Your Questions About Best Islands To Visit In Greece

Charles asks…

Holiday to the Greek Islands?

Hi all

My boyfriend and i are heading to Greece for 2 weeks at the end of July and not sure how to plan the trip. We’re both 26 and would like to experience a bit of everything – beaches, watersports, day trips, nightlife, etc.

We are travelling on a budget and thinking of taking a ferry to some islands. Below is a list of islands we would like to visit.

Can anyone advise the best areas, hotels/hostels to stay in each island (budget approx 80 euro p/n) and in which order we should visit the islands.




Thinking of going to these as well…?




Any other advice would be much appreciated

Thank you in advance =)

Yaz answers:

Corfu is the only island from your list which is placed at the Ionian and not the Aegean sea, which means more traveling for you. So while it is very beautiful, since you are into island hopping in the Aegean i would advise you against it. You can take the ferry for the other islands starting from Athens (Piraeus port), and hop from one island to the next (Ios is close to Santorini and Rhodes close to Kos).

Sorry but i don’t know which is the best hotel for your budget to stay for each of the islands. I suggest visiting each island’s website and find out which hotel you would like to stay.

Paul asks…

can you find any gramatical mistakes in my essay?

Capturing Features of Greece
For those who do not like extravagant holidays and fantastic food, then the country of Greece may not be suitable. With its beautiful landscapes and fascinating history, it truly is one of the most interesting places to visit. Greece is one of the best countries in the world, because it has a wonderful history, amazing music, wild holidays, and delicious food.Since its existence, Greece has been involved in more than its fair share of battles and changes. One of the earliest civilizations was the Cycladic Civilization, which lasted from 3000 to 1500 B.C. when it was destroyed in a volcanic eruption (DuBois 17). Before Greece was a country, many different isolated villages populated its many islands (Baxevanis 372). When the villages banded together, they formed city-states, growing into independent communities, each with its own system of government, industry, commerce, and culture (DuBois 19). One of those city-states was Athens, which rose to become the center of politics and culture in Greece after defeating the Persians (DuBois 20). Greece was a part of the Ottoman Empire until 1829 when they gained their independence. Things went smoothly until the start of World War II, when Greece was invaded by Italy and then Germany (“Greece”). In 1967, a group of officers from the military established a military dictatorship, seizing power and forcing the king to flee the country.

Greece has many musical traditions, and most of them include folk songs. For example, Ktephita ballads were songs from the mountains that told of battles, heroic deeds and defeats (DuBois 99). Today, people dance to folk music at celebrations and parties year round. Featuring clarinets and a unique instrument called the bouzouki, folk music has a very unique sound (Baxevanis 356). However, folk music is not the only type of music displayed in Greek culture. In the nineteenth century, Greece experienced a musical rebirth, with several new composers coming onto the musical scene. Composers such as Nikolaos Mantzaros and Spyros Samaras became very well known for their opera scores. The most famous composer of the twentieth century was Mikis Theodoakis who was “very vocal against the military leadership of Greece in the nineteen sixties and seventies” (Nagy). Because of its large Orthodox population, Greece celebrates many national religious holidays. Until recently, the country of Greece celebrated twenty-five religious holidays during the year (DuBois 107). Saint Basil’s Day, which happens to fall on New Year’s Day, is a time for parties, presents, and good luck charms (DuBois 109). Parties are thrown, special cakes are made, and presents are given (Baxevanis 356). Another widely celebrated holiday is Name Day. Instead of celebrating their birthday, people in Greece celebrate their name. Everyone has a different Name Day, because obviously, people have different names. Their day is determined by which patron saint they are named after. For example, June 20 is Name Day for all boys and men named Peter or Paul, since that is the day of the patron saints Peter and Paul (DuBois 109). Independence Day is not a religious holiday, but it is important nonetheless. Independence Day is celebrated on March 25(“Greece”). It celebrates Greece winning independence in a war against Turkey. Festivities include fireworks and lots of food.
Food plays a very important role in Greek society. One of the first cookbooks ever written was written in Greece by a man named Hesiod in the seventh century (DuBois 115). The most popular meat eaten there is lamb, but chicken and beef are also popular dishes. Since Greece is very close to the sea, fish and shellfish are also commonly found. Greek food has lots of flavor, using spices like dill, basil, garlic, oregano, and mint. Olive oil also plays a big part in many recipes. With influences from Turkey, the Middle East, and the Balkans, Greek cuisine is a blend of fresh vegetables, seafood, and marinated meat (Nagy). Everyone is very healthy and fit there, with tomatoes, eggplants, and beans being major components to meals (Baxevanis 355). In conclusion, Greece has things to suit many different interests, whether they be history, music, holiday or food. It is a small but unique country with fascinating landmarks and places to go. Greece would make a wonderful vacation destination and it will not disappoint.

