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Lisa asks…

which city is best for a relatively cheap holiday.. Hong Kong, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur?

I’m trying to plan a holiday for july. i live in australia, so i’ve already done the tropical island beach scene.. so i want to try something different.

Out of HK, KL and Singapore, which is best for about a week. Attractions, cost and shopping wise.

Thanks! just looking for some input
for a family holiday ( 17 yr old)
i’m thinking maybe divide my time between KL and singapore?/

Yaz answers:

Out of the 3 places you mention, Malaysia is the cheapest.
You will have plenty to see and do in KL. The Petrona twin towers are great – I recommend going to the bridge between the towers for a great view of the city – there is a good mall at the bottom of the towers, and if you like shopping most shops are open til late every night.
In KL you have lots of different neighbourhoods (i.e Indian) with markets and temples, food is cheap and there are lots of great dishes – lots of yummy fruits.
You mentioned shopping – I found in Singapore the clothing is quite small, more made for Asian builds whereas in Malaysia there clothing and sizes are more western.
You can also do day trips from KL to the city of Malaca or get a cheap flight (Air Asia I recommend) to Singapore for a few days or Penang (up north of Malaysia) if you have the time. Singapore is more expensive than Malaysia but still cheaper than Australia.

Richard asks…

Looking for a cheap holiday to Hong Kong?

My work takes me all around the world, but I have to say possibly my favourite place I’ve been is Hong Kong. I’m looking to take my girlfriend there for a holiday for 10 days or so in May 2011. But I’m struggling to find an affordable package. For the flights and a decent hotel I’m struggling to find anything for less than £1500. My nearest airport is Glasgow, but I’m prepared to fly from any UK airport for the right deal. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Yaz answers:

Cathay Pacific/Dragaonair offer special airfare + hotel packages for traveling to Hong Kong and/or S.E.Asia at very reasonable prices but you have to book as early as possible as they sold out very quickly. Simply log onto Cathay Pacific’s website and click CX/Dragonair Holidays. May should be the beginning of peak traveling season to Hong Kong as summer holidays about to begin. For cheaper airfares, it’s Feb/March, right after the Chinese New Year ends. Check and enjoy!

William asks…

Is Hong Kong cheap like china?

We are planning a shopping holiday in Hong Kong around early february. Is Hong Kong cheap like china? We are planning on buying mainly clothes, soft furnishings, kids toys etc. Also how much would a decent hotel cost like a 2-3star. staying there for 2 weeks. Is it easy to go to china from Hong Kong. Do we need visas, how much are they and can we get them from Hong Kong? How much is it to travel to China from Hong Kong, what transport options are there? Whats the weather like during February? In terms of shopping how does it compare to Singapore, Dubai, Thailand and USA?

Yaz answers:

Welcome to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient! Its stunning Victoria Harbour and The Peak have just been rated as Asia’s No.1 skyline by a Japanese TV Station. A CNN poll also confirmed that Hong Kong is a must-visit in Asia. The City are full of a wide array of options, both expensive and cheap. In Feb the temp is in the mid teens, day/night temperature difference is not big.

HK has rich culture and history with a perfect blend of the west and the east. Walk up the world’s longest Escalator which begins from Central District and goes all the way up to the Mid-Levels. Along the Escalator you’ll come across the early English settlement near Aberdeen Street, you’ll also pass by Soho, South of Hollywood Rd which gives a very unique bar and restaurant street. Hollywood Rd is also the famous antique street where genuine Chinese antiques are sold.

From Causeway Bay – Central District – Tsimshatsui District – Mongkok District along the MTR (subway) route are where most of the fascinating shoppings, restaurants, vibrant night life and gorgeous harbour view lies.

If you like green, sea and nature, and are not in a rush in going to places visiting one of the outlying islands ie the Silvermine Bay of Lantau Island is quite relax and gives a completely different impression of Hong Kong than the one often see in pictures. Simply catch a ferry from the Central Pier right outside IFC Building. The ferry trip takes about 30 minutes, a very relaxed ride in the midst of a hustling bustling city.

