Your Questions About Flights To Taiwan From Toronto

Susan asks…


i need to book a flight for my father to go to Taiwan from Toronto. I need a few online websites where i can book flights at the lowest price possible………….THANX

Yaz answers:

Look at expedia and the names of the airports

Donna asks…

a Filipino living currently in Taiwan, does she need a visa if the airplane stops in Tokyo? or Seoul?

I am getting a Filipino nanny. She has been living in Taiwan for the past 3 years. We are living in Toronto Canada, and are getting her flight from Taipei to Toronto. Some airlines have stops in Tokyo, or alternatively in Seoul. I would like to book where she would not require a Visa for the stop. So would either Taiwan or South Korea require for her to have a Visa?

Yaz answers:

No she doesn’t require a transit visa. As long as she stays in the transit or transfer areas to her connecting flight, no visa is required in either Taiwan or S. Korea.

John asks…

Question about Canada Transit Visa?

I am planning to travel to Mexico via Canada. I hold an Taiwan passport with a valid tourist visa of Mexico. Tawan Passport holder are required to have Visa to enter/transit Canada. I will be flying from Taiwan and changing a flight in Toronto enroute to Cancun,Mexico. The transit time is about 18 hrs. I will apply a Canadian transit Visa. But my questions is: Can I go out of the Toronro airport and visit Toronto downtown during the transit period with my Canadian transit Visa? (I don’t have Canadian visa of any other kind,except transit visa.) I can’t call the Canada immigration #1-888-242-2100 to ask because it is in-Canada-only phone number. Thanks for any help.

Yaz answers:

Yes, you can leave the airport even on a transit visa. The transit visa permits you to stay in Canada for a maximum of 48 hours for the purpose of transiting flights. Should you have any additional questions, you should contact the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, which handles visa issues for residents of Taiwan. Their website is here:

Mark asks…

For long distance relationship couple, I would be appreciated if girls could answer my question :)?

What would you write to your love who lives far away from you (23 hours flight)?
Like reasons why you love him/her???
love poetry? love song lyric?
I am having a long distance relationship with this guy in Toronto, canada, I am in Taiwan, because of our different background, my family is not accepting him to be my future husband, and he is trying so hard to look for more chances being with me ! I would like to know how to courage my love
I had almost 2 pages of stationary paper finished. still want to write another page, how I miss him, how he shuold be strong in the relationship?
thanks so much :)

Yaz answers:

Send him some nice pictures. He would love that. Do you ever e-mail each other? That would be very convenient.

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Flights To Taiwan From Toronto Singles Holidays Over 50s
Flights To Taiwan From Toronto Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Flights To Taiwan From Toronto Singles Holidays Over 50s

Flights To Taiwan From Toronto Singles Holidays Over 50s

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