Your Questions About Flights To Taiwan From Hong Kong

William asks…

i is it possible to check in for 2 flights at the same time if they are both with the same alliance?

by this i mean to give an example if i was traveling with qantas from hong kong on one ticket but i was in taiwan on that day on a ticket which i bought separately when checking in for the flight to hong kong to connect to my flight with sydney could i check in for both the flight to hong kong and the flight to sydney at the same time or would i need to check in for both flights separately

also how easy is it to rebook for a flight with the same alliance if one of the flights is delayed,

to give an example if when checking in for my flight i found that it was canceled and it meant i would miss my connection could i ring up the airline operating my connecting flight explain the situation and they would quickly and easily rebook my ticket and put me on the next plane

Yaz answers:

My understanding is that you bought one ticket from Hong Kong to Taiwan on Qantas and another ticket from Taiwan to Sydney on another carrier within the same alliance.

You’d need to check in separately for each flight. You can only check in for both flights in one transaction if it is booked as a connection. As for the scenario you gave, you’d have to pay a change fee + fare difference in order to get rebooked ahead of time. It doesn’t matter that they’re in the same alliance. You may get some consideration or waiver of fees if you hold mid- or top-tier elite status within the alliance, but you’d still be on the hook for a fare difference. This is the risk with booking separate tickets as “connections” rather than booking a single ticket as a true connection.

Joseph asks…

When is it safe to fly (16 hrs long) with a new born baby? How old should the baby be?

The flight is from Taiwan to South Africa. We have one stopover in Hong Kong.
I try to find it on Cathay Pacific’s website, but I can’t find it. Do you know any websites where they have the infant policy on that? Thanks.

Yaz answers:

Well airlines won’t accept a baby younger than 7 days old and since your child needs a passport too it definitely takes more than that to get one. I had an 16 hour trip with my daughter who was 6 months old at the time and it was great. Tiring for me but Ok for her. Of course i had decided to take the red eye to South Africa so that people would sleep and not disturb and it was all good. I did Paris England, stopped for 4 hours before doing England Johannesburg. Remember the smaller the baby the better the trip cause they don’t need to be entertained much. They only eat and sleep. Good luck.

Sandra asks…

Did Collins software integration effort resemble Aeroflot Flight 593 ?

Aeroflot Flight 593, a “Russian Airlines”[1] Airbus A310-304 passenger airliner, registration F-OGQS, operating on behalf of Aeroflot, crashed into a hillside in Siberia on 23 March 1994. All 75 passengers and crew were killed.

Voice and flight data recorders revealed that the pilot’s 15-year-old son Eldar Kudrinsky, while seated at the controls, had unknowingly disabled the A310’s autopilot’s control of the ailerons, which put the aircraft into a steep bank, and then an uncontrolled dive. The pilots were not aware of the partial disconnection of the autopilot, which occurred with no audible alarm, and did not regain control of the aircraft.

The jet was en route from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) to Hong Kong‘s former Hong Kong International Airport (Kai Tak Airport). Most of the passengers were businessmen from Hong Kong and Taiwan who were looking for economic opportunities in Russia.

The relief pilot, Yaroslav Kudrinsky (Ярослав Кудринский), was taking his two children on their first international flight and they were brought to the cockpit while he was on duty. Aeroflot allowed families of pilots to travel at a discounted rate once per year. With the autopilot active, Kudrinsky, against regulations, offered to let them sit at the controls. First his daughter Yana took the pilot’s left front seat. Kudrinsky adjusted the autopilot’s heading to give her the impression that she was turning the plane, though she actually had no control of the aircraft. Next, his son Eldar Kudrinsky (Эльдар Кудринский) took the pilot’s seat. Unlike his sister, Eldar applied enough force to the control column to contradict the autopilot for 30 seconds.

What nobody knew was that by doing this, he completely disconnected the aileron’s autopilot: the flight computer switched the plane’s ailerons to manual control while maintaining control over the other flight systems. The plane did not audibly signal a warning that this had occurred, although an indicator light did come on. It apparently went unnoticed by the pilots, who had previously flown planes with an audible warning signal. The first to notice a problem was Eldar, who observed that the plane was banking right. Shortly after, the flight path indicator changed to show the new flight path of the aircraft as it turned. Since the turn was continuous, the resulting predicted flight path drawn on screen was a 180 degree turn. This indication is similar to the indications shown when in a holding pattern, where a 180 degree turn is intentional to remain in one place. This confused the pilots for nine seconds.

Soon the plane banked past a 45-degree angle (steeper than it was designed for). This increased the g-force on the pilots and crew, making their bodies feel much heavier than usual, and making it impossible for the Captain to replace his son at the controls. After banking as much as 90 degrees, the remaining functions of the autopilot tried to correct the plane’s altitude by putting the plane in an almost vertical ascent, nearly stalling the plane. The co-pilot and Eldar managed to get the plane into a nosedive, which reduced the G-force on the pilots and enabled the Captain to take the controls. Though he and his co-pilot did regain control, their altitude by then was too low to recover, and the plane crashed at high speed, killing all aboard.
Families of western victims placed flowers on the crash site, while families of ethnic Chinese victims scattered pieces of paper with messages written on them around the crash site.

Yaz answers:

You could make a similar argument about it, I remember seeing that on aircrash investigations on television although I don’t believe children were involved in the collins project debarcle :)

John asks…

CUBE entertainment audition?

Hello. I’m chinese and is 14 this year. I can speak English , Chinese and Korean. I am going to audition by email audition because my parents don’t allow me to audition. I want to ask if

1. If you pass the first round of audition, you’ll need to fly to Korea and audition right? But do they pay for flight? And If you reach there, are there any staff from CUBE fetching you?

2. from this article,

they said that “We currently have a total of 23 trainees. Three are from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. In order to keep up with their school studies, foreign trainees will use their break to come to Korea and train”.

Can I not use my break to go to Korea and train? Because because it will lower my chance to debut. And can’t they go to KENT International School?

3. Please give me some information about CUBE audition and their trainee life. Thank you for answering. :)

Yaz answers:

Hi! I wish you luck on your audition(: I want to audition for CUBE, YG, or SM(:

1) Yes, yes, and i am not too sure on the last question. I think its a yes because you’ve never been to Korea and they don’t want you to get lost.
2) Yes you will use your break to go to Korea. KENT is for people who want to study the things KENT has to offer, and KENT is part of SM, and SM is not part or related to CUBE so no they can’t go to KENT.
3) Well the allkpop articles have a lot of things about CUBE and their trainee lives. And thats where i got most of my CUBE information.
The teachers will teach you Korean.
Sundays is your day off.

Hope it helps(:

Paul asks…

What should I pack in my carry-on?

My flight is from TPE taipei, taiwan to Portland, Maine (not Oregon). There’s a stopover at Hong Kong and JFK. I’m going to be on Hong Kong Airlines and Delta Airlines. Each stopover would probably be like 2~4 hours. Please Help me!
<3 10 pts <3

Yaz answers:

MP3, PSP, PDA, you know, stuff to relax you!

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