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Lizzie asks…

What are the places we must see in Greece & which is the best Island worth seeing?

We will go to Greece for 3 days.Please suggest us what are the most famous places we must see.Which Island is best in Greece?We will reach in Athens at 14th Nov. & return at 17th Nov.

Yaz answers:

3 days?in november?
No chance!
Only athens :

James asks…

What are the best carribean islands to see during a cruise?

Hey everyone,.We are planning our honeymoon and our destination is Carribean cruise. We have choosed one that takes us to these islands: Dominica, St Thomas, Antigua, Barbados, St Kitts and St Lucia. Ship is leaving from San Juan. Do you think it is worth it? We really have no idea if other islands (like Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas etc) are more worth it…..would you be kind enough to advise us? We are coming from Greece.
I would also like to ask if there are sharks in these seas…is it dangerous swimming there?

Yaz answers:

That is one of the most DELIGHTFUL cruises you could possible take in the Caribbean.. If all you know about the islands of the Caribbean is JAMAICA then you will be very pleasantly surprised that you could not go to ANY island that would be LESS LIKE JAMAICA than the ones you named. Those islands are all some of the best SURFING and SNORKLING and DIVING islands in the Caribbean. You picked a winner on that cruise.

I live on my boat in Antigua.. Stop by and I’ll pour you one of my special Rum Punches

John asks…

Best way to see greek islands by cruise or DIY?

im 25 and my mum and i are wanting to spend about 1 week in greece. we are thinking to do the Jewels of the Aegean Cruise

A 4 day cruise to Greece & Turkey with Louis Cruises

but im worried that i wont get to experience all the islands have to offer spending majority of the time on the ship. Do u have any suggestions on a 1 week itinery. We are both from Australia, have never been to europe before. we enjoy eating out, drinking, beaches, relaxing and exploring the sites.

Yaz answers:

One week is far too short for a trip like that. The cruise is the best you can do under the circumstances, simply because you will get to see some of the main ports of call and you will avoid the hustle of boat changing and all the paraphernalia.

Much better it would have been if you could take a longer cruise that involves other islands too.

Do not try island hopping for that short time because you will end up cursing the time you decided. It is not advisable in any right minded situation.

Daniel asks…

I would like to go to Greece or 1 of the Greek Islands in June for my holiday, where is the best place to go ?

I like sandy beaches and enjoy sight seeing and history in the day and eating out in the evening. I am not bothered about anywhere too lively, i would prefer somewhere more chilled out xxx.

Yaz answers:

Kefalonia is beautiful, and peaceful, and quite simply my favourite plac ein the world. It was where Captain Correlli’s Mandolin was set … Read the book before you go and you’re guaranteed to have a particularlay dreamy time …

Susan asks…

Best things to do in Athens, Greece (And near it?)?

What are some of the best places to see in Athens? Any off-the-books places? Anywhere really cultural, ancient, intriguing? Is there anything near Athens (A short train or bus away?) worth seeing?

Thanks!! I’ll be there for 3-4 days and really want to see a bit of Greece!!

Also: Ferries to the islands (from Athens) will be running in March, right? I’d like to go to Santorini for a few days if that’s possible.

Thank you so much..

Yaz answers:

The Acropolis is the one historical site you can’t miss
Athens is one of the main gates of tourism in Greece, thousands of visitors will stay a couple of days in Athens Greece before their trip to the Greek islands or the Greek mainland and Athens has many places of great historic value to visit especially the Acropolis and its environs. Therefore a map of Athens is one of the most needed items to have. First I suggest that you download for free the map of Athens from Greek National Tourism Organization GNTO here.and then open it and I will try to guide you through the roads of Athens and the most important places to visit. This will be a free tour of Athens in an interactive manner.Alternativelly you can watch as well this nice video with map and pictures of the various monuments and landmarks of Athens plus amazing music background.

Usually visitors to Athens arrive at Athens airport and then begin their visit by taking the bus to Syntagma Square or Monastiraki. When you have downloaded the map, identify Syntagma Square which can be the start of our tour around the centre of Athens. Directly opposite the square is the building of the Greek Parliament at Amalias Avenue and next to it is the National Gardens. I am sure you will want to visit the Acropolis and this is easily reached from Amalias Avenue. Thus, facing the Parliament building turn right and follow Amalias Avenue, on your left you will see the National Gardens and then, the Zappeion Exhibition Hall and The Temple of Olympian Zeus. A few metres further you will pass the Hadrian Arch. A few metres down from this turn right at Dionysiou Areopagitou Street. This is one of the best pedestrianised streets of Athens. Following the map continue on this road and you should be able to see ahead of you, on your right, the Rock of Acropolis and the Ancient Theatre of Dionyssus.

