Your Questions About Cheap Holidays To Hong Kong

Ruth asks…

i need a ticket to hong kong cheap for around 1-800 because my grandpa die last week on tuesday?

i alredy know that oasis is out of business and just holiday is sold out please help me i want to go to my grandpa funeral i live in sanfransico CA help me please

Yaz answers:

Do you mean $1,800 or 1 to $800? Anyways try searching on If you want it below $800 you might want to try name your own price on As it usually takes quite a long time to arrange a funeral in Hong Kong, maybe 3-4 weeks, you should be more flexible in your dates. This year’s airfare to HK are much higher due to the Shanghai Expo, bad timing for you.

Linda asks…

How much spending money do I need to take on a one week holiday to Hong Kong?

I am going to Hong Kong in a month or so for a week, it is going to cost me about £280 for the flight but I need to know how much spending money I am going to need to take. I am going to want to go out every night, eat well and basically have a really good time. Is is going to be cheap like Thailand or expensive like New York? Help!!

Yaz answers:

Hong kong is good for all kinds of travellers budget or lavish, remember it’s not cheaper like Thailand or costlier like NY either, but it really depends on one’s apitite for enjoyment. Basically, hotel stay costs from HK$350 to HK$6500 per night, fooding expense per day will be HK$90 and up. Visiting a night club costs HK$150 and up as entrance fee with one drink free, rest it depends on you; however, HK$300/head will be sufficient for a night. Unlike other cities here in Hong Kong you can find everything from ordinary to special class of fooding, lodging and shopping. Hong Kong is well connected with underground railway, bus, minibus, taxi etc, they ply 24 hours except railway which is upto midnight. Travelling around HK is cheaper, for only HK$2.00 you can ride a tram and can see HK’s east to west comfortably. Make your itinirary based on the information provided here.

If you are a budget tourist then except airfare, for lodging,fooding,sightseeing and little shopping, I assume HK$10,000 will be more than sufficient for one person for a week in Hong Kong. Good luck and have a nice trip.

Robert asks…

What is the cheapest flight from Saskatoon to (Hong Kong or Guangzhou)?

I’m trying to find my way to Hong Kong in the christmas holidays from Saskatoon for a family event. Does anyone know what is the absolute cheapest way of getting there from Saskatoon? I can drive to Minneapolis if I have to or I could land in Guangzhou too. but the cheapest solution seems to be in the $2000 range and i’m looking closer to the 1500 range . Please help.
ok so apparently I’ve left out alot of details in my question. here’s what i’m trying to do:

I’m willing to drive 8 hrs each way to another airport other than saskatoon. (YYC or MSP if need be)
I need to leave Dec 10 -12 for hong kong (I’ve tried CAN or HKG)
I also need to leave HK on 26-28th to Toronto (YYZ/ YKF/ BUF)
then I need to go back to where i dropped off my car on the 3rd of Jan.

I’ve tried it on canoe, I’ve tried to find sketchy orbitz for help
but anything online is giving me about a 2000 dollar for the whole 3 legged trip. I was just wondering if there’s any alternatives from the Travel agent crowd? Any help is appreciated

Yaz answers:

Calgary, AB, Canada to Hong Kong, HK, China
Sat 22 Dec 2007 – Wed 2 Jan 2008

$1596 US (taxes included)$8ba5rjM$PIspow&completed=true

full itinerary as shown on United website:

Flying Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Day
will give you a lower fare:

Calgary, AB, Canada to Hong Kong, HK, China
Mon 24 Dec 2007 – Tue 1 Jan 2008
.>>>>>>$1334 USD <<<<<<<<<<

Saskatoon, SK, Canada to Hong Kong, HK, China
Tue 25 Dec 2007 – Tue 1 Jan 2008
$1651 USD


Nancy asks…

going on holiday to hong kong in the summer…when is the cheapest time to go?

looking at a 4* possibly, just browsing at what was available and selected the dates 30 july – 7 august and were around 800-900 per person

still in the extremely early stages of planning but i was wondering when during the summer would it be cheapest


Yaz answers:

The entirety of the summer months (June – August) is considered peak holiday season so there is no time that it would be cheapest. If you really want to go to Hong Kong on the cheap, I suggest you go during the off-seasons such as late Sept – November or mid-February – April.

Richard asks…

Hong Kong Holiday/Shopping?

I’m planning to go to Hong Kong for a holiday/shopping. Understand that Hong Kong‘s summer sales is the best time to go for shopping but weather will be extremely hot n it might have typhoon or something.

Any advice : Best time to go sightseeing n shopping in Hong Kong, when weather will be better n things are on sale as well ? I know it won’t be as cheap as the summer sales. But does Hong Kong has other sales period other than their Summer Sales ?

Thank you.

Yaz answers:

They have seasonal sales. But late fall’s better weather wise if you’re unused to hot humid weather.

If it’s hot, it’s hot and humid, if it’s rainy, expect some flooding

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