s his name; I know cliche) is very appreciative of all of the help too!
I just checked Malaysia Airlines FAQ and pets are not permitted in the cabin, only as checked baggage. No mention about specific pets, but I am not checking my 1 inch turtle. He needs water, food, and love. None of which I can give him if he is checked. I think my only option is to smuggle the little guy on me. I’ll call the airline just to make sure, but it looks like my only option. Thanks for the help, though I wouldn’t be opposed to more answers. :)
I’m sorry that you think it is crazy. It’s not that easy to just give away your pet. You kind of grow attached to them. If you don’t then you probably shouldn’t own a pet. About drawing attention from a passenger; if somebody complained about it then they should be shot. I’m serious, that is rediculous. It’s not like it will be walking around the plane. It’s 1 inch long… I would have him in my custody the whole time. I feel more offended when dirty old men take their shoes off and everyone has to smell/see those nasty things. Bottom line is, if someone complains then they have some serious issues that they need to work out. It’s a freaking baby turtle, not a bomb!
I love how you assume I’m 12 years old. I am pretty sure I don’t speak like one. I’m 23 and I know what rules are for. And comparing a turtle to a poisonous snake is a little ludacris. But thank you for the analogy. Let me make this clear; I don’t care if it is right or wrong. I am bringing him back to California with me, I am just asking for some advice on how to do that. Maybe by someone who has done what I am trying to do. I do apprecciate you taking time out of your oh so precious day to assume that I am a child. You know what happens when you assume right? You make an ass out of you and me. That’s right.

Yaz answers:

This is a crazy idea, there is no sensible solution to your dilemma, other than to give Sheldon to someone in Taiwan, who will give him a loving home.

Trying to sneak him on in your pants sounds mad, and trying to feed/water in flight will draw way to much attention, and I’ll be honest, it will probably attract the attention of at least one passenger, who will be offended/incensed about what you are attempting to do.

Jenny asks…

How long does registered mail from Taiwan take to reach the US?

I had a package shipped out from Taiwan on the 6th of June and it came with a tracking number but my status when I check with USPS is: Foreign Acceptance. On the website Track and Trace, it was a little more detailed including a flight number and the date/time the plane left. But there have been no updates stating that it arrived in the states and the plane traveled to Alaska. Should I contact the seller and express concern since I know the USPS will just give me the story that the status in the only info they have? And generally, what is the transit time for registered mail?

Yaz answers:

Not to worry. It’s probably going through Customs. It may take about 4-5 weeks, that is… If you addressed it correctly. In 4+ years of shipping items to/from Taiwan, I’ve never lost a box going either way between the USA and Taiwan.

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