Your Questions About Cheap Holidays To Hong Kong

Paul asks…

Need advice on buying a camera? Should I buy in Melbourne or Hong Kong?

I want to buy a digital camera, preferably cheapish. Probably want to spend $50 – $150. I want decent megapixels and zoom (min 8mp). I’m going on holiday in Hong Kong soon, and want to know whether to buy a camera in Melbourne or just wait till I get there? Will it be cheaper in Hong Kong?

Yaz answers:

It would be cheaper in Hong Kong, but… Buying it abroad will possibly mean you’ll need to get a power adapter, and of course unless it comes with a world wide warranty (only top end cameras tend to) then if it goes wrong you won’t be able to chase the supplier for a repair/replacement.

James asks…

Want to go on a cheap shopping holiday for clothes… Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore?

Yaz answers:

Go to Bangkok if you don’t mind bargaining. If you’re just planing on going to department stores, go to Hong Kong. They were wearing long tees and latched belts a few years before it became fashionable in the US.

Robert asks…

Where can I get nintendo ds lite in hong kong? Also, where to get cheap anime merchandise?

I’ve been searching for the cheapest nintendo ds lites in hong kong but the problem is that most of them are sold out. I’m here on a holiday and have only 3 days left to get a ds lite. Help! Please tell me the area, address, MTR station and specific stuff if you have a good recommendation.
Where can I also get cheap anime merchandise that aren’t bootleg? I tried going to sino centre but I dont see much…

Yaz answers:

The only way to find items such as this would be on eBay.

They currently sell for around £100 ($190USD)

There is about 400 selling at the moment, you’ll be able to buy one straight away and have it delivered to you in days.

Nancy asks…

Hong Kong Holiday (Costs and Things to do)?

I’ve noticed some cheap flights to Hong Kong from Heathrow for May this year.

£300 Return

I was wondering how expensive it would be to holiday there for about 10 days?

Id be going with my girldfriend and was also wondering what sort of things there would be to do?
Wheres bets to stay in Hong Kong? also any suggestions on a cheapish hotel below £60 a night

Yaz answers:

i went to hong kong in 07 and when i went it was cheap

some good things to do are go up victoria peak at night and get your photo done there are really good views up there you can also go to ocean park cheap to get in and theres a few rides and you can also see the pandas, go to stanley bay got a market on there and theres a beach but if you want to Escape for the day go to lantou on the ferry and go up the big buddha biggest in the world

as far as hotels go i stayed in the IBIS North Point java road its cheap clean Good food got all the amenities in the room and good views over the harbour this is were i stayed in 07 and will be staying in march of this year

hope ive helped have a good time

Sandra asks…

Is it cheaper to buy a digital slr in Hong Kong?

I’m thinking about buying a digital slr later this year but am going on holiday to Hong Kong in 2007. Would it be better to wait until then? Is it likely to be much cheaper? What about service / warranty – even if I were to buy one from a named brand, like Canon?

Any advice on price and / or model would be fantastic. I’m thinking Canon, cause I already have two EF lenses from my existing lovable but non-digital slr. Thanks!

Yaz answers:

It depends on where you live…. Go to a reputable store and barter with them, you may be able to find it cheaper on some back street or market – but you have to be weary that its not a fake or had the inner components changed.

You can always check online for a general price guide before you go so your not ripped off, just google search the camera model with hong kong.

I brought a Nikon last year in Kuala Lumpur, I haggled the price by 30% less than what I would have paid back home in the UK. The dealer also stamped the warranty card and told me it was worldwide warranty, which I registered on line back-home.

Canon have the new 400D out which is a good mid range SLR, they have also dropped the price on the 350D. It is a matter of personal opinion but I prefer Nikon, either way go to to see the reviews on all the digital cameras out there, retail costs and a comparison guide as well.

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