Your Questions About Best Place To Vacation In Costa Rica

John asks…

Where is the best place in Costa Rica to vacation??

I am trying to book a vacation to Costa Rica but I have no idea what city to book it in. I wanna stay somewhere on the beach, close to nightlife, and where there is a lot of activities. Please help me and if you have been there describe the place you thinks I should go. I am 21 and I am going with my boyfriend and another couple who are young as well.

Yaz answers:

Personally, I liked San Jose when I was there years ago. It’s a great city and is sort of like Denver, but the mountains are on the wrong side.

Paul asks…

Where is the best place in Costa Rica to vacation at?

We have heard a lot about Costa Rica, and nothing but good things. We are thinking of taking our yearly vacation there this year, but just don’t know what area is best. Please provide any information as far as the best location to visit, along with hotels if possible.

Thank You

Yaz answers:

Good question. This really depends on what you’d like to see and do. For the best of everything Costa Rica has to offer from nature tours, Canopy Tours, Beaches, ATV tours, Wildlife sighting, Big Game Sport Fishing, and the best variety of nightlife, dining,shopping, accomodations, and overall greatest Costa Rica expereinces, you should plan on traveling to and staying anywhere from the Jaco Beach area to Manuel Antonio.

This region West Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers the best variety of everything! I would not suggest traveling to the North Coastal regions such as Flamingo,Tamarindo,Liberia,Coco or the whole Guanacaste area in general as you will be bored to death after your first 2 days there.

You can get a taste of the best of everything there is to see and do in Costa Rica between Jaco Beach and Manuel Antonio, and easily fill your itinerary.

Hope this helps.

Donald asks…

What is the best place to vacation in Costa Rica?

Consider price and location

Yaz answers:

Depending on what you want, but really wonderful beach is Manuel Antonio National Park, and then on a one day tour, volcan Poas is a little active these days, and its the second biggest crater int he world! (no danger, though, there are 45 minutes guided visits with park guides)

Caribbean as well, they said, its beautiful, but bad thing over there is that it’s almost always rainy… For sure it won’t rain in October.

Right now we’re having a really nice warm weather, and for Holly Week most probably everything will be full!

Hostal and cheap paces can be found everywhere, as well as expensive ‘chains’ of hotels, ej barcelo, or fiesta. Everything will be a lot cheaper after week of 9-16..

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

best place to vacation costa rica or jamaica?In mid febuary.?

Yaz answers:

I would choose Costa Rica. The rain forest is fascinating and the beach beautiful. Jamaica is too commercial.

George asks…

whats the best place to vacation in costa rica?

2 people

Yaz answers:

Okay, what type of vacation do you want.

This is a great location for adventure tourism, eco-tourism, and beach bumming and surfing. The Caribbean coast is more afro-caribbean with reggae and calypso vibes. Guanacaste is surf and sun with a variety of beaches and surf levels. The OSA is all about sustainable living and conserving the rain forest. Here you will find great deep sea fishing, bird watching and there is some surfing. Manuel Antonio is a nice spot with a Beautiful pacific coast national park.

All you need to know about the country and particularly its vacation destinations, try this site

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