Yaz answers:

Can’t exactly read “before greece was a country, many different isolated villages populated its many islands.” It is a syntax error probably unless I’m reading in a the wrong tone.
I didn’t find any grammatical errors. From what I’ve learnt about essays, it is a bad thing to say “in conclusion”. Conclusions should be separated out as another paragraph as well as intro. Each topic should also be separated. To be honest, this didn’t feel like an essay, but more like one hardoyt detailed brochure about Greece.

Joseph asks…

2 Unknown Greek Songs?

I recently visited Agistri Island in Greece, and I was wondering if anybody knew the “Agistri Island Song” it’s in Greek and it says Agistri a lot…Sorry I can’t be more specific.

The other song was a rap/dance song which was also in greek, (not being rude but..) it has a sample of a woman orgasming and the rapper says “Bapi” and “Arriba”.

10 Smackers to the best answerer….thanks in advance :)
The rapper in the second song is a girl

Yaz answers:

The rap song must be “imiskubria”. It is a famous Greek rap band (in Greece). The other one is probably a local musicians effort and it is difficult to find it!

Mary asks…

best greek cities for backpackers?

My fiance and I are taking our honeymoon vacation in Greece in early October. We’re staying in a five star resort in Crete for the first week. After that, we plan to backpack for a few weeks because we’re young and that’s more our style.
I was thinking we’d stay at a hostel on at least one another island and then in Athens. Which island should we backback to? And which cities on the mainland should we visit?

Yaz answers:

You can always roam around Crete for a bit more because it is a big island and it has a lot to offer.
Then from there you can ferry to Santorini and Myconos before ending to Athens.

On the links included in the site below you can find the days and times for those islands but keep in mind that summer schedules will be announced shortly. Check on that.

Mandy asks…

Can anyone recommend a country to visit to work?

My partner and I want to go abroad for possibly between 6 months to a year, although if all worked out well maybe longer. But we just can’t decide on where suits best.

I (30 years old, Irish) recently qualified as a TEFL teacher, which would help in many countries. My girlfriend (38 years old) is of French nationality (French as native language) although born in South Korea and now lives here in Ireland and speaks fluent English. Because of her Korean background we previously considered going to Korea, to retrace her roots while working at the same time.

A visa shouldn’t be a problem for her, and there are ways of her gaining dual nationality as far as we understand. On the other hand she doesn’t speak Korean as she left when a baby (adopted). For me, getting a visa is a problem because one of the requirements is to have a university degree of any kind (which I don’t have). Otherwise I shouldn’t have a problem because there are plenty of opportunities there for TEFL qualified teachers. For her, we would like to know if it would be hard for her to teach English, as we heard they want only teachers from English speaking countries.

We are looking for somewhere that both of us could go to work, that would pay reasonable money, as we can’t afford to be relying on savings. Sunshine would be a must for at least some of the year. We also considered somewhere in Europe (where visas wouldn’t be an issue), like Greece for example, but I don’t think now is a good time to go there with their economy as it is. I know there are islands around the world owned by France so if anyone has information regarding these I would love to hear.

If anyone has any other suggestions that would fit around our requirements and abilities please let us know. Many thanks!

Yaz answers:

I went through this with my daughter…you need to check cost of living, apartments, cost of food, fuel, its the little things that will bankrupct you.
PLUS the state of the current economy. BE careful. Most countries have over extended themselves on on bank roll.
USA & european countries are feeling the pinch. Be careful! You may be best staying where you are for a few years. Until the govt figure out what the hell they are doing.

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Best Islands To Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Best Islands To Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

Best Islands To Visit in Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s