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Betty asks…

Ireland tour bus …..?

I’m a 24year old girl and I’m thinking of going to Ireland for 2 weeks , but since I’m going on my own I want to go on a tour . What is the best company to go with and is September a good time to go?

Yaz answers:

I agree with Orla – Paddywagon Tours. I’d say they’re a right laugh:)

Thomas asks…

Questions about taking a holiday in Ireland.?

I’m American and have a great interest in taking a 2 week holiday in Ireland.

1) Would you recommend a tour company for a week to see out of the way sights and spend another week checking out Dublin? Or renting a car and trying to figure the roads out?

2) When’s the best time of the year to visit? Avoiding huge crowds along with nice weather sounds nice.

3) Any activities/sights that are recommended?

4) Tipping is big in America… what is customary in Ireland?

Thanks for all who help me out. :)

Yaz answers:

1 – To be honest, yes I would. The roads over here are not as good as you would we used to at home and if you end up taking a wrong turn you could end up having to drive a long way before you find your way again. With a tour you can go with the flow and take everything in on the way, but I would recommend hiring a car for at least one of the days so you can do your own thing.
As a side note, although Dublin is the capital, you definitely do not need a week to check it out. I would allow two, or at an absolute maximum, three days to see the sights in Dublin, because in my mind it is very commercialised and not what the real Ireland is all about.

2 – The lovely thing about Ireland is that you will never be totally overwhelmed with crowds, so it’s all about the weather. As you probably know, we can never guarantee good weather, but your best bet for decent weather is June-August. After the last couple of summers we have had, I definitely think we are due a good one this year!

3 – After you spend your couple of days in Dublin, would actually recommend going up to Northern Ireland and spending a couple of days there, if this is something that would interest you, and to visit the other capital, Belfast. After this, you can never go wrong with counties Clare, Kerry, Cork, and Galway. Must see sights are the Cliffs of Moher, Bunratty Castle, Blarney Castle, The Barrens and the Ring of Kerry, to name a few. (Links to all below)

4 – Here in Ireland, waiting staff are paid a minimum wage – I believe this is not the case in America. We generally only tip waiting staff and even then, only if we are happy with the service (The level of customer service is not as good here as it is in America in most instances) and when we do tip, it is usually only €1-2, or maximum 10% of the bill and no more. We do not tip shop cashiers or bar staff, unless the drinks are brought to our table. Even then tipping is optional.

Hope this is enough info and that you have a great trip!

Sandra asks…

Is there any other travel agency for college students like EF College Break or Contiki? Which one is best?

I am looking for a tour to Europe that gives you some free time as well as some guided tours. I am 22 and am looking for a trip with alot of people around my own age. I want to visit Ireland, England, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. If anyone could suggest a specific trip or company, it would be awesome. Any tips would also be welcome.

Yaz answers:

>>>EF CM Code – “Sever4377″<<<
I recently got back from a EF College Break Trip and I will tell you the sole reason I chose them over Contiki is because EF includes airfare. It is nice to have that included especially with the high oil prices now shooting airfare through the roof. Since EF is the biggest student travel company in the states they get great deals with airlines. The EFCB trips include airfare, hotels, breakfast each morning, tour guide throughout the trip, admission to museums/attractions, and transportation between destinations. If you have any specific questions about the company and/or trips we offer feel free to contact me at 22 was the average age on the EF tour of Greece/Italy and after talking to others it is the average among all the tours. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and even came out on the town with us at night to show us a great time. Their was not one complaint from anyone on my tour as we all had a blast and experienced so much.

How long of a tour were you looking to take? Here our a few options for you:
1. Http://

2. Http://

We have other trips as well that you should check out and here is the link:

I hope all this info helps you and like i said don't be afraid to contact me and ask me questions. I have posted my CM code (Sever4377) at the top of this post. You will get a $50 discount off your trip which is great to have for some nightlife drinks abroad! Contiki and EF are going to be the best two options for you but like I said even before I worked with EF I choose them because they include everything…after that you just need spending money. By all means though look around and find a trip and company you are comfortable with.


Susan asks…

What should I write??????? Help please?

Okay I have to pretend Im a tour company and I proovide tours in The South East region of Ireland. What do I say? All I have come up with is:

Here at Sunny South East Tours we aim to provide visitors with an enjoyable experience of the South East of Ireland. We can provide a tour for all budgets types and we have attractions to suit everyone.

Any suggestions welcome and best answer will be chosen as soon as possible! Thanks

Yaz answers:

Experience a wonderful holiday you’ll never forget with the sunniest climate in Ireland, with its unique heritage and a scenic landscape that is a natural playground for an activity based holiday.Our budget tours aim to provide a great family holiday experience, consisting of Ireland’s South East which offers the finest cities and beaches, countryside and culture.whether your planning a trip to Waterford and Wexford’s coast resorts or exploring the attractions and sights of Tipperary, Sunny south east tours ensure your visit will be a perfect and enjoyable and tailored to your individual needs.

Sunny south east tours offers an unforgettable expedition such as the tour to Wexford, a heritage town which prides itself on its award winning quay front. The quay is also centre stage for all of the towns festive activities, including the opening ceremonies of the Opera and the famous annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

There’s so much to do in our exciting region! Such as Festivals, Activities, Attractions and other Events. Why not discover some of the most attractive coastal, countryside and urban areas of the South East. For instances our most popular choice of Carlow, where the pace of life is unhurried in its countryside towns and villages, or the vibrant city of Kilkenny where visitors can enjoy contemporary art in its many galleries, sample good food and experience irish music in its traditional pubs.

What ever your requirement, relaxation or adventure Sunny South East tours prides itself in ensuring everyone has that unforgettable experience.

Carol asks…

HELP!!! Has anyone taking trips with EF College Breaks or Contiki Tours?

I’m about 20 years-old looking to go on a trip to Ireland with a friends around spring time and we were doing some research on these two companies, and were wondering which would be a better choice. We want the best experience for our money. We would love any input into either and your experiences with either. Thanks!!! :)

Yaz answers:

I havent used either tour company yet (although I am BOOKED on a 3 week contiki tour for december 2011). At first I was EXTREMELY hesitant on doing an escorted tour. When I travel I generally like to go at my own pace and not have to worry about what other people want to do. I had a couple friends who did a 23 day tour in august and they LOVED it. Even now my friends stll go on and on about what an amazing experience it was. When they came back they both complained of having Contiki withdrawl cuz they had gotten so used to being around 30 other people for just over 3 was like having a new family. One of them is actually in Australia right now staying with some people they met on their tour. I think either way you cant go wrong but I would go with Contiki

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Best Ireland Tour Companies Singles Holidays Over 50s

Best Ireland Tour Companies Singles Holidays Over 50s

Best Ireland Tour Companies Singles Holidays Over 50s