Your Questions About Cheap Flights To Taiwan

James asks…

Cheapest flights from Bangkok to Taiwan?

Yaz answers:

Jetstar has the lowest price

Otherwise, try
BKK – TPE R/T – I found one on KLM for $277

Leave – Mon 4 Jun 2007
KLM Royal Dutch
Flight 877 Departs: 1:40p
Bangkok (BKK) Arrives: 6:15p
Chiang Kai Shek (TPE)
Coach | Fare code: TLSXTH | Aircraft: 74M | 3h 35m | 1545 miles | many seats remain

Return – Mon 11 Jun 2007
KLM Royal Dutch
Flight 878 Departs: 7:30p
Chiang Kai Shek (TPE) Arrives: 10:05p
Bangkok (BKK)

Sandy asks…

Where to find cheap flights to Asia?

What are your recommendations on how/where to get a cheap flight from Canada to Asia (specifically Taiwan)? When I was living in Hong Kong I found that buying airplane tickets was cheaper (e.g. I paid $1000CAD to an HK travel agent but would have had to pay $1200CAD if I bought from Also, now that I’m back in Canada, I can’t buy tickets on the “foreign” sites with cheap prices – e.g. I have to buy from the American portal of

I want to travel to Taiwan (and maybe another country – any suggestions? I’m thinking Japan or South Korea) in April or May 2010. Is there a better time to buy tickets?

Yaz answers:

If you’re heading to Taiwan, you might have to use Eva Air. They’re based out of Taipei, and I think they have flights direct from Vancouver every other day.

Try or for flights out of the US or Canada. I’ve used them both before, and had really good luck with them.


Sharon asks…

Where can I get cheap flight tickets from London to Taiwan?

Hi there, I visited my boyfriend in England last December, flew with China Airlines for the first leg(Taipei-Bangkok), then with Etihad from Bangkok all the way to London. The total cost me about 650gbp. This time my boyfriend’s visiting me from England to Taipei, leaving either in late May or early June, and coming back in late August. We couldn’t find a flight with reasonable price and descent airlines company. I booked my Etihad flight via a travel agent in Taiwan( some travel agencies have signed the contract with airlines companies, hence they get group rates for individual tix.) I’m wondering if that would the same in England? Or will that be cheaper to book tickets online? Answers would be highly appreciated!

Yaz answers:

I have traveled with : KLM, AirFrance, Iberia, United Airlines, British Airways , Cathay Pacific
& This Last 2 Were To Say : “The Most Cheapest”

Joseph asks…

Does anyone have a good link with a cargo plane service?

When you sign up for those cheap flights where you ride with goats or someone’s baggage, you get a code that you have to punch in when buying your ticket off the website. Has anyone got a hookup and a code that they want to lend me to go from Nepal to Taiwan for super cheap?

Yaz answers:

Not gonna happen, dude

from Nepal to Taiwan? Am guessing you will have to transfer somewhere….try Thai via Bangkok

Steven asks…

Please HELP! Visiting china and Taiwan over the summer!?

I am visiting china AND Taiwan this summer, but I do not know which site to use for cheap flights. Also, I live in Reno, and this is what I plan to do.
I go from Reno, nv to San Francisco. Then from San francisco I go to Taiwan. Then from Taiwan I go to Beijing. Then from Beijing I go back to San francisco and then Reno.
VERY confusing to me. I do bot know which site to use and I do not want to use a travel agent. Please help!
Thanks so much(:

Yaz answers:

I guess you could start with the China Airlines website:

They fly from SFO to TPE, and an associated carrier, Manadrin Airlines, flies from Taipei to Beijing. I would gather this means they could arrange the package deal for you.

Good luck!

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