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Ken asks…

Who offers the best tours to Ireland that I could join while in England?

I will be visiting friends in England and after leaving them, would like to join a tour to Ireland, and then home to the USA. Should I have my English friends help me with this, or go to a travel agt. here at home?

Yaz answers:

Trafalgar Tours
Globus Gateway

Linda asks…

Best company for tours in Ireland?

What is the best company for a guided tour of Ireland? I’m looking for between one and three days. I’m thinking about Shamrockers. Anyone have any feedback on them?

Yaz answers:

I don’t know of any companies, Sorry but I will give you my advice.

Accommodation in Ireland: This website is the best in my opinion, It gives you recommendations and reviews too.
Http:// Places to stay in Galway, Ireland.


Hotels:;label=Hotel-e-xiPo3ty6q0_qlQBdGlZ7GAS898272652;ws=&gclid=CInS7uvQn5ICFRmTMAodyw0wNQ (Hotels in Dublin) < -- This gives you a basic rundown of things to do in Ireland. The Guinness house, Dublin Zoo, Croke Park, Wicklow Jail , Kilmanen Jail and the GPO which is a post office with a great historical significance to it are great things to see. You could go down to Cork and See the Blarney Stone. The myth is I you kiss it you’ll never shut up! For the scenery I like the Wicklow mountains.--- >
Also in Wicklow, are the Sugarloaf mountains. They’re very beautiful too.– >

In Dublin, The best night life is definitely in Temple Bar. It’s big, It’s modern and It’s expensive while it has loads of history and culture to it too.
If you want a relaxing, quiet holiday in the country or enjoy the scenery, then any parts of the country will do it for you really like Donegal, Galway, Clare, Mayo etc.
If you want a shopping, busy, touristy holiday then anywhere (or most places) in Dublin will do it for you.
A town in Kerry (the South of Ireland, It’s beside Cork too) called Tralee is very touristy. It is the largest town in Ireland.
It has many attractions and loads of shops and a great night life.
It’s great for young people and people with small families. It suits everyone.
It has an aqua dome swimming pool which is always packed and outside the pool, You can play crazy Golf.

Here is a site on Tralee:

Killarney is another county which caters a lot for tourists. It has good Castles if you’re into that and it has a lovely countryside and the sea is nice there too. Here is a website on Tourism in Killarney— >

The People in Ireland, in my opinion are an extremely welcoming race. I think this because I have went to other countries from a young age on exchanges, holidays with college etc. And I thought no one was as hospitable as the Irish.

Here are some sights on Tourism in Ireland: (Dublin Tourism)

Good Luck. = )

Paul asks…

Best tour company for escorted tours to Ireland or Italy?

We are contemplating an escorted tour to either Ireland or Italy this summer and would like to know what travel company people would recommend.

Yaz answers:

Robbie and Roxanne O’Connell run a guided tour from the USA to Ireland – it’s bound to be great craic since they are both musicians.

Charles asks…

Parents 25 year anniversary gift: to travel to Ireland! So what is the best tour for them?

My parent’s dream of Ireland, and I am willing to handle the finances, but they want to go on a tour. What are some great tours they can go on with a good price?

Yaz answers:

Check out this offer

check out my website For more information email me at

Betty asks…

Best Cycling Tours in Ireland?

Looking for reccomendations for 1-2 week cycling tours of the Irish countryside staying in guest houses, B&B’s, really getting to sample the local flavor and culture.

Yaz answers:

Iron donkey

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