Your Questions About Cheap Flights To Taiwan

Sharon asks…

Where can get more information of Taiwan travel?


I would like to travel Taiwan sometime, but wonder if it possible to cut hotel and flight budget.
Can anyone give me information abuot cheap hotel, flight and where is good place to go?
If anyone can give some websites for forums to get more information will be perfect.

Yaz answers:

You can try at which is probably the largest english forum discussing Taiwan living and issues as well as some travel stuff.

You can try and see if you can purchase any tickets etc.

If you want some good information about places to go and things to do: check out and look around at each location.

You can try your luck at but I think you will get better info here or at

Some suggestions to start out your search:

Taipei 101, (Taipei)

National Palace Museum, (Taipei)

Taipei zoo, (Taipei)

Yangmingshan National Park, (Taipei) *good view of some steam vents from the volcano, and many walking trails with pretty flowers all year.

Jhi-Bei Mountain Village (between Taipei and Ilan)
*an interesting mountainside village that has a great view of the ocean. Small windy walking streets. Parking is hell for cars, bus this one if possible. Lots of mini lanes and teahouses and it was a former gold mining town. You can see the tailings and nastiness still in the water down the road where the mine shafts were. The town is nice but is pretty steeply built. That it has survived so many earthquakes, typhoons is actually quite a feat in itself!

Bei-Tou Hot Springs, (Taipei)

Shr-Lin Night Market (Taipei) *try the street food. Yum!

Taroko Gorge (Hualien) *rent a scooter if you are brave and travelling with 2p or alone. Take a small 10 person or less bus if you arent. Or share the cost of renting a car with some other travellers for BEST experience. The BIG 30p+ buses are a problem on the tiny roads here in my opinion, and the roads are very sketchy in parts. But it is amazing.

Sun Moon Lake (Nantou) *on a weekday. Don’t go on weekends unless you can handle crowds.
Kenting National Park and Beach areas. *also better on weekdays. Weekends are ugly crowds.

For other answers check:

Personally I think you will find Taipei (for modern development and an overall view of what western Taiwan looks like..) and Hualien (for natural beauty in the inner canyon and mountain ranges of the Pacific Rim) to be the best parts of your tour in Taiwan.

The Central MRT station is arguably a good tourist landmark as well.

Sandy asks…

What’s the cheapest roundtrip flight to Hong Kong or Taiwan from Manila?

My wife is pregnant and I’ll have to leave and re-enter the country to comply with my Visiting Visa as it expires on the last week of July. Does anyone here know of the cheapest round trip tickets? I’ll even consider Tokyo if it’s cheaper or if anyone can spare miles to get me there on NW Airlines. I really don’t care which airline takes me. I just need it to be inexpensive because I have to pay a childbirth… Thanks for the answers and/or suggestions… God Bless!

Irish, I’ll not be traveling with my wife. She’ll stay in the Philippines. Thanks for your honest answer. I’ll checking the Japan airlines.. Any one else?

Yaz answers:

If you are in a tight budget why not ask a travel agency nearby? Its much more cheaper to buy from them than directly the airline company. Agencies got like accounts in airlines that they can purchase by the bulk. And they can even customize your trips.

I got my roundtrip mnl to l.a to orlando at USD1400 northwest airlines. Unlike having a USD 1200 roundtrip mnl to l.a only. I got it from rajah travel n tours 02-523-8801 to 10.

Agencies can work around your budget. They can find u the best offer at a reasonable price.

Anyways pre-booking is always free of charge in case you booked up and change ur mind.

Susan asks…

What’s the cheapest route from UK to Taiwan?

I’m starting a teaching position in Taipei in the next few months. I was wondering what the best route is to get to Taipei.

My Rough Guide says its hard to find direct flights to Taiwan from the UK. A quick internet search found flights in the range of £500.

But I was thinking it might be better to get a cheap ticket to a more popular Asian destination (Beijng, Hong Kong, Bangkok?) and then a further flight onto Taipei

Anyone know the cheapest way of doing this?

Yaz answers:

EVA AIR do direct flights from Heathrow but they only have a couple a week,and they leave in the evening 21;35.The closer you get to your date the higher the price.I payed £624 for a return i fly out on wednesday, (EVA AIR is the Taiwanese national airway and is up there with the likes of virgin,BA etc 4 star airline! You get what you pay for)

Lizzie asks…

What is the cheapest way to get to Taiwan from Los Angeles?

I wanted to know the cheapest way to get from LA to Taiwan. I have heard that it may be cheaper to fly to Singapore or Hong Kong then take a flight into Taiwan but this does not seem to be the case when I check fares.
Well, I wanted to be able to go when I get out of school (end of June) but it seems that tickts are nearly DOUBLE the price at the start of summer. Is June/July a very expensive time to fly? Should I wait until the end of July/Aug to go??

Yaz answers:

Just fly directly from LAX to Taiwan – it’s the best way. Flights to Hong Kong or Singapore aren’t cheaper when you add in the cost in time & money for the connecting flight.

Jenny asks…

whats the cheapest price for a flight from America to Taiwan?

Yaz answers:

The Taiwanese airlines are cheaper than the American ones, i can tell you that.

Run a Google search on China Airlines (actually of Taiwan) and Eva Air.

Ah, here:
They’re not only cheaper than the American airlines but their customer service is also better (more polite!). Sometimes it’s hard to understand them though and it’s annoying because they speak *neither* English nor Mandarin Chinese well.

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