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Steven asks…

Summer 2013 trip to Spain, Italy, France, and Ireland for 2 weeks total. Average cost for this trip?

I would walk and use local travel mainly. Also not looking for a fancy vacation. The more low key the better. May do some backpacking but not the whole trip.

Yaz answers:

Four countries in 2 weeks? Why?

Come on. This is crazy. 2 countries will be much nicer and you’ll spend a lot less time in airports and a lot more time enjoying the places.

Paul asks…

How much would it cost, approximately, to travel to Dublin Ireland for 10 days?

Including average hotel cost, meals, round trip plane ticket, (from Toronto), and all that?
for people who have been, or travel agents or something. thank you!

Yaz answers:

Contact the airlines for the cost of flights. Try

Look at to get an idea of the various accommodation on offer and how much it costs.

And while Dublin is great for a couple of days, I strongly recommend heading out of it when you’ve seen the sights and what have you, because for all that it’s the capital of the Republic of Ireland and well worth visiting, it still feels very ‘English’ compared to Ireland’s other cities and towns, and even native Dubliners feel this. You can travel to Galway, Limerick, Cork, Waterford, Kilkenny in a couple of hours by train.

Robert asks…

Trip to Ireland- 2 weeks?

I am going to Ireland in May for 2 weeks. I am wondering- what is the average cost per day? (food, place to stay etc.)
We are thinking of doing day trips from Shannon to the cost etc.
Then we are going to make our way up to Galaway and leave from Dublin.
We have our own rental car. How much does gas cost?
Any place we MUST see?

Yaz answers:

Http:// here are the petrol and diesel prices in Europe. For your daily expenses you need about 50-60 euros.

Http:// here some places that must visit along with its detail that will certainly help you in deciding that whether you should visit or not.

Chris asks…

People to People Ambassador Trip?

I was recently invited to a P2P trip to england, ireland, scottland, or wales. I was wondering if anyone has ever sent a kid on this trip, or has been on one of these trips. I really want to go and think it would be a good experience, and my parents want me to go as well but I want some feedback on it. I’ve heard from people it was a very eye-opening trip and they got to experience other cultures and they thought it was a very good idea to go. Ive heard from other people that they regret not going based on what they heard from friends. Sorry to go on so long but basic questions here are:

What would be the cost for 21 day stay..or average cost of these trips?

Have you had good or bad experiences with them? (Please no people that have never been on this trip before or sent a kid on this trip)

Is it a great and eyeopening experience?

And finally what would be some of the ways to make the money, and what would be some of the interview questions??

Yaz answers:

You are just 1 of about 100,000 students who got similar letters. People to People is about as near as you can get to a SCAM and stay legal. They are just very expensive travel agents. You could organise the trip yourself for about a quarter of the P-2-P price.

I suggest you simply bin the letter.

Ruth asks…

Which is better to go on a trip to, England or Ireland?

Ok so obviously they are guna be expensive but which one would be cheaper? and maybe give me a run down on the average costs of hotels?

and personally i prefer to visit the country, ( cause the only architecture i really wanna see is the older irish homes =D sooo pretty, nothing in England really strikes my fancy)

and maybe if you leave in either tell me what its like?

and this may seem like REALLY lame XD but which has the better boys? AHAHHA cause both accents are soooo chill! wouldn’t mind dating one ;D lol so not nesisarly cuter, just which one would you think be easier to find some guys, im personally thinking ireland

and I appologize for my crappy spelling ^.^

Yaz answers:

I think england,london,glasgow,edinburg,also take a ryan air,easyjet,aer lingus cheap flight to dublin if u want.
I searched on this site and got the cheapest,check it out,it also had discount coupon codes for expedia,orbitz,travelocity,priceline,etc.

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Average Trip To Ireland Cost Singles Holidays Over 50s


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Average Trip To Ireland Cost Singles Holidays Over 50s

Average Trip To Ireland Cost Singles Holidays Over 50s

Average Trip To Ireland Cost Singles Holidays Over 50s