Your Questions About Best Island To Visit In Greece

Joseph asks…

Best island to visit in greece in june?

I want a week away in one of the greek islands in june. I want it to be a warm island, I like lots of bars, shops and restaurants near with nice cultural influence to and a nice beach i dont want a party resort if anyone knows a island resort in greece with my boxes ticked id appreciate it thanks!

Yaz answers:

Corfu is a very good candidate for your list.
Ipsos, Sidari, Arillas, Glyfada are only a few spots for that week.

Lizzie asks…

What is the best Greek Island to visit in Greece????

Yaz answers:

Corfu for many reasons is also a very nice destination, that you should consider for its variety of everything.
Only a smal review on the following sites.

Susan asks…

Which island is the best in greece ?

Anyone can suggest best island to visit in greece for a married couples ?

Yaz answers:

I would, like everyone else here, say that Santorini is the best choice. Try find a more beautiful place, you will find that very difficult. The greeks say that santorini is the most romantic place in the world, and thats probably true! On the down side, santorini is very expencive to visit. The sunset in Santorini is the best in the world, so the trip will be wirth the money only for the sunset! Another island that easily gets forgotten is Lefkada. Very beutifull island that have everything. Its close to the mainland and connected with a bridge and you can rent a car on lefkada and go around the island or maybe on to the main land. Paradise beaches, great food, very tourist friendly and nice sorroundings..and to a good price!


Mandy asks…

When is the best & cheapest time to visit Los Island, Greece in terms of hotels and airfare?

Yaz answers:

October , November , February , Mars , April ,and Mai

Robert asks…

What is the most recommended island in Greece to visit?

We are going to Greece on vacation on the first week of October. We are going to visit Athens. The travel agent gave us the choice to visit one of the Greek Islands. What Island is the best in terms of nice beaches and lively atmosphere and nightlife at this time of year.

Another question, is there nice beaches in Athens?

Yaz answers:

CRETE….i have visited most of the greek islands but i think Crete is the top. Personally i cant wait to go again
the beaches there are a dream.
Have a nice holiday
(oh and dont expect good beaches in athens)

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Best Island To Visit In Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

Best Island To Visit In Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

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Best Island To Visit In Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s

Best Island To Visit In Greece Singles Holidays Over 50s