A little further along is the theatre of Herodes Atticus and the entrance for the Acropolis starts from the road a few meters further on the right. Follow this road up hill to the top and soon you will have reached the Acropolis Propylea. From this lofty position you can experience a wide and panoramic view of Athens. Looking south east you can see the Mount of Penteli and Hymettus and to the south west you can see the south coast of the Athens Riviera. Looking westward is the Philopapou Hill and, far in the distance, is the Saronic Gulf and the Port of Piraeus. Looking north and northwestwards, starting from Areios Pagos you can locate Thission, the Athens Observatory, Monastiraki and, in the distance the northern-northwest suburbs of Athens are the slopes of Mount Aegaleo and Parnitha.

If after your tour of the Acropolis you want to visit the famous area of Plaka and the flea market of Monastiraki, follow the circular Theorias Street, which you can see on the map, and descend the steps that make up Dioskouron Street. On your left you will see the Hephaestus Temple and the Stoa of Attalus. At the end of the steps, on your right, is the Roman Agora. From here turn left and take the first street on the right and you will have arrived at the heart of Monastiraki. You can take a break here for refreshment at the cafes of Adrianou Street before continuing your journey into the flea market at Pandrosou Street. Alternatively, if you feel that you have walked enough for now, you can return to Syntagma Square by following the streets of Ermou or Metropoleos northwards.

If you want to visit Omonia Square from Monastiraki just follow Athinas Street until the end. It is only about a 10 minute walk passing alongside the public fish and meat markets of Athens as well as the Athens City Hall. However, there are not many great things to say about Omonia Square other than it is here that you can find cheaper accommodation and it still central enough to reach all the famous sites easily by foot. For example, if you wish to visit the Archeological Museum of Athens, you need to cross Omonia Square and turn left into Patission Street. Continue for around 5 minutes on foot, past the Greek Polytechnic and the Archeological Museum is next door.

A tour of Plaka can start, again, from Syntagma Square. Follow, according to the map, Filelinon Street and turn right at the pedestrianised Kydathineon Street. At the Square of Filomousos Etairias is the centre of Plaka with many restaurants, cafes and shops. Whilst there it is worth taking a tour of the small winding roads of Anafiotika. You will feel that suddenly you have left Athens and you have landed on a Cycladic Island.~
How to get in Santorini
By air

The fastest and most comfortable way is by air. Santorini has its own airport (a pretty small one) near Kamari village and next to Monolithos, with regular flights from Athens by Olympic Airways[1], Aegean Airlines[2] and AirSea Lines [3] as well as charters from many European towns. Flight duration from Athens to Santorini is about 30 minutes.
[edit] By sea

Take the ferry from Piraeus past Paros and Naxos to the new port on Santorini. More details in the Cyclades article. There is also daily connection between Heraklion city of Crete and Santorini during high season.

Visit Greek Travel Pages OR and search through all ferry schedules to/from Santorini and the rest of the Greek Islands.

If you prefer sea, most popular and recommended transport are high-speed catamarans, like Hellenic Seaways Highspeed (bright-red Vodaphone-logo boats). The Pireaus-to-Santorini trip takes only 3.5hrs, comparable in duration to air, and more stress-free.

Ferries dock at the port of Athinios, where buses and taxis meet each arrival to transport passengers to Oia, Fira, and elsewhere. All vehicles climb up a very steep, winding road (it makes seven 180 degree turns) to get anywhere from Athinios.

If you travel by cruise ship, the experience will surely leave you with lasting memories. Cruise ships that reach the island of Santorini do not anchor at Athinios port, but one or two miles away from the old port of the island. Locals with fishing boats transfer cruisers to the old port, which seems not to have changed over the last 50 years. From there you can either use the cable car to reach the town of Fira, which will take no more than 5 minutes, or if you like small adventures you can ride a donkey, which climbs up a small path on the cliff to Fira. The latter option will last longer, but is definitely a unique experience~

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Best Islands To See In Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Best Islands To See In Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

Best Islands To See In Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s