Another beautiful scenic area is Sai Kung District, there’s a Seafood Street where you can handpick life seafood, have the restaurant cook them any way you like and enjoy it in front of the sea. There’re many beautiful mountain trails in Hong Kong, there’s one that goes all the way down to Aberdeen from the Peak. It’ll take more than an hour to walk down. In Aberdeen lies the Chinese boat restaurant “JUMBO” in the middle sea which is awesome for some dim sum delicacies.

HK is renowned as the world’s shopping and dining paradise. You can eat like a billionaires, in the same token there’re many affordable places with unbelievable prices. HK has the cheapest McDonald’s prices on earth. A Cantonese wonton noodle soup is only around HK$15. A popular Chinese fast food chain all over the city, the De Coral Fast Food, with set meals under HK$30.

Buying brand names is popular in HK since the City boasts the only zero sales tax nor import tariffs in Asia, brand names are often 10% – 50% cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Street vendors or flea markets is another interesting shopping paradise, they have all sorts of products selling at knockoff prices, eg the Ladies Street, the evening Temple Street vendors in Kowloon side, Stanley Market in HK side etc. Small street shops in Mongkok and Causeway Bay Districts may give you surprises too. There’re also many street vendors located in inner side streets of Central District, Wan Chai District, near Johnston Road and Causeway Bay District that sell genuine factory exports “left-overs” at around US$5 for a branded T-shirt. Most prices in HK are fixed, you may be able to bargain a few $ though in small shops and street vendors. You will hardly find any fakes or copies in HK as the law enforcement is rather strict.
Everywhere in Hong Kong is well connected by its efficient and timely public transportation system, the MTR, big and mini buses. Cost is from under US$1 – $2 per ride. It’s easiest to travel by MTR which runs pass all the central shopping and business districts, then either connect to a bus or walk to your destination. Separate fares are charged for each ride. Star Ferry that crosses the Victoria Harbour, and the Island Tram that runs from the East (Shaukeiwan District) to the West (Kennedy Town) of the HK Island are only HK$2 per ride which is a must for tourists. If you like exploring on your own, simply follow the map, people on the streets always happy to offer directions. HK is one of the most foreigner-friendly cities on earth, plus lots of fun and excitement, visitors often find the place the most vibrant, exciting city that never sleeps, even when you get bored at 3 AM, you could go and have a drink in the bar or even have a delicious late snack. Convenience Stores are located in almost every corner of the main streets and are opened around the clock. The best of all, HK is extremely easy to get around being supported by affordable and well connected public transportation. Hongkongers are very responsive and efficient in their work that make shopping, dining or doing business a very wonderful experience. You’ll also notice that the people will automatically stand by the side when walking up and down the stairs and escalators, not blocking people behind. Check and have a wonderful stay!

Ken asks…

Cheap DVDs in Hong Kong or Beijing? Going to Hong Kong then Beijing for holiday, where should I get my cheap?

DVDs from? Hong Kong or Beijing?

Yaz answers:

If you are looking for copies,then between the two,Beijing.A street vendor outside the Silk Street,eg.will sell it for anything between 5-8 yuan,but if you are looking for a good quality one then you would be paying around 15-20 yuans,the best and largest collection of such DVD’s is in the Friendship Store in Sanlitun.

Linda asks…

Hong Kong Cheap Stuff?

In 2 weeks time I’ll be going to hong kong for a holiday. I know there are districts like the Mong Kok or Ladies’ Street that sells really cheap stuff. But I would like to have a rough idea on the range of prices for like an example a pair of shorts or their bags? Ty(:

Yaz answers:

I was there long ago, like 5 years. I’m not not sure if things are more expensive now. I guess you could buy shorts and bags at around HK$ 50 or cheaper.

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