Your Questions About Cheap Trips To Costa Rica

Mark asks…

I am trying to plan an all inclusive trip to Costa Rica on the cheap any ideas?

I would like to stay at a resort on the beach either side is fine.

Yaz answers:

You should look at the best travel agency here

Robert asks…

Would it be cheaper to buy a Costa Rica vacation package from or separately?

I’m planning a short trip to Costa Rica for about 5-6 days. Would it be cheaper to buy a vacation package deal from or buy airfare separately online and then book hotels locally when I get there? Where would be a good and cheap place to stay in San Jose and Quepos? What are the availability around this time of year? What is the best traveling method from San Jose to Quepos?

Yaz answers:

Go to for info…. Or loads of info available.

I saw book a package deal, especially cheaper if you want to actually tour the countryside….there are some wonderful deals for just under $1,000 for 10 days including tours throughout the country, meals and hotels throughout the country. You get to see the sites, taste the foods and stay at more than one hotel/villa! I have friends in San Jose and hope to go down for a visit next spring – stay with them some, but plan to take a package tour also…Have fun!

Donna asks…

cheap places around tamarindo and jaco costa rica?

taking a trip to costa rica next year around may for two weeks and we’re going to hit tamarindo and jaco. know of any cheap places to stay

Yaz answers:

If you go to Playa Grande( 5-10 mins from Tamarindo) theres a hotel called the Las Tortugas, right on the beach behind a turtle nesting marine park. They have some surfer rancheros that are like $15 a day. I havn’t stayed in them, but from photos, they don’t look half bad. Did I mention that its right on the beach? And theres an awesome surf break there. Also, try and stay in Playa Hermosa instead of Jaco, its a little less grimy and only a few minutes away from Jaco. I havn’t stayed in any cheap hotels in Hermosa, but they are there. Hope this helps and have a great time!

Betty asks…

Is it better to have a travel agent arrange my costa rica trip?will they find cheaper deals?their commission?

Is it cheaper for me to do this myself?
What are the pros and cons of a travel agent?

Yaz answers:

They probably will find better deals as they have greater buying power, and they will know the locations. They should also be insured should they go bust.
Check online and read lots of reviews on various travel agents.
I would use a travel agent with a country I am not familiar with, and do it myself if I know the country fairly well.

Ken asks…

Where can i get cheap ticket for a round trip to Cost Rica?

My mom, sister and me want to take a trip to Costa Rica. ( 3 adults ). My mom wants to spend atleast 350 on tickets, no more then that. We are leaving from JKF, NY. We plan on leaving February 18 and returning the 27, 2011. Can any one find me ticket deals for me or show me where i can find some?

Yaz answers:

Since it is just a little over a month before you will be leaving, the prices are going to be high. From JFK and nearby airports, the cheapest right now for those dates is $704 incl. Tax. The price is likely to go up as it gets closer to the travel date. $350 is next to impossible to find, but you could try bidding on a site like If you return on the 25th, the price will only be $574. Go to a website like , type in JFK to SJO and try different days.

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